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She was looking out the window of the hotel at the beach down below. It looked so inviting and beckoning to her. Her co-workers were busy setting up for the training session tomorrow and they were all under the usual pressure to out perform as a team. Becky was a very stern and business-like woman, who had no time for walks on the beach, or making love to someone in a location such as this tropical one she was in now. All of her life she had been driven to achieve perfection. In all things so far she had done very well. In school, college, and now business, she was at the top of all things she did.

Her black hair was pulled back tightly and in a severe bun, and she wore glasses that matched the description of a strong, very strong woman. The aura she gave left men not wanting to ‘get to know her’ and she didn’t care for the male of the species anyway. They were so clumsy and inept at times. Any woman could out-do them in all situations, she was thinking. Still the beach called out to her. She turned to the others in the room and announced that she was going to take a walk to clear her mind for the next training session. They glanced up and knowing that she had already done the lion’s share of work shrugged and acknowledged her statement.

As Becky reached the trail to the beach she saw that it wended through a little ‘valley’. There was paper everywhere, being the off-season it must build up, she thought to herself. As she walked the trail a little wind kicked up and twirled the paper in front of her. She was reminded of snowdrifts that she remembered from her childhood. As she walked further, one particular paper rose up and slammed into her chest. It clung to her breasts and seemingly caressed them. When her hand touched it, it felt unusually warm. That was a strange thing for a cool evening breeze had almost chilled her as she walked along. It should have been cool to the touch! She picked it off of her and got ready to toss it away, irritated by the junk now swirling around her. “Stupid people! Leaving garbage laying around to be an unsightly mess and get in people’s way.” She softly spoke those words, not realizing that she spoke aloud.

The paper in her hand had writing on it, she glanced down and started to read it, thinking that she might get a name or address and send them a letter of incensed dialogue to set them straight for littering such a beautiful tropical place as this. She read the first paragraph and discovered it was some kind of erotic story about a man and a beautiful brunette woman. She laughed derisively and thought to herself that a man had obviously written this drivel. Only a man would get everything wrong in the first paragraph. She started to toss it aside then thought better of it. I’ll just take it to my room and read it tonight; I could probably rewrite it and make it a much better ‘love’ story. Rolling it up she turned around and headed back to the hotel.

Later, after she got out of the shower, she went over to the desk in the room and opened up her laptop. She proceeded to copy the story down and rewrite it as she did. “Let’s see now, first of all everyone knows the woman should be portrayed stronger and she should be blonde.” She wrote some, and then stopping for a moment; she erased a few lines and started them over. “Second of all, a woman should be the love interest here, not a man.”

As she wrote she had the paper she had picked up in her lap. It was still warm and her leg felt this warmth as it crept up her body. Her short robe was open, and since she had the room to herself, she had allowed the one luxury of sleeping nude, so after her shower she had just put the robe on in case someone needed to talk to her. The warmth reached her sensitive area at the top of her legs and seemed to envelope her totally at that point.

She thought wryly “What would her male counterparts be thinking now if they knew she was writing an erotic story about two lesbians?”

She wrote late into the night and when she finished she decided that she would proofread it then, a habit that had served her well for the last ten years or so. She took it to her bed and started to read, and as she read it she unconsciously began to stroke her leg with her free hand. The more she read her ‘story’ the more insistent her hand moved around her body. Soon it was at her bellybutton and it seemed to be making a decision on which way to go, up or down. It chose up and soon it was putting fingers in her robe and lightly touching her nipples. She began to get a warm feeling in her pussy, and she soon noticed that she was getting wet down there in a serious fashion. In her story, the blonde woman became the one female in her office that she had respect for. She had written about the blonde and her having a long, satisfying relationship. By the time she had finished her story, her fingers had found her wet slit and drumming in tandem with the story she orgasmed in one very strong and long lasting shudder.

Shocked at what she had just done, she put the computer away and put the story in an envelope kartal escort in her briefcase. Why had she done that she wondered. She hadn’t masturbated in such a long time. She went to sleep, and in a short couple of hours was up getting ready for the days work. She felt refreshed and clean, ready to attack the long arduous day ahead.

