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I’m my Wife’s Bull Fluffer and Cleanup
Looking up, a strand of white jellied fluid hangs above my face, still sticking to my wife’s swollen labia. A drop the size of a small oyster has already slid out, and is in the back of my mouth, waiting for my brain to decide whether to swallow. This is what I wanted. This had been an almost uncontrollable fantasy for several years. I am highly aroused, but my mind is inexplicably jumping around. Pearl Drops, Pearl Jam, the innuendo was always obvious, but my mind has chosen this time to think of it. The drop in my mouth tastes vaguely pleasant… a little salty, a little sweet, a subtle but discernible smell like very weak bleach, almost hidden by the overwhelming scent of woman, and cock and balls… Oh yeah… balls…that I had just watched very up close and personal drawing up as they got ready to shoot potent sperm into my wife’s unprotected pussy now have relaxed and are hanging against my forehead. My wife drops her chest down onto my abdomen, rocking her hips so that the remaining sperm flows downhill towards her cervix rather than leaking out.

Thomas guides the head of his cock through the strand of cum hanging from my wife’s labia, severing it so it falls onto my outstretched tongue. The massive dark purple head then pushes it deeper into my mouth. He is still hard enough to push into my mouth, but he is soft enough for his shaft to adapt to the contours of my mouth. I gag a little as the head pushes past my uvula and into my throat. I have to swallow to keep the cum out of my windpipe, and as I swallow, Thomas’s cock passes all the way into my throat. I feel a little panicky, with my arms pinned down by my wife’s legs and body. I am strong enough to push her off, but it would take a second, and in the meantime, my airway is completely blocked by Thomas’s cock. I try to breathe through my nose, but I am blowing bubbles of something… snot? saliva? cum? Thomas withdraws and I get a quick breath before he rams back in. He seems to enjoy the convulsion in my throat as I gag on his cock. It is oddly arousing to me as well. Everything seemed to get much slicker after I gagged. His cock is sliding easily as he withdraws the head to my lips, and then rams it back home into my throat. Jesus-Fuck… I thought this was going to be a quick clean-up, but somehow, just moments after shooting his seed into my wife, he has regained his full erection and is fucking my throat forcefully. As he gets harder, it is now my throat that has to adapt to the shape of his cock, and I rock my head back so that there is a straighter line from my mouth to my throat.

This is part of the reason we chose Thomas. Twenty years old, and a body seemingly chiseled from stone, Kerry and I figured he must have a lot of testosterone, and the ability to shoot loads into every place we had fantasized about. If Thomas was carved from stone, it would have been obsidian or anthracite, as he has almost jet black skin. His dark hands contrasted mightily with Kerry’s porcelain skin. It was so striking that I photographed their naked bodies together as an ice-breaker. Now that anthracite sword was down my throat, and his cum was both in my belly and in my wife’s pussy. Impossibly, his cock was getting harder still, and Kerry evidently was aroused to the sounds of his moans and grunts. I felt her roll off of me and tell Thomas that it looked like he was ready again.

“Go sit in the chair” Thomas said down to me.

What the Fuck? I thought to myself, unable to talk with his cock still filling my mouth. I am a doctor, and a junior college k** is matter of factly telling me what to do? Of course, the reality of the situation set in almost immediately. My wife had been continuously cumming on his cock for what seemed like hours, She was full of his sperm, and his dick was in my mouth… of course he was telling me, not asking me…

I sat in the chair, my erection straining uncomfortably against my slacks. I did not have to worry about modesty. I was fully dressed. Kerry was in a cupless merry widow set with garters and fishnet stockings. Thomas was the only one nude.

Light streamed in through the bedroom window. We had chosen to do this in our home, knowing that Kerry’s screams of pleasure would have caused hotel guests to complain, and would have likely lead to us being interrupted. Our home was on a large lot, separated from the street by trees. I didn’t tell Kerry, because she is not into the idea of me being humiliated, but something about the idea of Thomas fucking her in our marital bed also heightened my arousal. I had not thought about Thomas’s car though… He left it parked in front… an unrestored Lincoln with deeply tinted windows and wire wheels. It was conspicuous in our gated community. I hoped the neighbors could not hear Kerry’s screams. That would be a little more humiliation than kaçak iddaa I wanted.

