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Granny’s Dirty Photographs – 3

Just to let you know, despite the title, this scene doesn’t feature the granny. This is the third installment, where things have progressed. There are two scenes which precede this one. So, if you’re looking for the granny action, maybe take a look at them.

I hope you get some enjoyment from the following. It’s originally from January 2013.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated.

Ricky – Cambs, Engkand – August 13th 2019.


he chances of it happening had to be astronomical, something crazy like winning the lottery three weeks in a row. The jackpot I’m talking about, not some poxy ten quid win. I mean six numbers and the bonus ball.

First there’d been my grandmother. I’d discovered the stash of nudie photos under her bed and one thing led to another. Next thing I know I’m balls deep inside her. As if that wasn’t enough my grandma then engineered a little ménage-a-trois with her sexy colleague, Elaine. Things had wobbled a bit after Elaine guessed at the i****tuous relationship my grandmother and I enjoyed, but to our amazement and delight it turned out that Elaine found the whole scene sexy as hell, the result being that Elaine was now my lover as well as my grandmother’s.

Elaine had put the idea into my head of seducing my mother, but since my luck had already stretched beyond reasonable bounds I decided that any attempt at making a move on my mum would be doomed to catastrophic failure.

And then my mum’s laptop went on the blink and she had to use the main desktop computer in the spare bedroom.

Mum was out when I started up the desktop computer with the intention of downloading some music when, for some reason – the hand of fate perhaps? – I browsed through the computer’s internet history. That’s when I noticed the site name listed along with all the other crap my mother had recently viewed. My interest piqued, I followed up my discovery. Bingo, an internet chat site appeared on the screen. When the page loaded I saw the computer had stored my mother’s log-in and password, so I logged on as her and began to explore.

“Fucking hell,” I muttered, totally absorbed by what I found. “No, no way. Not a chance.”

The deeper I delved into my mother’s online persona it became obvious that my grandmother wasn’t the only female in our family to lean towards the dark side of i****t. Looking at some of her chats and messages it seemed like my mother had some pretty wild fantasies along the same lines as well!

As young as I was I realised that the leap from fantasy to reality might involve a jump over a bottomless chasm, and that it wouldn’t do to just launch myself at my mother one night with my hard-on in my hand growling for her to suck me off. That my mother enjoyed the fantasy of i****t didn’t mean she’d be willing to give it a go in real-life.

So to start the ball rolling, just to see if anything good would come of it, I joined the site and sent my mum’s alter-ego a message from my own alias:

Subject: Hello

Hi, I saw your profile on the site and wondered if you’d like to write to me about your sexy fantasies? I’m a young guy (nearly 20) who has dirty fantasies about shagging his mother. You sound like a fun lady and I just wondered if you’d like to chat and get to know each other. Maybe we could role-play? I’d like that. What do you say? Send a reply and we’ll take it from there.


I observed my mother for the next two days when we were at home together. She went about her domestic business as normal.

I checked the computer time after time after time.

There was nothing from her.

I thought about revealing the latest twist to my grandmother but decided against it. She might find it too freaky, besides, there wasn’t much to tell other than that my mum visited a porn site.

Elaine however was spellbound by my discovery.

“Oh my God,” she said as she peeled off her bra and revealed her tight, round tits. “You mean your mum goes online and writes on a thread about … about … What does she write about? Come on, Robert, tell me.” I lay on Elaine’s bed and stroked my cock while I watched her undress. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and gave me a hot-eyed and sexy look. “I told you you should try it on with her, Robert, now tell me what she talks about online.”

“What do you want to know?” I asked as she, with tantalising slowness, slid her underwear over her hips and I saw the plump cat’s face of her vulva.

“All of it,” Elaine purred, stretching her tight body over mine before she kissed my mouth.

She broke away and eased herself down the bed to take my erection into the warmth of her mouth. Elaine sucked at me, her hand busy at the root of my cock while I told her about my mother’s online games.

“Imagine it’s her,” Elaine gasped as, holding my dick upright with one hand, she straddled my thighs and lowered her sex over my cock-head. “Pretend you’re fucking your mother,” she groaned. “Imagine what it would be like to fuck your own mother and grandmother together, Robert?” Elaine mauled her breasts, her head lolling loose on her neck. “It’s so fucking dirty to think about it,” she groaned. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like you’d fuck your mother.”

With a low growl and a roll of my hips I flipped Elaine over and onto her back, all the while keeping my dick firmly wedged inside her. “Yeah,” I snarled, holding her legs apart to force Elaine’s thighs wide as I stabbed into her vulnerable, uptilted opening. “I’d fuck my mother hard,” I groaned while Elaine grunted and squealed and locked her eyes on mine.

