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I think she may have my baby growing inside of her
To start with I’m not sure, cause it could be my brother’s just as easily as mine. But I don’t want my brother knowing either way. See my brother is 8 years older than I am and when he got out of the army he married Connie. She’s a short blue eye blond that I fell in love with from the first time I saw her. I was only 15 at the time and no one noticed other then my girlfriend at the time who dumped me on the spot. Connie give me a hug, saying that I would get over her dumping me. Well the moment her arms went around me I was over it.

My brother moved himself and Connie about 600 miles away so all I had was my memories of her until last fall that is. See my dad always goes hunting the week before thanksgiving, and last fall my bother took time off to go with him. Connie being between jobs came to stay with us, as the men folk went hunting, that’s the way she put it. Anyway I had just turned 18 but my dad wouldn’t let me go hunting just because I kind of wiped out mother’s car, I rolled it twice.

I was making up for lost time with Connie with dad and my brother gone when Friday come around, I skipped my last two classes to spend more time alone with her. See mom only has one job, and its cleaning a old man’s house across town on Friday afternoons. I was having a great time with Connie and when she started to tickle me, it soon turned into a wrestling match. Yes I took it easy on her but, at the same time I was getting a quick feel of this or that and I’m sure she knew exactly what I was doing. She did nothing to stop me until that is I had a handful of her right tit, that’s was when she said we better stop.

Mom likes to drink and when she got home mom she was pissed about something that happened as she was cleaning that old farts house. She started drinking before dinner and told Connie that she didn’t like to drink alone bahis siteleri so bottoms up. By 9 that night both mom and Connie were flying high and having a good time with me left only to watch. One of mom’s rules are that no one in her house can have any kind of booze until they are legal age to drink, so that left me drinking only coke.

By 10 mom was snoring like a freight train on the couch, and she would be for the night. I covered her and when Connie tried to get up she kept falling back into the chair she was in. Finally she looked at me saying that she needed a hand to get up stairs. I half carried her which was easy cause hell, she’s maybe a 100 lbs if that so it was no problem to get her up stairs. Once I opened the door to the bedroom she had been staying in, she said in a slurred voice, that she needed to pee first. So I helped her to the bathroom leaving her to do her business, when after a few minutes she said that she needed some more help.

I cracked the door open and she was sitting on the floor with the button and the zipper on her skin tight jeans being undone, and her pulling this way and that way but she wasn’t able to get her pants down. I wondered if she had ever been drunk before in her life. I helped her up pulling down her jeans with a sexy pair of red lace panties at the same time. When I sat her down she started doing her business and I was looking at her bald pussy, not a hair to be seen. I felt my pants tenting out in front of her and she started laughing saying ” Someone is getting horny.”

When she was done she asked for a hot wet face cloth so she could wash down there before bed. Watching her hand between those sexy thighs was almost too much for me. We didn’t bother pulling anything up, I just carried her to the bedroom sitting her down on the edge on the bed. I began pulling her top off and handing her a nighty she had on the tipobet güvenilir mi bed, when she said ” I can’t sleep with this on.” As she unhooked her bra dropping it to the floor.

I turned to leave after I got a good look at her perfect B cup tits with their dark colored nipples that were getting erect. I had to get out of there or something that shouldn’t happen could happen. Connie said ” Please help me get these pants off before you go Ron.” Ron, that’s my brother’s name not mine, sure we look a lot a like but how could she make that mistake?

I thought, ok get her pants off and get the hell out of there. Ok that was my intentions. Really it was, but it didn’t happen that way. I got on my knees grabbing her jeans with those sexy lace panties and began sliding them off. Once I got one leg free I looked up and there was her bare pussy looking me in the face. She must of seen me looking cause grabbed my hair pulling me forward saying “Eat me, make me cum honey, I’m so fucking horny make me cum, please honey.”

I ask you if you were in my shoes and had had hundreds of wet dreams of this woman, wouldn’t you of done the same thing, I mean I was only going to try to make her cum once, ok maybe twice then let her sleep it off. I let her pull my face up between those spread wide thighs and against her hot sweet pussy. I have to say any girlfriends I have had that let me down on them, always said they love what I did. Plus there was only one girlfriend that no matter how hard I tried, she just wouldn’t have a orgasm for me. But Connie, she tasted so sweet that I lost myself.

It wasn’t long before I had her coming over and over again and her saying “Fuck me honey, oh god I need you to fuck me now.” Well I stood up dropping my pants and jockeys as quick as so I could before pushing into heaven. She started coming before I was all the way in her. After perabet her orgasm she soon started bucking against saying “You feel different, you feel bigger, oh god it hurts so good. Fuck me hard honey, oh god am comingggggg.”

I’m I larger then my brother, who the fuck knows but on her 4th or was it her 5th orgasm I came right along with her but I didn’t stop only slowed down until I was fully hard again. I think she must of had maybe 7 or so more orgasms before she started saying ” Remember to pull out honey, oh honey cum on me.” Cum on her, why the fuck does she want for me to cum on her for?

I did as she said, I pulled out and she wrapped her hand around me and froze. She looked at my face and said ” Todd? What the fuck Todd, oh god Todd did you just, oh fuck did we just, didn’t we? Did you cum inside of me? Please say you didn’t, you know, oh god.” She still had my cock in hand as she turned her head away from me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I started to get up but she tighten her hold of my cock looking back at me saying ” Answer me, did you cum in me Todd?” I nodded my head and she let go of my cock. I got up pulling my pants up when she said ” I’m not on any protection Todd. You may’ve, we may’ve. Ron wont understand.”

I found my voice saying ” Connie I’m sorry, I just.” I could finish with her looking at me with those big blue eyes of hers, so I turned my back as I went on to say ” For all it’s worth I love you and always have.” When I got to the door Connie stopped me.

She first said ” I know you love me, but Ron is my husband and this can never happen again nor can it leave this room Todd, do you understand what I’m saying? I turned to face her nodding my head, as she went on to say ” Bring me a needle so I can fix a condom to fail. If that happens when Ron gets back there just as good of a chance if I’m pregnant, it could be his and it will be wont it Todd?” I nodded again.

That was last Nov. and on new years they called with the news that Connie is pregnant and that she is due in July which if I do the math there’s a 50/50 chance she is having my baby. Ron will never know or at least not from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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