Kerry was on her back now, and I could see Thomas sliding my pillow under her hips. I wondered how long Kerry would let me go without washing the sheets. I imagined the vivid dreams I would have sleeping on that cum soaked pillow… There was some sort of moisture all over Kerry as Thomas plumped the pillow to cant her hips for deeper penetration. With the assortment of mirrors in our room, the chair in the corner was actually a perfect place from which to watch. Thomas grabbed Kerry’s ankles and raised her straight spread legs further apart and towards the ceiling. His hard cock found her gaping pussy without the assistance of hands, as Kerry pinched at her own nipples.

One of the things I loved about Kerry was her candor. I have a nice thick medium sized cock, and Kerry had always cum intensely and easily on it. She also made no secret of the fact that before we were married, she had really enjoyed how full she felt with a giant cock in her. Earlier, when I had been below her in 69 position as Thomas fucked her doggy style, I could see why she loved big cocks. Her tiny pussy stretched so far around Thomas’s cock that it pulled her hood right up against his shaft. His cock was directly stimulating her engorged little button with every stroke, while his head stretched her as she had not been stretched since birth. I forced my tongue between her clit and his shaft, and was surprised both how tightly it was pressed against his shaft, and how engorged her clit was. It was more like a little penis than a clit. (As an aside, even having done a rotation in OB/Gyn as an intern, Kerry was the only woman I knew of who had orgasms during c***dbirth… she loved the stretch).

Now from my chair, I could see her eyes roll back as he slowly lowered his body onto her. He let go of her ankles as the weight of his body kept her legs pinned up, and he slid one hand under her ass and one hand onto her nipple. At 5 foot nothing, and 125 pounds, Kerry had the body of a teen gymnast. I had to imagine that Thomas’s huge tool was moving her organs around inside of her. Even after our years of watching her get aroused quickly, I was a little shocked by how quickly she responded to Thomas’s huge tool. There were only two or three strokes before she started to cum, and it was not a little orgasm… she was in pure a****l mode. Thomas was skilled beyond his years, and he would fuck her hard until her ongoing orgasm made her hyperventilate and start to pass out. Then he would raise up off of her and and take long slow strokes, withdrawing until the ridge of his head was at her opening, before gently sliding back in. Kerry’s eyes were glassy, her screams became shrill, and when she could form words at all, they were course utterances about how full she was, and how Thomas’s huge cock was stretching her as never before. To my knowledge, she hadn’t… The orgasms were trembling, shaking, screaming, and nearly endless…

The whole scene was way too much for me. It was exactly as I had fantasized, only the reality was more intense than I could have ever imagined. I pulled out my cock and started to touch myself as Thomas played my wife like a musical instrument. Through the screams, I heard the doorbell. I waited, hoping whoever was there would go away. Another ring, and I pulled my cell phone out and activated the front porch camera. Fuck… my most gossipy neighbor… I tucked myself in and headed for the door, knowing Jenni would not leave without me answering.

Hi Jenni, what can I do for you?

I heard screams all the way from inside my house! Is everything ok? What is on your face?

Fuck, I thought, realizing I had pussy juice and cum in my beard, and god knows where else.

Then in an incredible stroke of bad timing, more sounds erupted from the bedroom.

Oh Jesus! I am going to fill your married white pussy!

Then in Kerry’s unmistakable voice, Oh God Yes! Give it to me! Fill my pussy! Give me a beautiful black baby!

When we were exchanging emails, wee hadn’t mentioned to Thomas that Kerry was fertile, unprotected, and due to ovulate. Clearly it aroused him as Kerry’s talk of pregnancy put Thomas completely over the edge, grunting and growling as he came. This in turn put Kerry further into orbit. I could not make out the exactly what she was saying, but she was screaming about babies and cum and how she could feel his contractions and the sperm hitting her cervix… all coming from the bedroom as I tried to shoo our nosy neighbor away from the door

Sorry Jenni, we’re just watching a movie. I will turn it down. I am sure she wasn’t a bit convinced, but it was the best I could do at the spur of the moment. Jenni’s face was lit up as though she was a reporter who was about to break the Watergate story. she smirked at me as she walked away, makrobet looking at the car, and walking towards the neighborhood clubhouse.