“Tell me more,” she demanded, with one hand busy against her clitoris. “Tell me more nasty, dirty things about your mother, Robert. Rip my cunt apart with your lovely cock. Fuck it into me. I’m so dirty, baby. Pretend I’m your mother …”

‘Shit,” I gasped. “Mum, your pussy’s so hot and wet.” I leaned in, craning my neck to suck at the thimbles of Elaine’s nipples. The dark circles of Elaine’s areola puckered tightened as I suckled at her.

“More!” Elaine cried out. “Tell me more. Fuck your mummy and tell her how fucking good it is to be inside her!”

I groaned and poured spunk into Elaine, collapsing against her body as the lust pumped from me to flood her insides.

When I rolled away, Elaine pushed three fingers into her gooey opening and finger-fucked her way to a squelching climax. As her fingers worked in and out Elaine muttered on about me and my mother and how great it would be to share both her and my grandmother with me.

My stomach flipped when, at home later on, following another less energetic and more tender coupling with Elaine, I logged onto the site.

naughtyboy20 had a reply from wetsexymother:

Subject: re: Hello

Hello. Thanks for your message. I’ll start by saying I have a son. He’s quite good-looking and very caring and I must admit that I do have fantasies about the two of us together. When he’s out of the house I sometimes use a dildo on myself and imagine him coming in and catching me. When I’m really excited I even masturbate in the living room. The terrible risk of him actually walking in on me makes me cum and cum.

My name is Clara and I’m thirty-eight years old. I work in an executive position in the financial sector. My job is well paid, which is useful since my son’s father hasn’t been around for quite some time now and there’s been nobody else to help with money. For real-life sex, at the moment I’m fucking my immediate boss in the banking group we both work for. We have hot, urgent sex in his office and when we go away for business meetings. It’s a fairly casual thing by mutual consent. I have no interest in making him a permanent fixture. There’s a man out there I want but he’s off the scene now.

So that’s me. I fuck my boss and masturbate over i****tuous thoughts of my son. I love coming to this site for dirty playtime and role-play. I decided to reply to you because you’re the same age as my son and it would turn me on to make things up with you in a role-play scene.

What do you think to that idea? Would you like me to be your mother? Would you lick your mother’s sticky cunt and fuck her with your big cock?

I’m so horny thinking about that that I’m going to fuck myself with my dildo right now.

Wish you were here!

Clara xxx


I sat at the desk, stunned. Downstairs I could hear my mother, the author of the revealing confession moving around the kitchen. My father had been killed in a car accident before my mum even knew she was pregnant, and I’d never known her to have a boyfriend, but here she was telling a stranger about her boss.

Her boss, she was fucking her boss and I never had a clue! I must admit that up until Elaine had mentioned me fucking my mother I hadn’t given my mum’s sex life much thought. To be hit by the twin revelations of her relationship at work and the fact that she masturbated on the sofa – all the while imagining it was me! – had me reeling.

My cock, hard as iron, bulged in my jeans. It occurred to me that I could confront my mum with the contents of her message, tell her I understood how she felt and that I wanted her. I could show her my hard-on and ask her outright if she wanted to make her fantasy a reality.

With a really weird sensation in the pit of my stomach, a gnawing hunger that could only be satisfied by a spurting orgasm, I logged off the site and walked towards the stairs.

My breath caught in my chest when lust swelled in my throat and I saw my mother in my mind’s eye. In my head I watched as she masturbated on the settee. I pictured her stuffing her pussy with a rubber cock and I wondered if I’d pictured her accurately. I mean, was she smooth or hairy down below? What did her tits look like? I had the impression mum was pretty sizeable, she certainly swelled out the bust of her work blouses well enough, but what were her nipples like, and what shape were her breasts? Did she have lovely big tits like my gran? Was she all potty-mouthed like her own mother? My mum gave the impression of butter not melting, but I knew from experience with my grandmother, usually the model of decorum, that appearances were deceptive.

In the kitchen I looked at my mother in the second or two before she glanced over one shoulder and smiled at me. She looked good, a great, trim figure in her corporate executive’s uniform of conservative blouse and skirt. Her legs looked fantastic, the modest skirt clinging to her hips, its hem falling to a flattering point above the knee.

“Hello, Robert,” Mum beamed at me. “Tea won’t be long.”

We take it in turns to prepare the evening meal unless mum’s away on business, apparently getting herself fucked in hotel rooms.

Every time I went to open my mouth, after building up the courage to say something, my nerve failed me. I had no idea how mum would react if I revealed what I’d done, and I even felt more than a little guilty for the deception. She might go absolutely berserk, mortified that I knew about her personal secrets.

