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All characters represented in the following story are over 18. The bully, son and sister characters are all in college at the time.


My mom and sister have been fawning over the student athlete, Clyde, who has been staying with us while he tours the local colleges. Everyone in our little community has been going out of their way to ingratiate themselves to him, in the hopes that he will consider enrolling in one of our schools. He was quite the quarterback, and a very big deal to say the least.

Clyde was an ideal house guest. He was keen on flattering my mom and helped her around the house whenever he could. He also quickly familiarized himself with my sister, Jessica, who loved having him around.

In my experience, however, Clyde’s been a bit of a bully. I feel like he teases and emasculates me a lot, but my mom and sister never seem to notice. It was certainly unlike my mother not to say anything if she did…right?

One afternoon…

I was sitting in the living room watching television. Clyde eventually showed up, as he always did around this time, and started harassing me like usual.

At this point, I was sure that he enjoyed bullying me. He was in the middle of telling me what a tiny, pathetic cock I had when my mother happened to walk by. My face was red. I wasn’t certain if she had heard that, or if she had even heard anything at all, but nonetheless, I was mortified. Amidst my discomfort, my bully, Clyde could only smile.

Mom went on to greet and address us normally, so she must not have heard anything, much to my relief.

“Hey honey, could you go out and get a few things for Mommy?” she requested kindly.

She handed me an unusually long list and promptly sent me on my way. She said that I should go before it gets too late, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was rushed out of casino şirketleri the house…

A few minutes later,

“Heyy Clyde,” Mom calls out to him from afar in a sing-songy manner, “Could you come in here for a moment?”

Neither I nor Jessica was home and Mom was asking my bully to come into her room… Clyde eagerly obliged her, showing up in the doorway almost immediately.

“Hi Mr. Quarterback, I’ve been wanting to talk with you in private for a while now,” Mom teasingly remarks.

Clyde was unreservedly checking out my mom as she spoke,

“I know you’re probably having a hard time deciding which school you want to attend…and I was hoping that there was maybe something I could do to help steer you in the right direction.”

As she said that, Mom disrobed right in front of my bully and bit her index seductively while gazing into his eyes. Clyde couldn’t believe what was happening. It was just too good. As he stood there, not knowing what to say, Mom gradually approached him.

“What’s the matter? You are my son’s big, bad bully right? I’ve seen how you pick on him. You must have fantasized about this before…” Mom trailed off.

She reached into his pants and held the underside of his cock between her fingers, continuing to speak as she stroked it.

“Bending over and screwing his horny mommy while he watches…” Mary accelerates her stroking as she whispers sensually, “You show him what a little slut I am for that big, black, alpha male cock of yours. You make my loser son watch as I gladly take your cum over and over again… load after load of your potent semen flooding my womb…”

“Then, finally, after stretching my tight, little, white pussy and fucking me raw all night long, you pump one last, thick shot into me, knocking me up for sure. God…it makes me so fucking wet every time casino firmaları I imagine it,” Mom concluded.

She gazed into his eyes as his penis became quickly engorged. Clyde was unable to take it anymore. He removed his shirt while Mom worked on his pants. The hulking quarterback was so tall that the top of his fully erect cock landed between Mom’s cleavage as it came out.

“Oh my…” Mom remarked, visibly impressed.

“He looks really happy to see me,” Mom giggled and teased flirtatiously, “I guess I better get to work.”

She took off her bra and resumed stroking. Mom proceeded to thoroughly worship my bully’s big black cock. She arched her back and nestled it in between her tits as she serviced it with her hands.

Clyde was enjoying the feeling of Mom’s natural, soft breasts around his dick and began thrusting into them impatiently. Mom smiled. She held her chest and rubbed it repeatedly against my bully’s cock as he fucked her tits. Mom stuck her tongue out and the two started making out. All the while Clyde vigorously slid his dick in between her breasts over and over.

After kissing passionately for well over a minute, they separated, leaving a feint trail of saliva still connecting their tongues. Mom knelt and brushed the quarterback’s cock against her face, still enthralled by its massive girth and size. Her pussy ached for his dick as she rubbed it against her nose, the rugged, manly smell driving her crazy.

She stuck her tongue out and licked the entire length of his shaft, from the base upward, before kissing the tip and fitting as much as she could into her mouth.

From there, Mom promptly began blowing my bully’s cock. Clyde was impressed of how much she could take and uninhibitedly thrust his dick back and forth into my mom’s warm mouth.

Mom enthusiastically sucked on my bully’s cock in long, güvenilir casino thorough motions, savoring every last inch of it. The whole time she wriggled her hips as her pussy was soaking wet and outright pleading for Clyde’s big black cock.

Finally, my bully rewards my mom’s effort and blows his first load into her mouth. Mom clings onto him and carefully swallows his precious cum, much to his satisfaction.

Once he’s finished cumming, Mom parts with his penis and proudly shows him her work, smiling mischievously. Clyde’s dick got hard again almost instantly and they were back at it. This time, my bully was going to give Mom what she had been wanting for so long.

He effortlessly lifted and threw Mom onto the bed, immediately positioning himself on top of her. Mom swooned over my bully’s show of strength and her arousal increased in anticipation.

Clyde inserted his thick cock into Mom’s tight, well lubricated pussy and got to work. Mom went from sweet, short moans to frenzied, lustful cries of pure ecstasy as my bully gave her a well deserved fucking. The bed shook and creaked vehemently at the mercy of their lovemaking.

This big, strong athlete was breeding my mom like it was a sport…and she was loving every second of it.

Approaching his climax, Clyde plunged his cock into Mom as much as he could, just like she wanted, and began emptying his seed into her. Mom clung fiercely to the quarterback as he ejaculated, not wanting to waste even a drop of his valuable semen and only letting him go once he was done.

“Hey…Clyde how about this…” my lustful mom sat up and addressed my spent bully, “If you go to school here, you’re more than welcome to stay with us. Every time you guys win a game, I’ll let you fuck me raw all night long when you get back. Sound good?”

“Fuck yeah!” Clyde replied affirmatively as he started feeling up my mom all over again.

Mom chuckled and smirked, pleased by his answer and touch. She opened her mouth to receive his tongue once more as they prepared to consummate the agreement. be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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