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My wife and I are a British couple in our mid-50’s and have just returned home after touring the Austrian Alps and Bavaria in our motorhome. We love the motorhome lifestyle, the freedom to go almost anywhere and the opportunity to relax and dress casually.

From my viewpoint, one of the wonderful benefits of the motorhome is that my wife becomes extremely active sexually when we camp in it. I think it’s the sense of freedom that lowers her inhibitions, the fact that there are no distractions of work, household chores or deadlines. We can simply do what we want when we want. When we bought the camper 3 years ago it soon became obvious that my wife loves having sex in it. She commented that it was the best sextoy we could have bought! She would never admit it but she likes the idea that we can be overheard having sex and she is a lot noisier in bed when on a campsite than at home. Although comfortable, the van inevitably doesn’t have much sound insulation. We’ve heard other couples enjoying themselves in their campers so we know we must have been overheard during intense sex.

There is another reason why sex is so wonderful for us in the camper and that’s the windows. Our van is unusual because it has very dark windows on the sides and at the rear. We just pull the curtains around the cab windows and then have complete privacy. We can see out but no-one can see in unless they press their noses against the glass. That’s never happened so it is a huge turn-on to be having sex in the van during the day and seeing others on the campsite going about their business. We always use campsites that don’t have children so there’s no chance of causing embarrassment for families.

On many occasions we’ve enjoyed early morning sex, trying not to make too much noise, while watching the couple on the pitch next to us having their breakfast. I remember one memorable morning on a campsite in Wales, at 8am we were enjoying a deep hard doggy style fuck, watching the young couple next to us taking their tent down. My wife became extremely vocal and I had to gag her with my fingers otherwise we really would have attracted attention.

Whenever we stay with my wife’s elderly parents, we sleep in the campervan on their drive. We are there quite often as they need a lot of care, so it’s lovely to retreat into our own bit of home on the drive. People think we’re mad, as the house has 6 bedrooms, but none of the beds are comfy and, as my wife explains to her relatives, “we like to have our privacy”. What she really means is we like to be able to have sex in our own space. We both find it such a huge turn-on to fuck early in the morning, on the drive in front of the house, next to the pavement. Once we are on the short fast strokes and heading towards an explosive finish I know the van is making quite a lot of noise with creaking panels and squeaking springs. By then we are both past caring and are interested only in my wife’s lovely cunt getting filled with cum, so it’s inevitable that we’ve been overheard by the neighbours.

There was one morning, just a few months ago, when my wife’s sister turned up unexpectedly first thing. She had to walk past the van to reach the front door of the house so must have heard and seen the van rocking on its springs. We later realised that my wife had been especially vocal that morning, it being our first sex after her period, and she had been begging me to fuck her hard. When we surfaced and went into the house for breakfast my sister-in-law discretely admitted to my wife that she had wondered why we always camped on the drive, but that she now realised why!

My wife was a bit embarrassed at being “found out” at the time but admitted to me during a lovely casino oyna fuck session that evening how turned-on she was to know we’d been overheard by her older sister. She said that her sister had clearly been quite amazed to hear us fucking so obviously and she apparently looked quite flushed. My wife added that her sister had been “affected” (ie turned-on) by us doing what comes naturally to a couple. Her sister is a career spinster devoted to the church and likes to feel superior over my wife, so my wife loves the fact that she gets lots of cock from her horny hubby and her sister doesn’t ever get any — my wife is convinced she’s never had a man. When we were first married I always loved it when my wife’s sister came to stay with us, as my wife would always be noisier in bed and generally more horny. She once admitted that she liked to let her sister know what she was missing. Once we had children we tended to be quieter. So I think my wife quite enjoyed reminding her sister, albeit inadvertently, that after 26 years of marriage she was still enjoying great sex. I couldn’t help wondering if my sister-in-law had gone to bed that night and worn out the batteries in her vibrator thinking about what she’d overheard. I knew my wife was much more vocal and dirty, and our coupling far more intense, than it would have been 26 years ago when my sister-in-law would last have heard us fucking. The thought of it spurred me on to pound my wife even harder that night and we were both clearly very turned-on at knowing we’d been “re-discovered” by her sister!