“Are you OK, Robert,” mum said as I spooned soup from the bowl to my mouth. ‘You’ve hardly said a word, and you seem a million miles away.”

The concern and affection I read in my mother’s expression caused a huge stab of guilt in my chest.

“I’m OK, mum,” I replied. “I’ve just been thinking about you.”

“Me? What would you be thinking about me for?” She spooned soup to her lips and avoided my eye.

Could I tell her? She looked a little embarrassed, which would have been puzzling if I didn’t know about wetsexymother and her fantasies.

“Well, it just seems that you don’t seem to have much fun.” I felt the blush in my own cheeks as I pressed on, desire making me bold and reckless. “I’ve never heard you mention a … a boyfriend. You must get lonely sometimes.”

Her spoon clattered against the bowl. I looked at my mother’s crimson face. “That’s quite personal, Robert. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say that kind of thing. I’m your mother after all.”

It would have been be so easy to stand up and walk around the table to where I could gently offer my mother my hand to help her up off her chair. All I had to do was hold her hand and tell her I loved her, how I wanted to be with her that night. We could kiss and then go upstairs to her bedroom where I’d then strip her out of her clothes and see her naked. I’d show her my hard-on and casino siteleri she’d gasp, her fingers closing around me.

“But, mum,” I pressed on. “I’m only worried about you. I don’t want you to be lonely.”

“What about you? You don’t have a girlfriend.” She challenged me with a stare and saw something in my expression – guilt perhaps? “Do you have a girlfriend, Robert?”

I daren’t say anything about my grandmother so I looked down at my soup bowl and admitted to Elaine.

“Your grandmother’s friend!” my mother gasped, incredulous. “But she’s as old as me.”

I nodded silently and kept my eyes downcast.

“Oh my God, Robert. How could you? She’s too old for you.”

How the hell had I let this happen? Instead of making a move on my mother I’d managed to fuck things up. Now she was in one over Elaine.

Then it came to me – she was jealous!

I looked up at her. “It’s just fun, Mum. You know, just sex.”

“Sex,” my mother muttered. “You and her … Sex.” She sighed and picked up her spoon. “I suppose it had to happen one day. My baby’s all grown up. You just be careful, Robert. Don’t fall in love with her or get her pregnant.”

“I won’t, mum.” My stomach slid with longing to posses my mother physically as I said the next words. It was as close I dared to go, and as I spoke I felt the pull of lust deep inside me. If I didn’t masturbate soon I’d quite simply lunge at my mother across the table. “I love you,” I murmured. “Elaine is fun, but I still love my mother.”

She stared at me as the moment stretched. What was she thinking? Was she sitting there across the table from me and wondering if I’d meant I’d never love Elaine because I loved her? I willed her to understand, ached for her to whisper she loved me too and that we should go upstairs. I wanted her to come to me and kiss me and undress in front of me.

“Oh, Robert,” my mother sighed eventually. “There are so many things you don’t know about me.”

I did know things, I knew she fucked her boss and I knew she had dirty fantasies.

“Tell me, mum.”

She shook her head. “I … I can’t Robert. I will one day, I promise. One day soon,” she added as though coming to a quick decision. She nodded. “Yes, I’ll tell you. It’s about time. I’ll tell you before your birthday.”

Now! I wanted her to tell me right away.

“Why don’t you tell me now?”

“There’s something I have to do first,” she replied. “Now stop all this, it makes me feel awkward. Eat your soup before it gets cold.”

Fuck the soup; I wanted her to tell me her secrets, secrets I already knew, but no matter how much I urged and cajoled, my mother wouldn’t budge.

After the meal I went to my room, frustrated as hell that I hadn’t had the guts to just blurt everything out. I unzipped my jeans and, in a mood of reckless abandon, with my bedroom door wide open, I tugged my cock while staring at one of my grandmother’s pictures.

My mother didn’t walk past my door. Instead I heard her clattering around filling the dishwasher and tidying up. I’d hoped she’d come up to talk to me and see me with my erection in my fist, the idea being that she’d be so overcome with i****tuous desire that she’d just come in and take over.

As it was I yanked my cock and squirted spunk all over the image of my beautiful grandmother as a young woman.

I’d have to wait until naughtyboy20 worked on wetsexymother.


My mother left for London the next morning. She’d be away for the rest of the week, coming home on Friday.

I couldn’t help but feel a trickle of corrosive jealousy when I thought about her boss riding her in some hotel room.

I needn’t have concerned myself with those thoughts however, because when I logged on to the site I had a message from wetsexymother:

Subject: Let’s play

Hello again. Naughtyboy20.

