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“Mmmm… were amazing, baby!” he said, smiling, after releasing his powerful load down Lara’s throat.

Steve closed his eyes and moments later drifted into a deep slumber. she lay beside him dripping wet and aching for sexual pleasure, furious that he was out cold and had once again disappointed her.

Lara was a natural beauty with long, straight, dark brown hair, blue eyes and full, mesmerizing lips. She had a tall, lean, athletic body, and nice round, full breasts that were the perfect size for her body. They had been dating for eight months and Steve had never once returned the oral favors that Lara regularly provided to him. Lara possessed talents that he had never experienced before and he had grown to almost prefer being in her mouth than between her legs. In most cases it was “game over” after Steve had deposited his load down her throat and she was left to her own devices to relieve herself.

Lara had decided it was time for this to change. She let herself out and went back to her apartment and left a note on his door: “Meet me at my apartment at 12 noon sharp. I have a special surprise for you. I know you will enjoy it.”

Lara knew he had an important sales meeting at 1PM and this played right into her plan.

When Steve read the note his mind began to race. He had a busy day ahead of him at work but knew he would have her on his mind all morning. Exactly what Lara wanted!

When he arrived at her apartment at noon, she opened the door wearing a black silk bathrobe and she pressed her wet fingers against his lips. “Shhhh,” she said, smiling as her juices touched his lips for the first time ever, “Close your eyes. Come with me and do not say a word!”

Steve excitedly agreed to her rules and she guided him into the bedroom where she had positioned a metal chair in the middle of the room.

“Sit down,” she told him in a very friendly innocent voice, “I want to prepare you for your surprise.”

Steve’s body immediately started responding and he wondered if she had taken notice of this. Lara had never taken control of him like this and it was having an amzing effect on him.

“Eyes stay closed, baby,” she flirted as she walked behind him.

Lara reached under the bed and grabbed the rope.

“Give me your hands baby,” she said and he willingly complied, putting them behind his back.

She tightly wrapped the trope around his writsts behind the chair then wrapped it around his chest tightly to secure him to the chair. At this point, Steve was thoroughly pendik escort aroused and enjoying every moment and was not fully aware of how tightly his girlfriend had bound him. His eyes were closed and he impatiently awaited her next move.

Lara reached her right hand into her panties and loaded her fingers with her dripping juices.

“Mmmm….perfect. How does that rope feel, baby?” she asked knowing how tightly she had wrapped it around his wrists.

As he started to answer she pressed her juice-laded fingers to his lips ‘Shhhhhh!!!,” she said, commanding him “I didn’t give you permission to speak.”

“Now sit there and keep your eyes and mouth shut or I will leave you sitting there for the rest of the day while I go out shopping. You wouldn’t want to miss your little meeting, now would you?”

It was 12:15PM.

“I’ll be right back baby,” she told him then walked into the bathroom.

Lara removed her robe and slid her black silk panties to the floor and grabbed her razor. She wet herself with a wash cloth, appplied some shaving cream and methodically slid the razor across her pussy until she was completely bald, which she knew would have the desired effect of weakening his resistance further. She pulled up her panties and pressed the thin material into her pussy then began rubbing herself through her panties with the objective of getting her wetness and scent all over them. When she was pleased with their condition she put her robe back on and went back to check on her helpless boyfriend.

“Mmmm….you look so good, baby….all tied up and helpless in your dress clothes. You are completely at my mercy.”

Yanking his tie firmly, she teased, “Would you like to see what I am wearing?”

“Yes!!” Steve excitedly answered, feeling the raging hard-on in his trousers.

“You do not have permission top speak, bitch!” Lara scolded him sternly and slapped his face.

“Am I clearly understood?” she reprimanded, prompting a pitiful nod.

“Mmmm…..I am not convinced you can behave ond follow my orders,” she reponded angrily, sliding off her drenched panties.

“I think this will solve our little disobedience problem,” as she stuffed them deep into his mouth.

It was 12:30 and Steve would soon need to be heading back to work to get back for his meeting. Lara had managed the clock perfectly and planned to leverage this against him. Steve looked so pitiful and helpless, bound to the chair with her wet panties in his mouth. Seeing her take complete maltepe escort control of him had created a noticable bulge in his trousers. He wanted her so badly right now he was willing to do anything she ordered.

