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A very beautiful woman glided into the bar as she frequently did, then headed straight for the video lottery gambling machines where she immediately started playing at maximum bet. Her frame could best be described as very petite. Long blond hair cascading down her back added to her sexuality. Free of makeup, sporting a wide eyed innocent look, she was a knockout beauty. Avery didn’t dress provocatively but her smouldering sexuality was barely contained. This was a woman who definitely sent out phermones that made people notice her.

Two fifty a second is the amount she liked to gamble at. Playing hard like that took money and Avery knew exactly how to make money. She catered to a certain type of lustful male and subtly was the name of the game. Her smile was gentle, her movements swift and sensuous. If you watched her you would see her whisper in many men’s ears hot words of encouragement that would send their loins smouldering with irresistible want.

Avery was in the middle of throwing away her second hundred to the stupid tax, gambling, when one of her friends Brice, came into the bar. He strode in with his friend and started playing pool. He smiled as she whispered hot suggestions in his ear about the pool game and his balls. Avery definitely had the lines and the curves men responded to with lust.

A story about expensive car repairs and gambling debts usually inspired the men she flirted with to offer her cash. She would of course make them feel special, wanted and cared for. Avery loved sex and would let men fuck her as hard and fast and wild as they pleased before she took their money and sent them back to work camp. You see Avery’s special talent and charm was seducing and fucking men.

Hot sexy women in bars all over the world doing the exact same thing, right now.. Like Avery they usually choose big men that work oil rig jobs and made a ridiculous amount of money. Most often the women went unnoticed by the patrons and management of the bars because the satisfied men always kept their mouths shut, and besides it wasn’t hooking, it was just having sex then helping a friend financially. Being able to pick your clients was a bonus. Most were innocent men that were in good need of a lay and had plenty of cash.. That’s how one day I met Zooey, my new roommate.

I love my job. It’s exciting, full of adventure and it pays very well. My name is Avery and I love sex. It’s exciting, fun and pays the rent. I have a beautiful home filled with exquisite art work. Not bad for a girl with no education huh.

I’d like to tell you a story about an interesting twist of fate. I strolled into my favorite bar laying some well positioned comments in previous and new clients ears when I spotted a beautiful woman playing on of the three VLT’s in the bar.

She was a dark brunette with caramel highlights, strong cheek bones, and she was stylish and well dressed. I like men but I couldn’t help but feel the attraction racing through my body from my pert nipples straight to my pulsing pussy.

Realizing I was staring, attracted her attention and she smiled a slow sensuous lustful smile. I knew instinctively that this woman liked sex as much as I did. I walked over and put a 20 dollar bill into the machine casino şirketleri beside her. Our knees were close and I could see how erect her nipples were, as were mine. As her machine hit a jackpot she turned at me and smiled offering to buy me a drink. Her lips were so full and inviting I noticed as I said, ” Yes, thank you.” A couple of men came over and started talking to me. One was a regular client of mine, Brice and the other had the same physique and hot inviting smile. The smell of sex and want filled the air. I brushed my nipple with my hand as all three watched along with the video camera above the VLT’s.

Brice smiled at us and offered us an outdoor hot tub experience.

Zooey, the raven haired beauty said,”I was on my way to the gym after gambling a little, so sure, that sounds like fun.”

Brice grinned saying, “It’s outside and with the gentle snow falling you’ll love the effect.”

We all went together in one vehicle. The discussion was lively and the spirit of adventure kept our nipples hard and tight the entire long drive.

“Put these blindfolds on,” Brice said encouragingly to us. “We’ll have even more fun,” he suggested.

I felt confident that Brice would be fair, since we had fucked so many times before without anything nasty or scary going on. I trusted him.

Zooey looked at me with a questioning look. “Gawd she is gorgeous,” is all I could think of.

“Should we?” she asked wide eyed and trusting.

I could tell by the flush in her face she was very turned on and wondering what to expect. I gave my sexiest smile and asked her if she liked hot sex. She didn’t respond, but a smile and a blindfold followed the question.

“Yes”, I said, “It will be okay.”

The men each lead us along and up the long platform until we felt the warm jets caressing our bodies. Still with our blindfolds on, excited and tingling with the intended pleasure of the upcoming events in mind, we waited. Soon a mouth was on mine, and our tongues twirling and swirling with increasing lust and delicious desire. I felt a hand caressing my breasts, tweaking my nipples. Having the blind fold on was a first and it excited me.

Suddenly I felt a strong broad forceful finger from behind me slide from my clit through my slit until it rested between my cheeks. I always have an enema and make sure I’m squeaky clean before I go out to attract men since so many of them love to fuck my tight, tiny little ass. I work out and keep my gluts nice and tight. I felt my cheeks being spread with a nice hard cock at the entrance probing lightly. My sign of want must of encouraged him because I got an inch and oh did it feel good. I was kissing the man in front of me and being penetrated from behind by the other guy, what a turn on. I wondered if Zooey was watching. The thought turned me on even more. I didn’t hear a sound except for the steady rhythm of my ass being fucked and the soft sounds of kissing the man in front of me. The man in front of me was twirling his fingers in my hot pussy. I could feel an orgasm approaching. While losing myself into the sensations, I wondered about my new friend Zooey, not knowing she was experiencing the same lustful sensations. A hard, thick cock was gliding casino firmaları rapidly in and out of her mouth while another man was pulling her hips towards him while his cock filled her tight cunt.