I wondered if you’d like to make a date for some role-play? I’m in London at the moment, all alone in a hotel with no cock to suck and fuck. How about we start some sexy stuff? Last night I found out that my son is seeing a woman the same age as me! She’s one of my mother’s friends and is known as a bit of a cougar. I’m not saying she’s bad for my son, not at all, I bet she teaches him all kinds of lovely things that a mature woman can know, and she’s very attractive – credit where it’s due – but I’m so jealous!

You know, for a moment, when we were talking last night, it seemed to me that my son actually fancied me. He said he loved me, which is nothing in itself, but when taken in the way it sounded coming from his mouth, it really did sound like he meant he loved me in another way than me just being his mum. His voice had this really strange husky timbre, like he was horny or something. He had this look on his face as well, all strange and hot-eyed.

God it made me feel so sexy to think of him wanting me, and as much as I wanted to I couldn’t bring myself to just act on the intuition. What if I’d been wrong! How hideous would it be then?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it and I’d love to start up some sexy fun with you. I could be your mother and you could be my son. How would you seduce me if you were my boy? Please tell me what you would do. Be as dirty as you like, I won’t mind at all.

I’m wet just thinking about all the things you could say to me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your very wet and sexy mother.



Subject: Re – Let’s play

Wow! I wish I was him. I wish I was your son.

This is how I’d seduce you.

You’re in your living room. You’re in your work clothes but have your skirt bunched up and your blouse open. You’re wearing shoes, not work type shoes but some really high heels and you feel so horny that you can’t wait to rub your pussy.

You know I could walk in at any second. I’m out on an errand and not expected back for some time, but still, anything could happen – I might have forgotten something and come back. I walk in a see you, but you’re so into it that you don’t notice me. I sneak back out of the room so I can watch and wank.

You look so beautiful as you lay back across the settee. I can’t see too much because of the way the furniture is arranged, but I can still see your forearm moving so I know you’re fingering your wet pussy.

I’m pulling my cock, dying to see what you look like between your legs.

Suddenly you just tell me to come in. You know I’m there because you can hear me breathing.

You stand up and face the door … and WOW! You look so gorgeous as you stare at me with your hands on your hips.

I stare between your legs for a few seconds before I take in the detail of your tit-flesh swelling over the cups of your lacy bra.

You tell me off for being a dirty, sneaky boy and I say I’m sorry.

Then you turn your back to me and slip your blouse over your shoulders.

You murmur at me to come to you.

I stare at your back. I can see the track of your spine and the curve of your body as you stand there waiting for me.

When I go to you I encircle your waist with my arms, my lips against the nape of your neck and the scent of you overwhelming my senses, you sigh and press back against me.

My hands, of their own accord, go instinctively to your tits. I squeeze the pliant flesh through your bra, my breathing quickening as my erection swells harder and nudges your back

I breathe into your ear as I ask if we’re really going to do it.

You say yes and then lever both of your boobs out of your bra.

You tell me you’ve thought of nothing else since our conversation. You tell me you knew I wanted you.

My hands are all over your tits as you talk, squeezing you as I feel the weight of them. I mutter that I love your boobs, how they’re like warm, fresh dough.

I lick your neck and you groan as you lay your hands over mine. You show me just how you like your tits to be handled. Then you reach back behind you with one hand and touch my cock.

I fuck into your fist while I pull on your nipples.

God, this is so sexy. My cock is leaking pre-cum which is smeared all over your skirt while your fist works me.

You groan and twist in my arms to face me as you say you want to kiss me. I stare down at your tits as they hang over the cups of your bra.

We kiss, your hand back on my dick, cranking at me until I’m sighing into your mouth.

I tell you you’re beautiful as my fingers find your pussy. I tell you I love your shoes and how they make your legs look great. I feel between your legs –You’re so hot and wet for me.

You tell me how good it feels to have my hard-on in your hand while I rub your clit and kiss your mouth again. You’re panting and wriggling, squirming your pussy onto my fingers.

Then you lead me by my dick to the sofa. You sit down and undo my jeans properly, pulling them down so you can see all of me. My cock is waggling inches from your face and you lift it to examine it at close range.

You tell me I’ve grown into such a beautiful man and that I’ve got a lovely cock. Then you squeeze my balls and say something about them being full of cum for my mother. You tease me by asking if you should give my cock a lick, your eyes gleaming as you make out as though you’re going to suck me, only to pull back at the last moment. You talk dirty to me. You tell me that if you actually lick the end of my cock then, after that, I’ll only want to lick you; and if you let me do that to you then we might as well fuck. You tell me that we shouldn’t be doing this, that it’s so bad, it’s wrong for you to be holding my cock and that we shouldn’t have kissed like we did. You tell me that sons don’t kiss their mother’s with their tongues.

