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Holly Willoughby – Insatiable part 2
A long black car turned a corner and stopped momentarily, its headlamps illuminating Holly’s naked body, bow-legged she started to stagger away from it when it began to move. It pulled alongside and as she was not able to move quickly a door opened and yanked her inside.

“My God, it IS you!” a middle-aged plump and rather greasy man in a suit looked at her wide-eyed. The door was pulled shut by a very large man who was scowling at Holly. “You’re the biggest story in the country right now! What happened?” Holly wasn’t able to hold a conversation in this state, her brain was truly cum-addled, though she showed a bit of a liking for the large man, it was then the middle aged guy noticed the slick she was leaving behind on his fine leather seats. “Ooh, what is this? Oh.” He called out to the driver: “Hamilton, better take us to the lock-up.” “Very good Mister Bates.”

The drive took about 30 minutes and Holly fell asleep quite quickly. When they arrived she was wiped down and carried into a large warehouse and up to the office by the large man who laid her on a sofa. Mister Bates leaned against his desk and lit a cigar. “Maybe she on d**gs” the large man wondered. “Could be, the question is, how do we make this work for us Bruno?… The country’s hottest TV presenter goes missing for what? A month? And she falls into our lap naked, and now she’s in my warehouse, by herself for the next 3 days. That’s some leverage. I think I’ll wake up my boy.” Mr Bates steps out of the office.

Bruno looks around and waits for his footsteps to tail off. Sweating he moves over to the naked Holly and pulls out his cock. Nervously he looks around and listens out some more before plunging his dick into Holly’s cunt. güvenilir bahis siteleri It isn’t long before Bruno is losing control and awareness, Holly groans as he rides her increasingly hard but doesn’t wake. Bruno is sweating profusely as he goes faster and faster hoping to finish and clean up before interruption. Soon he is emptying his balls inside Holly Willoughby but his ecstasy is broken. “Well that complicates matters.” Bruno turns to see Mr Bates and his son Douglas stood in the office doorway. A red-faced Bruno pulls his cock out, gives it a wipe and puts it away, Holly still sleeps. “She arrived covered in jizz, it was my one chance boss.” Bruno protests. “I understand Bruno, she’s a very pretty lady, she’s naked and u*********s, I left you alone with her, it would be stranger if you DIDN’T fuck her. But now we are complicit in any crime that may have befallen her.” “Yeah Dad, but that was true when you didn’t take her immediately to the cops.”

Holly begins to wake, “W-where am I?” she asks “We found you in the street, who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t saved you!” Holly sits up and notices white slime dripping out of her “What the…” “You were like that when we found you!” Bruno nervously exclaims. Strangely, Holly makes no real effort to cover up. Mr Bates continues “You’ve been missing for weeks, it is big news, where have you been?” “Oh, getting fucked in a basement.” Holly replies lightly. “For a month?!” “Must be, until they threw me out, they couldn’t handle me anymore.” “I see…” Mr Bates turns to his son and whispers “is she crazy?” “I’ll give it a try” Douglas replies with a smirk and moves closer to her “Don’t you want to be reunited with your family? No one knows about your sexcapade youwin right? You could go back to normal.” “My husband… he’s a little boring if you know what I mean. I’m sick of my good girl image, I don’t want to present daytime TV anymore….” Holly looks at Douglas and likes what she sees “Maybe I can stay here, with you?” “That’s very tempting, but I don’t think we could hide you for very long, even here. We need to go public with you.” “Public? How?” Douglas moved to the office window and looked down on the warehouse full of stock. “It just so happens, Miss Willoughby, that you are in a meeting with the UK’s biggest manufacturer of sex toys.” “Oooh!” Holly’s dull eyes light up. “How would you feel about signing on with us as a company ambassador? The ultimate good girl turned bad story. You could say that you’ve spent the past month tying up details with us?” “I like it” Mr Bates smiles, “Imagine the product launch where we reveal Holly Willoughby, believed missing – The publicity would be huge! What do you say?” They both look at Holly. “Hmmm, maybe… when do I get fucked though?” Douglas has a think “What about a porno division? We sell our toys and have them used on Holly in a video?” “One video?” Holly looks unimpressed. “Well, hundreds if you want, we’ve got lots of toys!” Douglas replies. Holly smiles. “We can arrange a launch in a couple of days, the world will be watching.” Mr Bates excitedly rubs his hands together. “Don’t pornstars have names?” she asks. “Yes but your selling point is you, we wouldn’t change your name.” “Oh, I want a pornstar name… Maybe we shouldn’t do it.” “Uh, how about something close to your name but a clear departure? Holly… Willough-….slut?” Douglas mused. Holly’s face lit up youwin giriş “Yeah, that sounds great. Now business is concluded, lets seal the deal.” Holly stands and turns, then bends over the sofa exposing her ass and pussy.

For the next hour the 3 men took turns passing around their new business partner. Though they were very excited they knew that some care needed to be taken. Mr Bates didn’t last long and cursed his luck. Holly tried not to appear bored, after all she had spent a month with some well hung and ferocious fuckers, so this was back down to earth. Bruno who was a bit spent from last time did his best, with Holly riding cowgirl he could get his hands on her famous tits. The trouble with Bruno was over-excitement, and being a very strong guy he mauled them a little too hard “Hey! Calm down!” Holly shouted. Bruno too his hands off but was a bit unhappy to be told off by Holly, he would remember this. Lastly it was Douglas whom Holly quite liked. She moved over to him and stood closely with a smile, jizz rolling down her inner thigh. He smiled back then gripped her by the hair and yanked her over to the office desk. Bending her over it to take her pussy from behind. Douglas pumped her quite hard but held back a little. Douglas had a mean streak, but he didn’t want to show Holly that just yet. After a few minutes her turned her around and laid her on the desk, legs in the air. Her smile annoyed him so he put a hand to her throat, choking her a little. The smile dropped as Holly spluttered. “On your knees!” he released her and she did as she was commanded. He jerked a huge load mostly into her eyes and on her blond hair. Holly was blinded by the goo and before she could get it out of her eyes Douglas took a shot of her on his phone, boobs and head, blinded by his cum. He had a new screen saver. Holly wiped away the jizz and looked up at him with a smile. Douglas looked at Bruno and their shared glance said it all. After they’d made the money, this bitch was going to pay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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