Anyway, the point of this story is to share something that happened while we were on holiday this summer touring Austria and Bavaria in our motorhome. A relaxing break made for a lot of great sex together, but there was one morning that was especially memorable. We were on a campsite in the German Alps where the campervans were very close together. We had found that campsites in Europe are often more densely packed than British sites but this one was like being in a sardine tin. The van parked closest to us was less than a metre away and it was occupied by a German couple in their late 40’s I would guess. They were an average but attractive looking couple, she was quite ample, dark-red haired and he was slim and grey haired. We’d only exchanged the normal “hello’s” in each other’s languages. The weather was hot so everyone had their windows open and I was hopeful that we would get to hear some fun coming from their van.

When we go camping my wife gets really turned on by the thought of being overheard, especially early in the morning when it’s quiet. I think she enjoys hearing the van suspension squeaking as we fuck! On the morning in question she woke me up about 5am and reached out for my morning erection. Without much foreplay she climbed onto me and impaled herself on my cock — straight in, no messing, and very deep. Feeling her slick vagina sheathing my hardness so swiftly was simply gorgeous. This position doesn’t happen that often as she finds it uncomfortable on her knees so when it does I love it. When she sits up straight on me I can feel the head of my cock bottoming out against her cervix, it’s so deep in her. Also, her breasts are so firm and shapely and I love reaching up to cup them in my hands. When she’s in this position I can take in how lovely she is even more than in other positions. She’s 54, a size 14 and has no stretch marks or cellulite anywhere on her body. Yes of course she has a tummy that she wishes wasn’t there, but I’ve come to love it, as it makes her a real woman. I love holding it when I go down on her. She has nice legs and feet too, and a bottom that I worship. I sometimes wish she would make more of her femininity canlı casino by wearing heels and make-up, but I can’t complain really. She’s a lovely natural woman and I adore her, and the sex we now have is better than at any time in our lives together.

Anyway, there she was sat on me with her eyes open wide and full of my cock, squeezing it’s full length with little tremors of her pussy muscles. By now her nipples were so hard and sticky-out, and she then leaned forward and draped her hanging tits in my face so I could bite her nipples gently but firmly. God, she was sopping wet and was soon crying out with her first orgasm as she humped me. That’s unusual too as she normally takes longer to reach her first climax. She collapsed onto my chest and I spent a lovely few minutes spreading her bum cheeks and using my fingers to feel my cock sliding in and out of her wetness. However, I find it difficult to cum in this position and like to be on top when I climax, so once she’d recovered I flipped her over onto her back, spread her legs wide and fingered her in preparation to re-enter her.

She loves being intimately examined like this and soon started to moan loudly. She likes me to dribble my spit onto her parted labia and then tease my helmet around her wet entrance. I rubbed the tip of my cock to and fro over her clit and slipped just the head between her labia. She was gagging for a hard fuck and begging me to give her a “good pounding” as she puts it. I love it when she’s this horny. The teasing drives us both insane and always ends in the same way – she looks deeply into my eyes, her mouth open, cheeks flushed pink and breathily begs me to “go deep”, then she presses her feet firmly on my bum and pulls me into her balls deep. I love her using me like this for her pleasure and I often only last a few strokes and then splatter her insides but on this occasion I really wanted it to last as long as possible.

I got into one of those really deep hard rhythms, balls deep on every stroke, then pulling out with just the tip inside her and then plunging in again. And interspersing it with some short and slow strokes just to vary the pace. I couldn’t believe how wet she was; she was far more noisy then usual and started a running commentary. She told me what was turning her on … the feel of my balls bouncing against her bum, the feel of her pussy being penetrated so deeply and the way her tits bounced around as I fucked her. She also told me, between sobs, how much she loved feeling the thick base of my cock stretching her vagina and rubbing against her clit. When she’s this turned on she loves saying “fuck” over and over, which combined with the sloppy squelch of my cock in her and the sound of our tummies slapping rhythmically together ….. oh god, it tips me right over the edge.