You stroke me with your fist and I’m groaning and begging you to suck me.

Your head bobs towards my cock. I can see your pink tongue poking out, but again you pull back.

No, you say, we shouldn’t.

And then you look up at me and wink before you dab my cock-head against your tongue. Your lips close around me. You sigh and rub your pussy with one hand while you suck my cock and wank me low down near my balls.

My hips jerk and I’m groaning. It feels so good, mum, it feels so nice in your wet mouth.

You slurp at me, moaning around the meat that’s filling your mouth. You’re working both hands on me now, your fingers corkscrewing around as you suck the head of my cock.

You spit my cock out and tug at me.

When I come the splashes of jizm squirt onto your skin with an audible squelch. The stuff erupts from me to spray over your cheek, globs of the stuff flying over your shoulder to land on the sofa while glistening ropes shimmer in your hair.

You don’t even flinch like the women do in porn films., instead you keep your eyes open and just tug at me while I gasp and moan and my toes curl against the carpet beneath my feet.

You tell me to cover you in spunk and that you want to taste me.

More of the hot stuff gushes into your open mouth, and instead of swallowing my outpouring you slide it around inside your mouth, rolling the goo around with your tongue before you let the ooze slide over your chin.

Thick, trembling strands shiver on your chin for a few seconds until they plop onto your tits and down into your lap. Then you scoop up a single globule with a forefinger and lick it clean.

As I stare at the mess I’ve made. You’ve got spunk all over your face, in your hair, on your tits. You lean back and open your legs. You tell me to lick you and you hold yourself open so I can see your cunt …

How am I doing so far, mum? Is this getting you worked up?

Let me know soon!

Your loving son. Naughtyboy20


Subject: Re – Let’s play

Thank you! Oh my, I can’t tell you how wound up I got reading that! As I read it I could see it all: my settee at home – and it’s exactly as you said, you wouldn’t be able to see my pussy if you were peeping around the door; I could see my son’s face as he looked at me; I could feel his stiff cock nudging my back. It was wonderful. I masturbated with a little vibrator I carry in my bag, and I came and came.

More! Tell me more!

Your very, very wet, very sexy mother! xxx


Subject: Re – Let’s play

I would tease you with my tongue and cock before we finally did it.

For the first time I’d make you lie down on the bed on your front. Then I’d climb over you and lay so my cock could nudge your pussy. Next I’d slide the end of my dick, all slippery and gooey güvenilir casino with the spunk that dribbled out of when I came, between your piss-flaps. My cock would slide over your clit and probe at your hole until you were pissing juice and writhing and groaning, begging for me to put it in.

I’d kiss the back of your neck and blow gently over your back while all the time just sliding my cock through your folds, teasing you with it. Then I’d just give you the tip, probing at you for a couple of seconds before pulling out to start again.

I’d slide in just a little deeper the next time, maybe giving you three of four strokes before I take my cock out again.

Eventually, as you’re groaning and moaning constantly, sighing and gasping for me to fuck you, I slide all the way into your body, and then pause.

I’d give a deep thrust and then pull out again. And it’s back to the teasing.

When I’ve got you almost sobbing for me to fuck you, I push in again, this time fucking in and out half a dozen times. Then I go slow, altering the number and speed and depth of my fucking until you don’t know what’s going on. Soon I’m pounding at you, my hands on your shoulders, with my weight on you as I push you into the bed and stab you with my meat.

(I’ve done this with a very, very sexy older woman. The first woman I ever went with. She’s nearly sixty but is very glamorous and dirty as fuck in bed. Normally, during the day in public she’s very modest and polite, but when we fuck she likes to wear the lingerie and talk dirty – really dirty)

Anyway, I’m fucking you and you’re grunting and grabbing the bed-sheets as you try to jerk your arse back at me. You want me deep and keep telling me to fuck harder and faster. You’re so aroused by now that there’s a big wet patch on the bed, and you cry out and tell me to dump my load into your cunt as you come …

I hope you liked this, my sexy mother. I did. I’m stiff and ready for my mother’s tight pussy.


When my mother arrived home at seven on Friday evening, after the taxi dropped her off from the railway station, I had a bath drawn for her.

“That’s nice,” she said with a smile. “How thoughtful you are.”

I gave my mother a few minutes until I heard her splashing in the tub.

“Mum?” I said after knocking at the door. “I’ve got some chilled wine for you.”

“Oh!” my mother cried when I walked into the bathroom. She immediately slid her shoulders below the suds and looked at me. She cleared her throat, obviously surprised by my entrance. “Uh … Thank you, Robert,” she said when I placed the glass on the edge of the bath. “Very thoughtful of you.”