She walked into the conference room and the first person she saw was a blonde woman, wearing a power business suit. Her hair was in a small bun and she was wearing dark glasses. Becky’s heart gave a change in cadence seeing the object of her desire in front of her. Her cheeks glowed red for a moment as she thought of her night and what she had done. Joan came up to her and gave her a quick hug. “Missed you last night, I thought that you were going to be back and you didn’t show. Are you feeling all right?”

“Yeah, I was just tired I guess Joan. I didn’t miss anything important did I?” Becky was trying to pull herself together from the close contact with Joan just now. Her cheeks blushed again as she thought of what else she would like to do with Joan. “You look smashing Joan!”

“Thank you Becky, I was hoping that you would like it. I chose it before leaving home thinking that you would like it, hoped so anyway.”

“Oh really? I do like it Joan, but why would you care if I liked it or not?” Becky’s heart started to heavily beat, hoping to hear just a hint of what she wanted to hear from Joan.

“Well, I respect your opinion Becky, and, well, I want you to think that I look good, you know, for the company and all.” Joan blushed, and turning towards Becky she stepped closer. “I really would like for you to think that I was attractive, and well,…”

Becky’s heart was near bursting it was pounding so hard now. “Are you trying to say something to me Joan? I think that you may have more to say to me but you are not sure how I will react, so, for right now we are just going to pretend that we are two women whom are just meeting, not two coworkers on a business trip. Tell me whatever it is on your mind, I’ll not say or do anything, honest.”

“I couldn’t Becky, if you took it wrong it would be a very bad thing and could cause a business problem. I can’t tell you what I am feeling right now.”

Feeling daring, and quite brave, Becky blurted out her thoughts to Joan.

“Do you, well, Joan, oh hell, here goes. Joan, do you have certain feelings for me? You don’t have to answer. I would just like to let you know that I have had feelings for you for quite a while, and since I don’t know how you’d react, I have kept them to myself. I would like to get to know you better Joan.”

“Romantically? I mean, would you be interested in a physical relationship Becky? Oh God, I have gone and done it now!” Joan blushed crimson.

“Well, honestly Joan, I actually thought of you last night. I dreamed that we were lovers. I know that since I am your supervisor that this is wrong, but I can’t help myself. I have wanted you for quite a while now.”

A thousand miles away in the city, a man came into his apartment building, jockeying his luggage and briefcase around while fumbling for his keys. As he did so he felt a presence behind him, waiting. He turned and saw that he had inadvertently blocked the hall and the pretty woman was waiting to pass. He blushed and stammered out an apology. “Sorry, I’ll move this junk so you can get by.” She looked up at him and smiled.

“You don’t have to hurry on my part, I’m only one door down from you.” He looked at her again and realized that this was his neighbor whom he had just written an erotic story about. He flushed again thinking about what he had written and turned away to finish unlocking his door. She had finally spoken to him and he was at a loss as to how to keep this conversation going.

“You look particularly beautiful this morning.” Oh god. Had he said that out-loud? She was looking at him with a smile and her head tilted ever so slightly.

“You think that I am beautiful?”

“No. I mean, yes. I mean that you look very nice. Uh…well… no you aren’t nice looking. Oh shi… I meant to say that you look ravishing. Damn what the hell is wrong with me? I am sorry!” He was stammering and blushing. She was laughing a soft laugh. He fumbled some more and got his door open. He practically ran into his apartment.

Now she is going to think that I am the biggest weirdo on the block, maybe in the whole city. Why did I say that to her. I mean I was thinking those thoughts about her, but I don’t really know her, never spoke to her before.

He was certain that she would think of him as a nerd or something now. He had the story though, and that would do. He could always read ‘that’ story and think of the possibilities that arose from it. He couldn’t believe that he had written a story, well, rewritten a story like that. He had been walking out to that beach that evening, and a paper had blown up in the grasp of a freakish wind. It had planted itself firmly in his face, and irritated, he had been ready maltepe escort bayan to throw it away. First he had seen the writing, and decided to read what it was about. After realizing it was an erotic story he read it all of the way through. It had been more than the single piece of paper he held, but, imagination running wild, he made up the rest in his mind. Taking it to his room he had copied it down and changed it a little to suit his taste.