As I speeded up my thrusts towards my own climax I was aware that we were making an awful lot of noise, far more than usual. It wasn’t just our own animal grunts, the moaning and the dirty talk but also the van. The bed was creaking loudly, the leaf springs on the chassis were squeaking and even the crockery in the cupboards was rattling — we’ve never achieved that before! The feel of my wife splayed out underneath me and being used so beautifully, combined with the noise we were making, made for some of the most intense sex we’ve enjoyed in quite a while. I cried out and her attempts to quieten me went unheeded as I finally erupted with a massive load inside my darling wife; we hadn’t had sex for a couple of days so consequently I made a big mess in her cunt.

We held each other closely, our bodies as one, my erection undiminished inside her. I felt her pussy twitch involuntarily on my penis, kaçak casino pushing out the semen and making it pool in a sticky mess around my balls. As we calmed and quietened we planted each other’s face with soft gentle kisses and enjoyed the afterglow of sex. Gradually we both became aware of female moaning from the van next to us. As we tuned in our hearing once more to the outside world we realised that just a short distance from us was a mature couple beginning what sounded like an equally enjoyable morning sex session. As we lay together listening to our neighbours copulating we wondered if we’d inspired them. We could hear them so clearly so we knew they must have heard us. It was such a turn-on hearing the pace of their fucking getting faster as they got closer to their climax. We could hear the woman begging her hubby to “fick mich”, just like German porn! They climaxed quite loudly but we never heard their crockery rattling!

Hearing them turned us on again and I got hard quickly so my wife pulled me on top of her for another fuck, this time a bit more leisurely and quieter. Normally after our first fuck she likes me to go down on her and clean her out, something we both love. So again this was unusual and I loved having sloppy seconds. I had to reach out and grab a towel as our combined fluids were pouring out of her. I couldn’t help fantasise that I was fucking her after she’d just been fucked by another man and that it was his cum that was swilling around my cock. My wife is a one-man lady so that will never happen, but I enjoy imagining it. After we both climaxed again (4th for her, 2nd for me) I did go down on her and cleaned her up, she was in such a mess. She likes me to scoop out as much cum as possible with my fingers, then lick her clean, and then flick her clitty with the tip of my tongue until she climaxes. This ended the way it always does — she had a massive orgasm, squirting a little into my mouth, and then having almost passed out she immediately rolls onto her side and drifts off to sleep while I cradle her. I was still so turned on and continued listening to the couple next to us fucking. They were now making a lot more noise and I could even hear their bodies slapping together. I jerked myself off while my wife slept and as the woman reached her climax I managed to time my own final explosion over my wife’s lovely full bottom.

When we eventually surfaced the German couple were sat outside their van having breakfast and we exchanged our morning greetings with knowing smiles between the men and slightly embarrassed looks by our women! That was quite a morning, a shame it wasn’t repeated as we moved on later that day to another campsite. We arrived at our next campsite in the afternoon and found it to be very secluded. Just as well really, because as soon as we had connected electricity and water, my wife asked me to make the bed while she went for a shower. It was obvious that she wanted to fuck, so I made the bed and drew the front curtains, leaving the rest of the blinds open and relying on the dark windows for privacy. I then went off for my own shower and by the time I returned to the van my wife was lying on the bed naked, legs wide apart and playing with her pussy.

So there we were, at 4pm on our new campsite, enjoying a satisfying fuck in the privacy of our lovely comfortable van while other campers arrived and set up their pitches around us. My wife told me how turned on she was at hearing the other couple copulate next to us that morning and how much she wanted me to fill her cunt again with cum. So far this holiday she had been more uninhibited than ever before and couldn’t get enough of my cock. As far as I could tell this was all thanks to the proximity of other campers. As I erupted inside her for the 3rd time that day I couldn’t help feel pleased that we had become motorhome owners and were now reaping the benefits of our investment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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