“How was London?” I asked, sitting on the closed lid of the toilet.

“Same as ever,” my mother replied, rolling her eyes. She looked at me and then eyed the wine glass. My mother reached out with one arm, her skin glistening wet as a seal, to pick the glass up and awkwardly tip the rim to her mouth as she tried to maintain her modesty under the bubbles.

I knew my presence made her uncomfortable but I stayed until the glass was empty.

“I want to get out now, Robert,” my mother said, pointedly. “I’ll be all wrinkled if I stay in here much longer.”

I paused, giving her a long stare that made her look away. “I’ll get your robe for you if you like, mum,” I said, my voice creaking with my desire.

“No,” my mother breathed. I could see the pulse in her throat, the life of her pumping away so rapidly. Had her heart rate increased when she heard my offer to get her robe? Would she dare lift herself out of the bath, water cascading from her body – my mother, Aphrodite. “You … you’d better leave, Robert. Let me get out of the bath.”

“Are you sure, mum?” I said in a thick, treacly voice.

My mother nodded. “Yes,” she whispered. “I think you’d better.”

I picked up the empty glass and, after a lingering look that must have had her wondering what the hell was going on, I left. “There’s more wine downstairs, mum,” I said as I paused at the door. “Would you like me to bring some to your bedroom for you?”

“I … I’ll come down and have a glass soon,” my mother stammered, clearly rattled by my odd behaviour.

I took a glass up to her anyway. Moving up the stairs and along the landing as quietly as I could I arrived at her bedroom door and entered without knocking.

To my disappointment my mother was still wrapped in her dressing gown.

“Robert,” she gasped, surprised by my sudden appearance. “You shouldn’t be in here. I could have been naked.”

“I kind of hoped you would be, mum,” I said on a rush of reckless excitement.

Before my mother could recover from my audacious reply I placed the wine glass on her dressing table and, on shaking legs, left her with her face all slack in shock.

“What’s going on, Robert?” my mother said when she eventually came downstairs thirty minutes later. “Why did you say that?”

To hell with it.

I committed myself to the cause completely and told my mother outright that I thought she’d look gorgeous in the nude. “I can’t help it, mum,” I added. “I think you’re really lovely and I’d love to see you with no clothes on.”

My mother gasped. “You shouldn’t say that, Robert. It’s not right. You’re my son and …”

“I’m your son and I love you, mum, but I’m also a man and I think you’re really, really sexy.”

“No,” my mother murmured, her eyes wide as I moved towards her. “No, you—”

“You feel it too, mum,” I whispered. “I know you do.”

I didn’t want to ruin things by confessing to the naughtyboy20 scam, but I pressed on in the knowledge that my mother’s fragile defences would crumble. The role-play messages told me as much. I just had to take the lead.

I moved closer to her. She stood and watched me approach until we were so close I could lean in and kiss her.

“Robert,” my mother sighed. “Please, don’t do anything else. Don’t say anything. This can’t –”

“I want to kiss you, mum,” I murmured softly. “Properly, a real kiss. On your mouth. I want you to let me kiss you so our tongues meet. I want you to touch me. I’m big and hard, mum; big and hard for you. I want you to take off those pyjamas and let me see you. All of you, mum. I want to see you all bare so I can touch your body.” I took a final step closer and reached for my mother’s fingers. “I want to kiss you, mum,” I repeated.

And then I moved my face towards my mother’s until our lips touched.

Our first kiss started tentatively. My mother simply stood there with my lips compressed against hers. I felt her tense up when I slid my hands into the elastic waistband of her pyjamas and felt the skin of her buttocks under my touch.

She breathed out a low, “No,” and then moaned when my fingers moved lower, reaching further along the crease of her backside until they came into contact with the wet cleft of her pussy from behind.

My fingertips slid around the unfamiliar folds of my mother’s sex until the middle finger found her clitoris. Then my mother gasped and opened her mouth to me.

Her arms went around my neck when my fingers explored her slippery flaps and my forefinger slid into her opening. She gasped again and our tongues met.

The kiss went on, our tongues sliding together while my hands squeezed and kneaded my mother’s buttocks. She squirmed against me, grinding her pubis over the front of my jeans where, inside, I was hard for her.

I broke away from my mother’s mouth and kissed her neck, breathing in the freshly-bathed scent of her as I slid my hands over her hips and waist and under the pyjama top.

“Robert,” my mother sighed when I found her breasts. “Why are you doing this? How did you know I’d let you touch me? Oh my God,” she said almost breathless. “I’ve just kissed my own son.”