I sheepishly walked back towards the bedroom, where everything had gone quiet. Kerry was on her back, eyes closed. Sweat glistened on her chest and forehead and her chest and cheeks were deep pink. Her cheeks were balled up as though smiling, I could not tell whether her lips were trembling or whether she was mumbling too quietly to hear. She looked incredibly peaceful and relaxed, but every fifteen or twenty seconds a little shudder or spasm would travel through her body. Her hips were still up on my pillow and her pussy gaped open. The cum pooled at her opening was still white and gelatinous, but clear fluids ran down her crack and made a wet spot covering half my pillow. Thomas was standing by the bed looking down at Kerry.

“She is out” He remarked almost tenderly. Then his voice turned back to the blunt, directive tone he had used when he told me to go to the chair. “I still have more in me. Kneel down here” he said pointing to the floor in front of him. Then with unexpected courtesy, he dropped a pillow onto the hardwood floor.

I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“Look up”

I did as directed, and he started slapping his wet, semi-erect cock against my lips.

Cum and juices had gathered just below the ridge on his head, and these juices stuck to my lips as he slapped his cock against me, making elastic little connections between my lips and his cock. “Stick your tongue out” He rubbed the ridge around my tongue, using my mouth to clean his cock. The slightly tangy drawn-butter taste of Kerry, the musky taste of his cock, and the salty-sweet taste of his leftover cum filled my mouth. I felt his left hand on the back of my head, while his right hand squeezed the base of his cock, restricting the blood flow and getting his cock firmer. He pushed the ridge back and forth through my lips, holding my head still as he gently thrust his hips.

With the same matter of fact voice as earlier, he started a narrative. “You saw how she came?” He thrust his cock just a little deeper to the back of my mouth. “How she couldn’t stop cumming?” He slowly increased the pace of his thrusts as his cock got harder. “What you couldn’t see was how limp she got after she kept cumming… but her pussy was still pulsing and grabbing me… the whole time… even when she looked passed out, she was grabbing me with that little pink pussy.” Thomas’s story made both he and I erect.

“I saw you in the chair with your dick out while I was owning her pussy. You freaks got lots of mirrors in here. You was stroking your cock while she was cumming. Damn, she cum a lot.”

Now it was me increasing the pace and the depth of his cock going into my mouth, my hands on his ass pulling him deeper.

“Yeah… that’s it… she wanted all of it too… she pulled me in too… now suck my balls a little.” He stroked his cock which was slick with the juices from my throat. His balls were so big I could only suck one at a time, and they were heavy as I cradled his sack in my hand.

“I bet you been stroking since the moment I sent the picture of my cock… imagining this big black cock stretching your pretty little wife… but you got what you really want in your mouth… you probably jerked off thinking about the big loads I be shootin’ in your wife… I gunna shoot one in your belly too!” He slapped his cock against my face and stuck it back in my mouth.

This time, his hand was really firm and his fingers were laced through my hair. “Did you hear her say she never cum like that?” His cock hit the back of my throat uncomfortably hard, and I tilted my head back to give his cock a straighter path. “Did you hear her say I owned her pussy?” His next thrust went more easily down my throat, and I was getting better at grabbing a breath between thrusts.

My heart was racing, and I could feel how hot my cheeks were… I could feel my boner straining against my khakis. I knew I would be excited about watching Kerry cum on a huge cock, but I had no idea how excited I would be getting my face fucked. I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly… I was lamenting that I had not gotten his first load, as I could think of nothing other than a huge load in my mouth, down my throat, on my face… Without even thinking, I slipped my slick wet finger up his ass, knowing I would get a bigger load if I massaged his prostate.

