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It all started about two months ago when I had a six person hot tub installed in my new sunroom. It was spread around the warehouse where I worked that I had one and all of a sudden a few of the women wanted to see it. One day Lynn came into my office; “Hi John I was wondering if I could come over after work and see your new hot tub. I heard it’s in a three season sunroom and in this cold weather I would love to see just how appealing it is!”

I smiled up at her; “Sure no problem Lynn, hell bring your bathing suit if you want and we can give it a spin.”

She nodded; “Sounds great, I’ll bring my suit, how about tomorrow?”

“Perfect Lynn, I’ll see you then, do you know where I live?”

“No not really, can I follow you so I don’t get lost! Give me directions just in case I lose you.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll e-mail the directions to you, I’ll talk to you later!”

Let me tell you something about Lynn, she’s twenty-eight years old. She’s about five foot ten inches tall with long slim legs and for someone as slim as she is, she has very large breasts. She’s a strawberry blonde, closer to red and it hangs down to the middle of her back, all in all, a very attractive woman.

The next day one of the other women in the warehouse named Andrea found out that Lynn was coming over to see the hot tub and wanted to join us. Lynn didn’t seem too happy, but agreed.

“Well Andrea seeing you get off work a couple hours after Lynn and I do, you can meet us there, is that alright?”

Andrea smiled; “Yeah that sounds great, I’ll see you there, Lynn gave me directions to your place, is that alright?”

“Sure Andrea, see you then!”

Lynn followed me to my place and gave her a tour of the house. When we got to the sunroom she was ecstatic, hopping up and down; “Oh please John, can we try it out, my back is so sore from all those orders today, I could really use a soothing hot tub!”

I for one couldn’t wait to see her in a bathing suit, seeing that all the time at work, she wore nothing but blue jeans and sweatshirts; “Sure Lynn, follow me, I’ll show you where you can change.”

She closed the door to the bathroom and I went into my bedroom to change. When I got out she was already in the sunroom waiting. I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous body. She was wearing an emerald green bikini and it was very skimpy. Her long legs went on forever and were very shapely. Her ass filled out the bottoms nicely. She had a very flat stomach and the swell of her large breasts nearly popped out of the bikini top, her large stiff nipples were poking out against the thin material from the cold air in the sunroom. She was hopping from one foot to the other; “Oh fuck John, its cold in here, I’m not sure this was such a good idea!”

I laughed as I took in her gorgeous face, her hair was up in a clasp and her long graceful neck just begged to be ravished; “You won’t feel the cold for very long Lynn. I normally flip open the top before I go to change and by the time I get back the room is full of steam and a fog fills the room!”

She looked puzzled, “So why didn’t you do it today?”

I had a wicked grin on my face and pointed towards her stiff nipples; I just wanted to see how those reacted, may I say, I’m very impressed!”

She looked down and saw them sticking out like high-beamed headlights, she smiled and crossed her arms over her breasts; “Oh my god John, you are so wicked, please open the tub so I can get in, please?”

I flipped off the cover and she squealed when she saw how large the tub was. It had two loungers and four bucket seats. I helped her in and I had the temperature set at one hundred and two degrees. The room steamed up immediately and Lynn let out a moan as she settled into the tub and I just imagined her moaning like that if I ate her pussy. I got in and pushed a button turning on some of the jets; she let out another squeal and laughed. I pushed the button two more times turning the jets from low to high. The jets at full blast turned the tub into a swirl of hot water. Being January the sun was already going down and when I pushed another button, the glow of the soft colored lights bathed the steam covered room in a sexy, sensual glow. All the windows were completely covered in steam making the room completely private from the outside world.

I settled in next to Lynn and she leaned back and closing her eyes, she let the hot bubbly water caress her gorgeous body. “Okay Lynn are you ready for the bubbles?”

She giggled like a schoolgirl; “Bubbles, I thought they were on already?”

“Oh no Lynn, that was just the jets to circulate the water, these other buttons turns the tub into a bubbling cauldron, low to high!”

She bounced up and down and I couldn’t keep my eyes of her large breasts floating near the surface of the water; “Okay John, let me have them!”

I thought to myself; “I’d love to let you have it!” I cleared my throat; “Okay Lynn hold on, here they come!”

She was excited as a schoolgirl. Pushing another casino şirketleri button the bubbles started up on low, another push and the bubbles were now going full blast. Lynn was totally enjoying the sensation and encircled my neck with her arms and gave me a long hug.