He imagined his beautiful neighbor. She had a perfect body, wonderful facial features, and a certain something, an aura he supposed, that drew him to her being. He had never even spoken to her, but his mind and body wanted her totally. He wanted her like no other before.

He was so shy of women though, he felt like he would never ‘have’ her. He was almost desperate to know her and be her man. Oh, what he would give to be with her always! He knew that she worked in the city near their apartment building, within walking distance anyway. She always had a smile and he had once heard her laugh. That laugh had gone to his heart. Shot in with suddenness and the impact had been thorough and direct. He had listened to hear her laugh and voice since then. His one hope was to hear that laugh and see her smiling at him, to see her next to him, always.

His main problem was his shyness. He never knew what to say to women, especially beautiful women like her. She wouldn’t be interested in him as a lover, he felt. He had seen her with a man once or twice, and figuring him as her boyfriend, he had lost any will to introduce himself to her, as if he could have done such a thing anyway.

That paper had released in him the need to let his feelings for her out. He needed to see what he felt, and what he wanted. It gave him a feeling of strength, to see his thoughts in ink, in front of him. He knew that his feelings for her bordered on love. His infatuation had bothered him for some time. He had never felt this way about any woman. She caused him to choke up and loose his ability to talk. He had been alone for some time, looking for something to cling to. Maybe, he thought, she was the one. The one to draw to and love. The one person in the world that he would mesh well with. Here he was, on the verge of being in love, and he couldn’t even let the person he felt that way about know! GOD! He felt so stupid!

He had written how they met, and how she had smiled at him. How he talked so confidently to her and asked her out on a date. How after several dates, they ended up at his place, where they kissed for the first time. One thing led to another, and soon they were hungrily touching and kissing each other in other places. His hands sliding down and holding her breasts. His tongue lightly caressing hers. Her breath coming in short gasps as they both heated up.

Her nipples were hard and stuck out. He pulled up on her sweater and she let him pull it up and over her head. She laid back and looked into his eyes. Her hands went to his shirt, and unbuttoning it she pulled it off of his broad shoulders. Her touch was electric to him. His mouth started to travel down and lips caressed her neck, softly brushing and then crushing. Alternating he moved down until his tongue was licking and brushing up against her bra. The lacey and soft material a marked difference to her soft warm skin.

Her hands on his head, encouraging his explorations. His hands moved up to unfasten her bra. As it came undone, his palms cupped her breasts, holding them firmly, but softly. Her breath caught with his naked touch on her nipples. She moaned, pulling his face down to them. Wanting him to suck and lick her hard and sensitive nipples. He did just that, and as he sucked on one, his fingers were busy with the other one, imitating his mouth. She was so close! Her body shuddered, and then her breath came in hard gasps. She came! She had orgasmed from just his touch on her breasts! He felt so strong and sexual at that moment. He had brought her pleasure with his hands, fingers, lips and tongue. He had brought her to orgasm and there was still more to come.

She pushed him back and undid his pants. Her hands were almost shaking, her need to see and taste him overcoming her own shyness. As his cock became exposed, she looked up into his eyes. Her smile was a calming relief to him. He had been worried about this moment, would she want him? Would she do for him what he was so willing to do for her? Would she like to hold his cock, to kiss it? He was shaking ever so slightly as she looked back down at his exposed maleness. Her breath was hot and moist as her lips moved down, touching the sensitive head. Her eyes looked back up into his and her mouth opened. As she took him into her mouth her eyes maintained contact with his. Her eyes telegraphing to him how much she wanted to please him. He had to move a little bit to get more comfortable. All she did was move with him, her lips now in his pubic hair at the base of his cock. She had all of him in her mouth, down her throat. He had never had escort pendik a woman do that for him, and he was soon very ready to shoot off in his own orgasm. He looked into her eyes, and then started to tell her that he was so close to cumming. She came up for a breath and then started back down. As she did he spoke again, telling her this time that he was going to cum real soon.