I wasn’t going to blab about my naughtyboy20 persona so I just kissed the corner of my mother’s mouth and gave a small shrug of my shoulders.

“I’ve been watching you, mum,” I whispered. “I’ve wanted to touch you so much. The other night I was going to tell you what was on my mind. I’d hoped you’d understand, and because we love each other we could just be together.”

I stepped back a pace and began to unbuckle my belt.

My mother stared at me. “If you show me that, Robert, then there’s no going back. If I see you all stiff I won’t be responsible.”

“I don’t want you to be responsible, mum” I said in a low, sexy husky voice. The belt buckle rattled with a metallic chink and I touched the zip of my flies. Pausing, I said, “What I want is for you to touch me.” I unzipped and slid my jeans and underwear to my knees.

My mother gazed at my cock, bug-eyed and her chest heaving. She licked her lips and reached a hand up to touch her breast.

“Yes,” she hissed. “My lovely big boy.” She squeezed her breast gave a little shimmy of her hips as though she needed to piss. The breath hissed out of her as she looked up from my jutting erection to my face. “What are you going to do with that?”

I took hold of myself in one hand and stroked the hard length of my cock. “Give it to you,” I replied as I caressed my dick and watched my mother’s face. I nudged the air with my chin. “Your turn,” I said quietly. “Take off those pyjama bottoms. I want to see you.”

With her eyes on the slow fist working my cock my mother quickly yanked at the waistband of her bottoms and bent forward to lower the pyjama pants to her ankles. She stepped out of the leggings and kicked them away.

My mother’s pubic hair was trimmed to a neat, equilateral triangle at the top of her cleft. She was bare everywhere else, her labia smooth while her fleshy inner lips peeped from the larger folds nestling between her thighs.

“Now the top,” I muttered. “Show me your tits.”

My mother, having recovered a little from the shock and surprise of my sudden seduction grinned at me and put her hands on her hips.

“You first,” she said, nodding at me. “Take off all of your clothes and let me see you.”

Off came the jeans and my undies in one go. I hopped around a little while I peeled off my socks, and then almost ripped my tee-shirt off.

“Oh yes,” my mother said with a huge smile of appreciation. “You’re gorgeous, Robert.”

“Show me,” I insisted. I was getting impatient to see my mother’s boobs; I wanted to see her nude. “Take the top off.”

“You come and take it off,” she grinned as she lifted her arms.

The hem of the pyjama top rose slightly with the action of my mother’s uplifted arms. I blinked in surprise when I saw the glint of metal at in her navel.

“You’ve had your belly-button pierced,” I said, surprised.

My mother turned and revealed a small red heart tattoo high on one buttock close to her hip.

“I do have a life, you know,” she replied as she glanced back over a shoulder, still with her arms in the air. “But are you going to come here and take this top off for me? My arms are getting tired.”

I went to her and soon had her naked. Nuzzling my mother’s neck I encircled her waist with my arms and pulled her to me. Her buttocks moulded to my body, wedging my cock between us so it pressed against her back.

I reached up to take the weight of my mother’s tits in the cups of my palms, my fingertips teasing her nipples to long, thick teats.

She swivelled her body half-way around and, keeping her arse pressed against me, tilted her face for a kiss. She reached up with one arm to hold my head while we kissed. I squeezed her tits and felt my cock leak pre-cum onto us both.

“I want to suck your tits,” I sighed, eager to have my mother’s nipples between my lips.

She turned and felt her lower back where my cock had leaked my arousal.

“You dirty boy,” she smiled, showing me her smeared fingers before hefting her breasts in her palms and offering herself to me. “Suck mummy’s tits,” she whispered.

I grabbed my mother’s boobs and squeezed them together, running my tongue from one nipple to the other and back again. My mother groaned and stroked my head while I sucked and licked at her. She leaned down a little and reached for my waggling dick.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” she moaned, eyes rolling as she tested the stiffness of my cock with grasping fingers.

“On the settee, mum,” I panted, eager to be at my own mother’s pussy. “Lie back and spread your legs. Show it to me. Go on,” I urged, “show me.”

My mother turned and flashed the heart tattoo at me as she walked to the sofa. She sat down and raised one leg before letting her legs fall apart boneless.. She was so casual about it that she could have been settling internet casino down to watch television.

“Come here, then,” my mother said as she spread her thighs even wider and splayed the lips of her sex with her fingertips. “Is that it, Robert? Is this how you wanted to see me?”

“Fuck yes, mum,” I groaned. I had to tug at my cock, the urge overwhelmed me. I needed to come soon, this excitement was too much.

