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Jasper was a thrilling new episode in my life. I had never been with a Portuguese before but Boy! Do they have spunk.

I met him at a barbecue when vacating in Spain, Madrid to be exact. He approached me with some zest making me feel really special offering me a spare rip freshly barbequed. Having just arrived I was peckish and was glad of his offer, there were hoards of people around the barbecue area so it would have taken ages to get served,

“Where are you from, mate?” he asked introducing himself as Jasper and in turn I said my name was Pete.

“I’m from Devon in England” I replied watching his eyes scan me with some relish. Straight away I knew he of my leaning and I immediately took to him. Just occasionally in life, and you the reader may have experienced the same, there is this person standing in front of you, who has suddenly come from nowhere and you feel you know that person. Such was the case with Jasper and I was told he felt exactly the same.

It did not take long for us then to get acquainted big time and he was a sheer delight, both physically and conversationally, he had a body like an Adonis of which I wanted to sample and a mind like a sparkling chasm – full of zest and interest, wanting to know all about me, my likes and dislikes and the rest of it, the intimacies too.

So the first time I felt his touch, his fingers stroking the back of my neck – I easily succumbed to him and felt the thrill spasm my being and that certain wonderful feeling I have not had since I shared the allotment shed with poor old Badger who sadly passed away last summer. I knew I felt lost about being with an old man but his urge was young enough to give me a good seeing too so when he went, he did so with a broad smile on his face, I had to pretend I had seen him collapsed in the allotment when I called the paramedics.

Interestingly, Jasper was a good ten years older than me at least, what it with me taking to older guys! I guess it maybe because I like maturity and experience, certainly Badger’s sweet fuck incensed me to the degree that when he was fully erect inside me I felt a passion unsurpassed with younger guys who had, me before. Well two that is, bahis firmaları I don’t want the reader to think I am that promiscuous although I have to admit I have had some rollicking affairs with both sexes. That’s the beauty of being bisexual, you get the best of both worlds!

But anyway back to Jasper and there was I in my element when he suggested we go to his holiday cottage and he’d show me his etchings ( laughing of course) I replied that I’d just adore to see his etchings and anything else he’d like to show me.

The smile he gave me was so broad and happy, his eyes wide opened like he really wanted me to agree.

As we took a stroll up a hill to his cottage, we paused awhile to take ion the view, that’s when he stroked my rear with a sort of touch that told me just how much he wanted me, and there was I willing, ready and able and longing for that very first experience with a lovely fresh new guy in my life, there’s something really special about that, when you have a mutual feeling that is – not like the first guy who had me, I just went for the fuck and not the personality, take it from me the combination makes for a perfect union and after that first guy who hurt me, although I was thankful to him for breaking me in, I was intent to put the sexual attraction aside if I did not fancy a guy for the person his personality too, because otherwise it was all rather clinical, especially experiencing that first male fuck in the back of a truck which was most stark and uncomfortable, and when he had me suck his cock, that was not good at all, I had been fucked and was not in the mood for anything more to do with him, but he insisted and thrust his prick into my mouth so I was forced to suck him off until he shot his lot all over, Ugh!

Jasper ticked all the boxes. Was a gentle guy and I knew his passion would be fruitful and I would enjoy him to the core, I would have no apprehension at all about having oral with him.

When we got to his luxury cottage he served me coffee, suggesting I slip off my gear down to my underwear like he was doing so we both had our beverage feeling cool and belonging. He said I had such a beautiful body and an ass to die for kaçak iddaa and my feelings for him were mutual, all the time I could not help glancing down at his lunch box, looking so good and snug inside those white and red rimmed boxer shorts.

Of course he noticed my admiring glance and asked if I would like to see. I was all of a shudder – the excitement was overwhelming as he slipped down his boxers and showed me his goods..

I was speechless watching him run his fingers beneath the stiff delightful shaft, lifting it up to reveal a gorgeous display of balls underneath. He had a simply gorgeous full girthed cock with a length I reckoned to be just about seven inches as he pushed it back against his tummy, stretching back its delightful foreskin revealing a delightfully crimson wonderfully bulbous knob which instantly made me tingle below, feeling that I wanted that gorgeous instrument working into me just as soon as ever possible.

“How is that, Pete?” he asked holding it there for me to examine.

I said it was perfect.

“Would you like a sniff and taste?” he said like it was expected and when he said that my heart started to double its beats and I felt the twinge vibrating in my boxers below,

“Go on then, enjoy, Pete” he said stretching it our for me. I leant down but not getting quite the right comfortable position top take him orally I went down to a kneeling position when he opened his gorgeous thighs for me to get comfortable, I wanted to enjoy this so much, it had been a long time since I’d tasted cock and already, as he was jerking the head for me, I took in the scent of cock which was such a turn on and I knew then I would have no hesitation whatsoever in taking it into my mouth to experience that exclusive taste I love so very much.

Closing my eyes I just opened my mouth and immediately felt the warmth of it enter my mouth, It was divine, especially hearing Jaspers appreciation, those certain throat sounds that said everything.

I took time to suck and taste it, the earthy pungency and flexibility of working full swollen cock inside my mouth was wonderfully soothing and lovely. I experimented sucking deeper, I wanted to swallow kaçak bahis it, I wanted to feel the length of it up my ass, just how it was, and grasping his firm balls I gently massaged whilst mouth fucking. I don’t know just how long I was sucking him, because I was in that certain frenzied world of my own, completely at ease enjoying the rapture of hot throbbing cock.

Jasper said it was divine, asked me to change position else he’d cum too early; “want t save some for your fuck” he said teasing my balls gently with his fingers, bending his head down to me and feeling the delight of his warm mouth enrapture my half mast cock which soon became full with his hearty sucking and balling.

I changed position little, lifting my left leg as I laid on my side on the bed, steeping it outwards as I say his head bobbing up and down as he did his business with my willing cock, it was a sheer delight and I wanted his fuck and soon, I felt his fingers tease down below my balls, the area between my balls and asshole which was so sensitive, it was diving, I managed to reach his cock again as I felt his finger teasing my asshole, it felt good and I wanted the taste of his p-hole again which really got me in the mood for a good deep throbbing fucking.

Licking his p-hole was divine and he moaned expressively starting to stretch and slap my ass cheeks wider and wider, feeling the sting of his slaps which somehow added flame to the fire and I was so alight for him by that time, “Fuck me, Fuck me! I plead and he took me with some ardor I didn’t know at first what had hit me, but I certainly knew what was inside me, I moved my hips to help him gain a full deep penetration and when he started to thrust in and out of me I knew this was going to be the perfect fuck I would want again and again, I felt I wanted top be just all ass for him to take me as he will, feeling his beautiful hard inside me, the pounding, the throbbing out of this world as we came so very strong together.

He must have fucked me three times after, each with more vigor than the last, and when it was done, and we were completely exhausted I lamented and felt like it was still there up inside me as I made my way back to my place, in my mouth still there the taste of him and in my nostrils; the smell of him.

It was wonderful and Jasper asked me if we could be regular fuck mates. Who was I to refuse the sheer delight of Jasper’s fuck.!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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