I slipped my hands down her back and rested on her hips. Not knowing how to progress, she let go and looked into my eyes. I knew something was about to happen when there was a banging on the outside door to the sunroom. All I could think of was go away. The banging persisted and a voice we both knew, it was Andrea.

Now I had a problem, hugging Lynn gave me a huge hard-on and if I got out of the tub I knew Lynn would notice, as would Andrea. I got out slowly and Lynn’s eyes went directly to my tented bathing suit. She smiled and settled back into the water. I opened the door and Andrea screamed in delight when she saw the hot tub.

“It’s about time; I was freezing my ass out there. I was banging on the front door and figured you were out here.” Looking down at me again, she smiled; “Did I interrupt something?”

Lynn blushed and slid lower in the tub. I went to climb in when Andrea said; “What’s going on, I need a suit!”

I looked at her; “Where am I supposed to get you a suit from?”

“Well I didn’t know I was coming here and didn’t normally carry a bathing suit in my car in the middle of January in Michigan!”

Once again I looked at her; “So now what are you going to do?”

Smile smiled from ear to ear; “Do you mind if I go commando?”

Now it was my turn to smile; “No, not at all, do you mind Lynn?”

She was outwardly pissed off, but said; “No, go ahead!”

Let me tell you about Andrea, she’s about twenty-five, five foot two inches tall, a lot shorter than Lynn, but the rest is about the same. Slim legs, gorgeous ass and very large breasts, which she always hid with bulky sweatshirts, or loose fitting t-shirts. Her hair was the color of wheat, about shoulder length, but the one thing I always noticed about it was that it was very, very thick. I always dreamt of running my fingers through its thickness. As always she wore it in a ponytail. Only occasionally she wore it down and that’s when I noticed how great it looked.

I was glad I was sitting in the water. Andrea kicked off her shoes and socks, pulling off her jeans and crossing her arms, looking at me and pulled her sweatshirt up and over her head. She stood there in a plain white bra and panties. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, shaking her shoulders the straps slid down her arms and her full firm tits came into view. They were gorgeous with silver dollar aureoles and pencil eraser sized nipples. She bent over and slipped her panties off and her huge tits slung back as she stood up. She has a small tuff of light brown hair covering her pussy and as she scurried into the tub, her pussy lips opened and were extended with excitement.

Both Lynn and I knew she was excited by the two pair of eyes on her naked body. As she got into the tub, she lost her balance and I stood quickly and caught her. Her firm tits and hard nipples burnt a hole in my chest.

Andrea laughed as my stiff cock pressed against her pussy. I normally don’t get flustered, but with the sudden change in events that caught me off guard, I quickly tried to regain my composure. I slowly slid my hands down to her ass and pulling her harder against me, my cock bore harder against her firm body.

She looked up at me with a smile on her lips, which I quickly erased with my mouth on hers. The kiss felt like it lasted forever, even though it only lasted a few seconds. When we broke the kiss I settled back into my bucket and with a nervous laugh Andrea sat down quickly in one of the buckets across from Lynn.

Lynn was outwardly pissed off and I tried to smooth things out by starting some small talk.

Andrea wasn’t any help saying; “If I’m naked, so should be the two of you!”

Lynn blurted out; “We’re under the water and you can’t see anything anyways!”

Andrea’s tits were sort of floating on the top of the bubbles and to make things worse, she slowly stood up and both Lynn and I just stared at her gorgeous tits. She moved over to Lynn and said; “Aw come on Lynn, join me!” Without waiting for an answer she reached behind Lynn and untied her bikini top before Lynn could react, Andrea had her top off and flung it out of the tub.

“Now how about the bottoms?” She reached under the water and Lynn stopped her and as she did, her rosy nippled tits brushed against Andrea’s cheek.

Andrea turned her face and captured a nipple between her lips and drew it into her mouth. Lynn let out a startled moan and tried to push Andrea’s mouth away. Andrea had her hands behind Lynn’s back and held her there. Lynn slowly stopped struggling and was now holding Andrea’s head to her chest. Andrea’s hands dropped under the water and slowly slipped Lynn’s bikini bottoms off her ass and down her long shapely legs.