“I know”, she told him, as she pulled off of him. “I want to taste you, so you relax, and when you cum, well, give me what I want.”

He moaned and then her lips were once again slipping down and caressing his hard maleness. Her tongue doing things that he felt deep down in his being. Soon he started to feel the tingling and the beginnings of his orgasm. As he tensed up and started to shoot off, her lips clamped down on the base of his cock. Her swallowing caused him to cum even harder. He shot his whole load into her mouth, down her throat, and she didn’t lose a drop!

After she cleaned him up they lay next to each other for a bit feeling and touching, exploring each other’s body. Soon his erection was too insistent to ignore. Her body was showing the signs of need also, so she straddled him and lowering herself, she took him into her body. His cock was so hot, so hard, and so right in her pussy. She reveled in the feelings that his cock was giving her. Soon she was slamming up and down on him, taking all of his cock deeply into her tightness. Her orgasm was very strong and hard. He started to cum with her, and together they felt the world stop, their bodies intertwined.

Looking into her eyes, their softness showing an emotion fleeting around, he felt that he was right with the universe. His own emotions were swirling around in his head, and heart. He suddenly realized that he loved her, so much so that he spoke it out loud. “I love you.”

She pulled back to look into his eyes better, searching for the honesty in them, to back up his softly spoken statement.

“Do you? Do you really love me?” Her questions were softly worded but had a little bite to them.

He looked into her eyes, and firmly but softly still, spoke his thoughts out to her. “Yes, I love you. I have loved you for some time now, and it just came out. I spoke truly and honestly, I love you!” His hands were holding her to him and hugging him back she felt his heart beating. She knew that he was speaking to her with all honesty and truth.

Remembering his erotic story, he reached into his briefcase to get the story out to read. He couldn’t find it anywhere. It was gone, and he didn’t know where or when. There was a knock at his door. He went to it and opened it to see who it was. It was his beautiful neighbor.

“Hi, I hate to bother you, but I locked myself out and need to call a locksmith, could I use your phone?” Her voice was magic to his ears, he thought back to the story and blushed. She saw his discomfort, and mistaking it for something else started to apologize.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’ll just go down to the phone booth out front!” She started to turn away and he knew that his one chance was going away.

“No, please forgive me, you are more than welcome to use my phone anytime. I just was taken off guard as I didn’t expect you to ever knock on my door!” He stumbled around for more to say, but couldn’t come up with anything.

“If you are sure I won’t be a bother, I do appreciate it.” She stepped up to him, looking into his eyes, her own were sparkling, dancing with light and a little deviltry too. “I am glad that you are home, otherwise I would have had to go downstairs to call and, well, I am slightly afraid of using that phone. It’s so lonely out there and dark now that the sun has set.”

“The phone is over there, the phone book should be in that drawer. Would you like something to drink?” He was still stumbling, and desparately trying to cover it up. “I have water, and uh, well, I have water!” Why hadn’t he gone to the store on the way home, he had nothing in his fridge and he really felt stupid now.

“Water would be great.” She was smiling at him, and she looked to be amused by his discomfort. “You always drink such hard stuff?”

He blushed again, and then turned to go get her drink. She called the locksmith who told her it would be about two hours before he could get to her place. He asked her if she was hungry and while waiting for her answer, looked in his cupboard. He had just enough to make a dinner up, not fancy, but good to eat anyway.

“Oh, I don’t want to put you out… I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Bill, my name is Bill… uh, and you are…”

“Nancy, glad to meet you finally Bill!” She laughed as she said that, and Bill felt a spark run through his body. He loved her laugh. It made him feel so right, so in his place with the world. “So Nancy, would you like a pasta dinner, or something else?” He felt his confidence soaring now.

At that very moment in another hotel on the same beach where Bill had found his story, a man was looking out of his hotel room window. He thought that the beach looked like it wanted him to walk along it so he got dressed and went for the walk. He wished that his wife were here to walk with him. He had lost her several years ago to cancer, and had not quite gotten over losing her yet.

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