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Hot GM Of A Firm Met Me Through Locanto

Myself Krish, 22 years old and pursuing my graduation from one of the top 10 institutes of India. This was a real story happened when I was doing my internship last summer in Chennai. I had been working in an MNC for about 3 months. I stayed in a 1bhk flat nearby Shollingnallur.

Staying alone for 3 months in an unknown place is a bit difficult and I felt very bored. I started surfing when I came across the gigolo world. I thought to give my service to ladies and planned to join a gigolo agency. At that time, I saw one of the agencies given an add to join as a gigolo and earn money.

I had spent around 10,000 in the registration process until I came to know it was a fraud. It really frustrated me. Then I came to know about Locanto and I posted as callboy service offer to girls/ divorced-women/ unsatisfied women. Initial days I didn’t get any reply. But after a few days, I received a reply from a lady.

Her name was X(let) age around 30 and she was working as a General Manager. She enquired me all the details about my service and took my WhatsApp number. We started talking about our personal lives for a few days. Later we were talking about our sexual fantasies and needs.

I gave her full attention and she believed me. Finally, she told me that she wants to get her desires fulfilled. I told her that I am living alone and can come to your place and provide the service. She agreed and we planned for the next day. She planned to meet me instead of going to work as her husband won’t get any doubt.

She booked a guest house in ECR. She picked me from Dollar stop (Shollingnallur). She was very hot and seems like 25-27 age, maintaining her figure perfectly. By seeing her I got an instant hard-on. We greeted each other and we drove to the guest house in her car.

Finally, we reached the guesthouse, outside the city which was bursa escort bayan quiet with a nice ambiance. We got into the room and we started our casual talks while having a welcome drink. I came to know that her husband was not much interested in sex. He never cared about her.

Initially, we are a bit shy. But I broke the silence by hugging her tightly from behind. She didn’t expect this and was losing her control. I was kissing her neck from behind and pressing her boobs. She turned back and kissed on my lips. She told me that she was waiting for this for a long time.

I carried her to bed and threw her onto the bed. We were kissing passionately while she was removing my shirt. I was holding her hair and eating her lips. Our tongues started fighting, exploring and even exchanged the saliva. I had given a bite her on the neck (Love mark).

I started unbuttoning her dress while my teeth were holding her tits over her bra. She was getting hornier. She was now moaning loudly and screaming, “Fuck me. I can’t wait anymore.” I tore her bra and those melons were out. Oh my god, those were very perfect in shape.

I was in love with those boobs and took those big melons inside my mouth. I was pressing the other one. I was slowly biting her tits. She kept pressing my head against those big melons. She was enjoying that very much as well as me. I came top of her and looked into her eyes. I could see the lust in her eyes.

I took those pants off and went near her pussy which was already wet. It was clean shaved. I kissed her on her pussy lips. By this time she started shivering. I started licking her pussy to which she was screaming, “Don’t stop it, you are doing so good.” She kept pushing my head into her pussy.

Then I inserted my fingers down into her pussy and started fingering her fast. She was moaning loudly. I kept fingering her, licking her escort bursa pussy. She grabbed my tool, licked it like a pro. I held her hair and mouth fucking her (which I always dreamed of) hard.

Within seconds I cummed inside her mouth a lot. She took every drop of it and cleaned my dick. I pulled out my tool from her mouth and kept it on her pussy lips. I teased her to which she was not able to resist. She said, “I can’t wait anymore, please insert your tool. Fuck me today like never before.”

Hearing this, I was really very high and I slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was very tight and I started fucking her slowly. I kept fucking in this missionary position. I increased my pace and fucking her very hard for about 15 minutes. Her expressions were making me more intense.

Then I held her boobs and fucking her hard to which she was screaming louder. The room was filled with moans. I was about to cum and took off from her pussy. I kept inside her mouth, she took it completely. Still, my tool was hard to which she came on top of me started fucking me.

She was talking bad words. “Drill my pussy harder. My husband does not fuck me like this. We are going to be great fuck buddies.” I was listening to all this and I kept fucking her hard by holding her neck. The room was hot and very romantic now.

We changed position. I kept one of her legs on my shoulders and rammed my cock deep inside and fucked her. We were kept fucking for the next 10 minutes then we both came at the same time. We were tired. I lay on top of her with my cock inside her pussy and her tits inside my mouth.

I said, “You are really very beautiful women. I would love to have a wife like you.”
She: What will you do if you have a wife like me?
Me: I would fuck her like this daily and satisfy her.
She: Then satisfy me again. (with a wicked smile)

I got excited, I made her in bursa escort the doggy style and entered into her asshole. She said she was a virgin there and it was very hard to insert it. Then I applied some lubricant ( a cold cream) and I tried to insert it. I successfully inserted but she was screaming in pain.

I held her hair and fucking her in doggy that too in her asshole. It was a dream come true. After a few shots, she was enjoying the pleasure. I kept fucking her hard by pulling her hair. After 10 minutes of fucking, I came inside her ass-hole. She enjoyed that position a lot as it’s more intense and deeper.

We completed 8 condoms in a span of a few hours. She was very satisfied and not able to walk properly. We took rest in the jacuzzi and took bath after 2 shots in the jacuzzi. She got ready and left the place in the evening. She dropped me at Shollingnallur.

She gifted me a laptop and kept some money in my bag which I checked after reaching home. We both are happy after our first meet. Later we went for a trip to Delhi-Jaipur-Agra, Kolkata, Pondicherry. We enjoyed our time with each other by doing all the mischievous stuff.

Still, we were in touch and planning to meet soon. Whenever she was pressurized because of office work, we would meet for sure the very next day. We planned to meet and she would pay for the hotel and my traveling expenses. Till now she had spent around 2 lacs for our meeting but she was very happy.

Money doesn’t matter when you’re really cool and relaxed. Everything will go your way. My suggestion to the women working in private firms. Please try to keep your mind calm. Don’t get pressurized because of work and don’t spoil your health.

Instead, you can contact me. I’m damn sure that you will feel more comfortable/relaxed after our meet. Please give your valuable feedback which will make me write more stories. Ladies of all ages, who are deprived of sex can contact me.

I can travel to Kolkata, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, and Bangalore because I travel often. 100% privacy and safety. Any other places on your request. Awaiting a reply from u. Contact me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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