His grip on my hair got firmer and he pulled me until my face was completely flattened against his pubic area. He could not have gotten deeper without breaking the cartilage in my nose against his pubic bone. I gagged with this thrust, but he did not release, seeming to draw pleasure from the way my throat muscles contracted as I gagged. My head was starting to get light from his cock blocking my makrobet giriş airway. He pulled my head back all the way off his cock, and tilted my head back to look up at his face. Thick strands of goo stretched from my mouth to his cock. “Did you see all my cum in that married white pussy?” He pushed in again, holding my face flattened against his belly. Again, I gagged, and again he held my face hard against his belly. “Did you see her fingers tearing into my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper while I came?” He pulled me off his cock again. Thick ropes of throat juices still connecting my mouth to his cock. He thrust in, holding me even longer… “You going to love seeing that white belly stretch and grow around my black baby?” I was almost passing out, but I was absolutely losing my mind with arousal. I tried to make an affirmative noise with his cock down my throat and he twitched as I grunted mmmhhhh hhhhmmmm. He pulled me off again. I gasped, but the goo over-flowing my mouth made inhalation hard. “You gonna suck milk from her full white titties while my baby grows in her belly?”

He thrust in again. My finger in his ass felt the contractions first, and then my lips felt the contraction in his cock. I was grunting affirmatively when the first stream of cum went down my throat. It was past anywhere I needed to swallow, and it slid easily down. He withdrew and took a couple long strokes from my lips to my throat. The loads that went in my mouth were more challenging to deal with than the load in my throat. After several contractions he pulled out, stroking with his hand, and shooting a couple last thick ropes of cum on my face. Looking down at me, he said much more softly, “you going to raise my black baby?” I took his tip back in my mouth, sucking the last little drip of cum out… mmmm hhhhmm.

As I got off my knees, I could see that Kerry had turned her head towards us, but otherwise had not moved. Thomas bent over her and gave her a passionate kiss and gave her breast a little squeeze. Then he quickly stood up to dress. I stood there watching as he dressed, his cum running down my face and dripping from my chin to my shirt.

Once he was dressed, Thomas switched roles from dominant bull, to friendly young man. He smiled and said in a laughing tone, that he knew we had made a big deal about this being a one-time thing, but he knew we were going to repeat. For the first time since she passed out from cumming, Kerry spoke, enthusiastically saying “FUCK YES!” Thomas reached into his pocket and grabbed a small box. He said, “I hope you don’t mind but I got a little gift for Kerry.” Oddly, he tossed it to me. I opened it and it was a small silver chain with the black charm that looked like a spade from a playing card. Once again more directive, Thomas told me to put it on Kerry’s ankle. He smiled as I complied and said, “I will see you about this time next month. I can show myself out.”

I could hear the front door close. I crawled into bed beside carry without cleaning up. Kerry pulled my cum covered pillow from under her ass and offered it to me. I laid down with my hand across her belly, and rested my cum covered cheek on her shoulder.

Kerry had regained some of her energy and started talking in an excited voice. “Oh my God, that started out as your fantasy, but I can’t believe how hot it was. I am sorry I kind of lost my mind. I couldn’t even think about what our plan had been, all I wanted to do was keep coming on his beautiful cock. I can’t believe that you came while he was fucking your mouth.” Until she said that I had not even realized it. Looking down, I could see the large wet spot on the front of my pants.

Kerry continued, “I feel like every nerve is still tingling… Still! Right this minute! I have never come so hard in my life. It wasn’t just for a minute, it was continuous. Continuous and intense. The tingling is actually a little uncomfortable now. I am exhausted but I can’t quite relax. Do you think you could give me one more little orgasm?”

I sat up and started unbuttoning my pants, eager to stick my cock in for some sloppy seconds. Kerry had still barely moved. She looked at me imploringly, and said, “no… with your mouth.” A little disappointed, I looked at her gaping pussy and pubic hair matted with cum. Her hips raised as I put my tongue on her warm button. In contrast with her screaming orgasms earlier, this one was marked with some gentle hip movement and a soft moan. More cum leaked from her as she came. “One more… please?” I licked up the newly ejected cum before returning to her clit. My cock was rock hard now. I was still as horny as I have ever been in my life. Kerry came again, even more gently than the orgasm before. “Thank you, that was perfect,” she purred.

I slid up beside her and laid on my back. Kerry turned towards me and put her head on my shoulder, with her hand resting on the wet spot over my throbbing cock. “Oh poor baby, your cock has not even been touched today.” Just as my hopes were starting to rise, her words trailed off, and as quickly as that, she was asleep on my shoulder.

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