I felt the hardness in my ass going deeper, penetrating harder. The man in front of me slid his big hard manhood inside me. I started rocking back and forth between the two men. One shoved deep and hard in my sexy ass, while the other rocked my hot pussy back and forth. I leaned my head back and moaned softly as my body felt the delicious sensations of indulgence. We fucked and fucked like this for long time, with each of them taking turns orgasming. Gradually, they finished fucking me, came inside me and left.

I started to move around the hot tub and couldn’t feel the edges no matter how long I walked or in what direction. This was one huge hot tub. Finally I approached the rim of the hot tub and found a big man with a hard cock waiting for me.

“Brice?” I called out.

No comment. The man sat up at the side of the hot tub and pulled my mouth to his hard cock. This man felt different than the other one. He tasted and smelled different. I expected I was taking turns with both men and this was the man penetrating my ass earlier. But I was wrong. There were many men who were going to fuck me and I would love every minute of it.

At one point the blindfold slipped and I was able to absorb my surroundings. In the middle of the hot tub there was a light underneath a cement curved area. Zooey was draped across that light. The arch of the structure made her arch, stretching her beautiful body out before me. A big cock on the other side of the light was dipping rapidly in her delicate mouth. Before me was her pussy dripping with semen. Her pussy looked so very inviting. The man that was currently filling me up with his thick hard cock noticed my blind fold had slipped and that I was staring at the pussy of the beauty spread before me. His cock was pounding my ass with a frenzy and I could see he had let the animal take over by the intensity of his thrusts. Suddenly his hand was on the back on my head and all I could smell was the heady smell of Zooey’s cum filled pussy.

“Lick her,” he commanded, while ramming me forcefully.

She smelled of hot sex. Semen was dripping from her pussy and ass into my mouth as my tongue ran up and down her slit. I could tell when my tongue found her clit by the way she responded and squirmed. The man was still forcefully fucking her mouth…I kept licking. Two of my fingers started dipping into her wet pussy. They sloshed around in the cum that filled her. I pulled them out and pushed them in as I often did when masturbating. I had no experience with women so this opportunity was wild and intoxicating. My tongue started flickering quickly over her clit as my fingers drove into her pussy hard and fast. She squirmed more. I felt her clit jump and heard her hums expressing pleasure on his cock.

She was moaning with pleasure for me. I knew she was loving my mouth in her pussy and it made me wild with lust. Taking her cheeks into my hand I ravenously started devouring her pussy. The whistling and yelling made us very aware that there were at least 10 men in the hot tub with güvenilir casino us. The man fucking Avery’s face finally finished and blew his wad of hot cum down her throat and all over her pretty face and beautiful tits. I licked her faster and listened to her moans of pleasure getting louder and louder. Soon the man fucking my ass released his load with a grunt and let me go about my task.

At this point I knew the two of us had an audience of very horny men. I alternated fucking her with my fingers and licking her senseless. Her clit was raw yet I kept licking it. Her moans of pleasure were obviously exciting the men around us. The water started moving, and a sloshing sound could be heard as many of the men started masturbating.

The only sounds were of me working her pussy hard with my fingers and tongue and her orgasmic cries of pleasure that kept getting louder.

“Ahh, yes, lick me, ahh ahhh ahhhhh oo oo ooo ooo,yes, yes,” escaped her lips over and over again.

Soon everyone was memorized with the beautiful way Zooey was responding to me eating her. When her sweet juices filled my mouth I could feel her orgasmic spasms like a mini earthquake in my mouth. I rode her orgasm for a long time feeling every nuance as she continued to spasm and shiver her pleasure…Not until the final Ahhhhhh did the men start to approach us again.

They’d all dropped their load once but now they were recharged and extremely ready to go after the show they just witnessed. Both of our blindfolds were off now. I watched a man wave Zooey over. Zooey did as she was told and spread her cheeks for his throbbing hard on. She was looking at me as she did so, smiling. He plunged deep into her pulling her back into his body. This elevated her pussy and it didn’t take long for a hard cock to find his way in and start double fucking her. It was such a turn to watch each other getting fucked.

Now men were starting to approach me, to again rule me with their hard cocks and demanding sexual positions. At one point I was being pushed into the light on the dome while my ass was being pounded mercilessly.

“Move over, it’s my turn,” said one man to the other, so sexually ready he just had to fuck me.

The first man turned to him and said, “We’ll share.”

Soon I was in the middle of the hot tub being fucked like a bitch in heat. Then a man stood on one the ledges and eased his big strong cock into my mouth. I felt like a rag doll being pushed and pulled. I kept sucking and fucking, because that’s what I love to do. I’d never had three men fucking me. It was wild.

As soon as one cock was done, another took it’s place. Hours and hours went by. One by one the men became satisfied enough to go home to their wives and girlfriends. Soon only Zooey and I were left along with Brice and his friend.

“You girls were amazing,” Brice said.

In his hand was a big bundle of cash.

“We just wanted to give this to you girls to treat yourselves to some fun,” he offered smiling.

Zooey seemed unfazed by the wild sex we had just experienced. She was animated and excited. I looked at her beautiful body and thought of how amazing her pussy tasted. She looked back at me with lust. We counted the money. It was ten thousand dollars.

“Wild, we just got paid for having fun,” Zooey said with a smile.

We hugged each other with joy.

“I live around the corner,” I said smiling.

“Why don’t you come for coffee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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