Lara moved between his legs, and reached down to feel his throbbing cock through his pants. “Mmmm….baby, are you ready for your little surprise?”. She let her hand work him for a few seconds, enjoying the way he adjusted his body to facilitate her.

“Mm-hmm….he muttered through the panties,” which prompted a hard smack across his face.

He corrected himself quickly and nodded dutifully to answer her.

“That’s better.”

Lara stood completely naked in front of her fully clothed boyfriend. She reached down and unbuttoned his trousers and slid down his zipper. She had his cock throbbing and starting to ooze, but she knew he needed a little more teasing. She adjusted him so that just the head of his cock would poke out the top of his boxer shorts.

“Mmmm…is that better, baby? she asked, teasing him with her thumb and forefinger, working his pre-cum onto his head and spreading it around.

He whimpered into the panties and she chose not to punish him.

“Mmmm…shall I let you open your eyes and see me, baby?

He quickly nodded.

“Keep them shut bitch! You are not worthy to see my beautiful naked body!”

“But don’t worry, baby. You will be receiving your special surprise very soon!”

Lara removed the panties from his mouth and pressed her dripping pussy into his mouth.

“Now get to work!” she commanded placing her hand behind his head.

Steve quickly began lapping up her juices and pleasuring her swollen clit with his tongue.

“Mmm…good boy! Doesn’t that taste good?”

He nodded as he continued aggressively licking her.

Lara’s hand pressed harder against the back of his head keeping him right where she wanted. Within seconds she moaned out loud as Steve brought her to a thunderous climax.

“Mmmm….that is exactly how you are to eat me if you ever want to cum down my throat again. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

It was 12:40 and Steve had about ten minues before he had to drive back to work and get to his 1PM meeting.

It was almost time for his surprise. She slid his trousers and boxer shorts to the floor then straddled him.

He was still forbidden to open his eyes or to move at all. Lara was going to control this session exactly to her liking. She reached down, grabbed kartal escort his raging cock and slid it inside her dripping pussy.

“Mmmmm” she moaned as she slowly started to ride him.

“Don’t fucking move!!!” she commanded.

“I will guide your cock where I want it.”

She knew how aroused she had him and soon he would be ready to release his cum inside of her. When she sensed he was about to explode she completely stopped.

“Mmmm…baby….you have been such a good boy. But I am not sure If you have earned the right to cum inside of me..”

She reached down and massaged her clit while she made him wait for her next order.

“Mmm…that feels sooooo good. I could just rub myself all day,” she said, knowing he had about 3 minutes before he had to leave.

“Mmm….I think you are ready for your surprise,” she said, as she teased his lips with her wet fingers. “What do you think?”

He instinctively wrapped his lips around her fingers and licked them until she pulled them away.

“Would you like permission to thrust your hips and release your load inside of me?”

He nodded eagerly.

“Go ahead, my bitch…..fuck me and fill me up!!”

Steve thrusted twice and filled her dripping wet pussy with his hot load.

Lara immediately thrust her body weight forward and pressed both hands into his chest rocking the chair back onto the floor. She had her bound boyfriend him pinned beneath her and completely helpless.

“I think you are ready for your surprise now,” she smiled as she rubbed her clit and looked down at him.

Steve’s eyes remained closed, as he had been ordered, and he waited for her. Lara removed his cock and quickly pressed her hand against her pussy, making sure not to let any precious cum to seep out. She stood up and positioned herself directly over his mouth facing his body.

“Would you like your surprise now?” she teased.

“Yess!!!!” he screamed impatiently.

As Lara lowered herself towards him, she removed her hand, placed her cum-drenched pussy into his mouth, and wedged his nose tightly between her ass cheeks.

“Good boy! If you don’t lick up every last drop I will NEVER suck your dick again”

Steve slowly started licking thie mutual juices from her.

Not satisfied with his effort, Lara grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face in harder, making sure all of her weight came down on his face.

“Lick my shaven pussy, bitch! You are not going back to work until I am completely clean.”

He quickly improved his pace to her liking.

When Lara was satisfied with his work she got up and untied him so he could get dressed.

“I look forward to seeing you tonight, baby!” she said with a coy smile as he ran out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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