I sat there casino firmaları with a raging hard-on and figured I’s join the party. I took off my trunks and tossed them out of the tub. I stood and hugged both women. Lynn reached out and stroked my stiff cock as Andrea continued sucking on Lynn’s tits. She moved from one to the other. I bend down and took one of Andrea’s stiff nipples into my mouth and she let out a groan and sucked harder on Lynn.

Moving over to Lynn, I kissed her and she continued to stroke my cock. I moved down and sucked on her other nipple. She arched her back, pushing both tits into Andrea’s and my mouth. When she did this the lower third of her gorgeous red hair floated on the surface of the water.

I broke contact with Lynn’s tit and sat up on the edge of the tub, my cock was only about six inches out of the water bobbing up and down. Lynn cupped my balls and lowered her warm mouth to kiss the head of my cock. I let out a moan as she slowly lowered her mouth onto my cock. Her hair now totally floated on the surface of the water as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

I ran my fingers through her hair and cleared the wet strands out of her face so I could look at her green eyes as she sucked on my cock.

Andrea got behind Lynn and was fingering her pussy and ass from behind. Lynn urged her and tried to raise her ass out of the water. Andrea’s chin was in the water as she licked Lynn’s ass and pussy at the water level. Lynn was groaning wildly as Andrea sucked on her pussy.

I broke free from Lynn’s mouth and slipped behind Andrea. She spread her legs as she felt me behind her and with one quick thrust I was buried in Andrea’s wet, hot cunt. As my thighs slapped against her ass, she slipped and went under the water. I didn’t miss a beat and Lynn pulled her back up and Andrea continued eating her out.

We stopped for a second so Lynn could sit on the edge and Andrea dove back between Lynn’s thighs. What a site, Andrea’s long blonde hair was plastered against her head as she ate at Lynn’s red bush.

I knew I was about to cum and Andrea was nearing a climax also. She started licking Lynn faster and Lynn let out a high-pitched scream and came. She slipped off the edge of the tub and fell into the water.

I slammed into Andrea harder and harder and started shooting my cum into her cunt. She clamped down harder on my cock and came just after I began shooting in her. I fell back and relaxed in the hot water.

Lynn sat up and started licking the cum that escaped from Andrea’s cunt and floated on top of the water. Once she had it all vacuumed up, she gave Andrea a deep kiss and I could see them swapping my cum. This got me hard instantly. The two girls sat back in the hot water to relax.

I got out of the tub with a raging hard-on and dried off; “I’ll meet the two of you in the bedroom. First one there gets to suck this!” I turned towards them and showed them my stiff cock. As I left the sunroom, I could hear them splashing their way out of the tub.

I put on an adult DVD and laid in the bed slowly stroking my cock when Lynn came running into the bedroom, half dried off with a towel wrapped around her head. She smiled as she saw my cock at attention. I looked up at her and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. Tiny droplets of water were on her tits and washboard stomach. Her legs were slightly parted and her downy pussy hair was damp also. You could tell she was excited because her pussy lips were slightly parted and extended.

I sat up and licked the water droplets from her stomach and slid downward to her pussy hair. I slipped one finger inside of her and she was very wet.

Lynn climbed up on the bed and straddled my chest. Raising her arms, which caused her big tits to rise even higher on her chest, she took the towel off her head and quickly toweled her hair off. Throwing the towel to the floor, she bent down and gave me a deep kiss. She then began moving down my body, slowly kissing her way southward. Her damp hair cascaded across my body and made me shudder as she moved towards my cock. She grasped my cock and not being able to see what she was doing because of the mass of red hair covering my crotch, the anticipation was excruciating.

I suddenly had a wet warm feeling consumed my cock as she covered my cock with her mouth and a steady bobbing up and down enveloped my cock. She raised her head and drew her red mane from her face and the sight nearly made me cum right on the spot. Her pink lips were stretched about my cock; her emerald green eyes sparkled and looked directly at me. She slowly took my cock from her mouth and smiling at me licked around the head over and over again. She let out a giggle and moaned loudly as she plunged over the head and took all eight inches, all the way into her throat.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the fantastic feeling overtook my body. Once again her mane of red covered my entire lower body. I wound my fingers through her hair and pulled her upward. Reluctantly, güvenilir casino she moved upward and she climbed up my body till her pussy hovered over my mouth. Just before she lowered herself to my mouth, I looked up and saw a sight that I will never forget. I took in the beauty of Lynn, her peaches and cream thighs, the pink of her pussy and that red pussy hair, her flat stomach and the underside of her large tits with those bright pink nipples. A halo of red hair framed her smiling face and was draped across her upper parts of her breasts. Her lips were parted and full with sex and her tongue darted out to moisten them.

Lynn lowered her pussy to my mouth and I sunk my tongue deep into her wet pussy. She let out a low groan as I cupped her full ass and pulled her harder against my mouth. She ground her cunt harder and faster against my mouth and a gush of fluids drenched my face as she came very hard.

Lynn rolled off of me and lay next to me. Sitting on a chair near the bed was Andrea with her fingers buried deep in her pussy. She smiled at me as our eyes met. She took her fingers from her pussy and slowly licked them, extending her hand she said; “John, would you like a taste?”

“Sure Andy, but not from your fingers, bring that hot pussy over here and let me taste it first-hand!”

She climbed up and took the same position that Lynn just vacated. I began slow licking her inner thighs and the area between her pussy and asshole. Andrea spread her cunt lips and begged me to suck it. I smiled and teased her all the more. She was so turned on that she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and shoved my mouth against her pussy.

I began licking up and down her wet slit, stiffening my tongue, I drive it as deep as I could into her pussy. Andrea arched her back, pushing harder against my mouth. I finally pulled out and began running the tip of my tongue back and forth across her engorged clit. Just about then I felt a bolt in my crotch area. A hot wet mouth began sliding up and down my cock. I couldn’t see, but it had to be Lynn. I was in heaven, a blonde cunt covering my mouth and a redhead covering my cock. Andrea started moaning louder and louder as I continued my assault on her clit.

Just as quick as Lynn’s mouth covered my cock, it was gone and then I felt her legs slide over mine and as she grabbed my cock I felt her lower herself onto my cock. I thought her mouth was hot, but her pussy was an inferno. Inch by inch she lowered her hot, tight pussy over my cock and when she had my cock buried deep in her pussy, she slowly ground her cunt against my pelvic bone. I could tell she was making contact with her clit as over the moans of Andrea, I could hear Lynn groaning too. There was light all of a sudden as Andrea leaned back and I looked up and saw Lynn’s hands squeezing Andrea’s large tits.

I sped up my assault on Andrea’s clit ad she started cumming on my tongue. She drenched my face and I licked up every drop. With a long sigh, she fell off of me and Lynn bent down and licked Andrea’s juices off of my chin. I grabbed Lynn by the ass and began slamming up into her as hard as I could. She slammed down on me, matching me stroke for stroke. I reached up and threw her off of me and swung her around and began fucking her doggy style.

Seeing this Andrea scurried around on the bed and slipping under Lynn and positioning under her in a sixty-nine position. I fucked away at Lynn from behind and looking down I watched Andrea licking Lynn’s pussy.

Lynn bent down and was doing the same to Andrea. Andrea reached up and pulled my cock out of Lynn’s pussy and slipped it into her mouth.

I plunged down and my balls were resting on her chin as I sunk all eight inches deep in her throat. I fucked away shoving my cock up and down her throat. I heard a muffled groan and it was Lynn wanting my cock back in her pussy. I pulled out of Andrea’s mouth and shoved it back in Lynn’s pussy.

Andrea went back to eating Lynn while I fucked her. Lynn was sucking loudly at Andrea and what she was doing was working because she squeezed hard on Lynn’s head as she shuttered and came. I fucked away at Lynn and my balls slapped against Andrea’s head. I slipped a finger up Lynn’s ass and she groaned and yelled out; “Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass John!”

I pulled out of her pussy and Andrea slipped up and attacked her clit as I rose up and nuzzled her asshole with the head of my cock. Like a vacuum cleaner, Lynn’s ass sucked my cock in. Even though she was very tight, with all of the lubrication, I went balls deep into her ass. She screamed as she pushed up against me. I began fucking as hard and as fast as possible.

Andrea held onto her hips and was sucking on her clit. We were both nearing completion. I drove deep into her and let go a stream of cum to end all orgasms. I fell against her as Andrea sucked harder and within seconds Lynn screamed out; “Oh fuck, I’m cumming too!”

We all lay there totally spent! When we finally got up enough energy, we cleaned up and went back into the hot tub to relax.

We talked about what a great time we all had and how intense our orgasms were. Lynn told me she had a few other women in the warehouse who she knew for sure would love to try out the tub and whatever else came to mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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