“You shouldn’t swear, Robert,” my mother chided with a teasing smile on her face. “Come here and say you’re sorry.” She fingered her opening and then slid the finger over her clit, gasping as she looked at me all hot-eyed with lust. “Lick me,” she murmured.

I couldn’t believe how quickly my mother had recovered her composure. A few minutes earlier she’d been all reluctant, and now here she was flaunting herself at me, exhibiting herself and joking as though we’d done this many times before. Was this the same woman who’d hidden beneath the bubbles in the bath and who’d been so shocked when I said I’d wanted to see her naked?

If I hadn’t read the messages from wetsexymother I never would have dared to put the moves on my mother, and even then, when I’d first started the i****tuous seduction I’d had my doubts about my mother’s willingness. Now, however, she seemed raring to go.

Kneeling on the floor in front of the sofa, I angled my body so I was between my mother’s leg and the furniture. Her other leg was propped against the sofa back, her thighs as wide as she could manage.

“You’re my mother and I’m going to lick your cunt,” I said, deliberately using the obscenity.

“Yes!” my mother cried out. “Robert, oh, my lovely son, lick me, do it, kiss my pussy.”

After hours of practice on Elaine and my grandmother I soon had my mother writhing and squirming. She gasped and clawed at the settee, her body almost jack-knifing at the waist before she lifted my face from her opening and cradled my head in her arms.

She gazed into my eyes. “Kiss me again,” my mother groaned.

A few moments later and my mother began to groan and squeal non-stop. I used two fingers inside her while, at the same time I rubbed my thumb in relentless circles of pressure against her taut, pink clit.

“I’m going to come,” she panted, her face flushed with effort. “I’m going to come on your fingers.” My mother’s chest heaved, her comfortable breasts rolling and shivering as she wriggled around, corkscrewing herself onto my probing digits. “Did Elaine teach you to do that?” she panted. “Dear God that’s fucking lovely.”

I could have told her it was her own mother that taught me that trick. And maybe I should have? She was certainly all fired up enough to perhaps accept the fact. After all, here she was with her son’s finger’s squelching inside her as she grunted her way to her first climax at my hands, why should it be such a shock to know that I’d fucked my grandmother too?

Another time maybe? Right now I was cranking away at her, eager to watch her face as she came. I wanted to see my mother’s face twist into that agonised mask as she chewed her bottom lip and squealed in ecstasy.

She came like a fucking train.

The breath hissed out of her as my mother gasped and sighed, her fingernails clawing at the furniture. While she grunted and groaned I forced her thighs wider with my hands and bent to lick and suck at her scarlet flesh.

“Oh my God!” she shouted. “Suck my clit, Robert. Fuck … It’s so fucking good. Lick mummy’s cunt, darling. Take me there again.”

I took my mother’s clit between my lips and held her with my teeth, sucking at the nub and flicking it with my tongue so my mother wailed loudly. She raved on and on about how lovely it felt, about how she loved me – her gorgeous big boy – doing those things to her.

I tugged at my cock and snarled at my mother to get on her knees, to kneel on the sofa and offer her rump to me.

My mother groaned and panted, chest heaving as she complied.

“A tattoo,” I muttered and slapped my mother’s buttocks. She yelped and looked back at me, hips wriggling as she urged me to smack her again. “A tattoo and a belly-button piercing,” I said, smacking her trembling flesh a second time.

I’m a bad woman,” Robert,” my mother moaned. “If you knew the things I’ve done.”

“Can anything be worse than letting your own son lick your arse,” I said as I parted the globes of my mother’s buttocks. Her pussy gaped, all sodden and gooey, but it was the dark smudge of her puckered ring I had my eye on. “Have you done anything as bad as this before?”

My mother let out a squeal of delight when I probed at her dirty-hole. I knew Elaine liked to have her sphincter licked and fingered, and maybe one day I’d pop that ring with my cock, but for now I thought I’d see how my mum liked my tongue squirming away in that dark, taboo place.

“Yes, Robert,” my mother grunted, which surprised the hell out of me. What could be worse than her son licking her anus? “Oh, God, Robert, stop doing that now. Just stick your cock into me. Fuck me, darling. I want to feel my lovely boy inside me.”

I rose to my feet and slid the underside of my cock between the cleft of my mother’s buttocks.

“Are you sure, mum?” I whispered as I crouched low over her back to reach beneath her and take her swaying tits in my hands. I muttered dark things into her ear as I continued to tease her, this time with my cock tucked under her, the shaft splitting the dangling folds of her labia, the bulging dome of my cock-head slithering and bumping over my mother’s clit while I nuzzled her neck and licked her face.

My mother twisted her face to mine, her eyes aflame as she mewled at me to fuck her. “Put it in,” she groaned. “Please, just put it in and fuck me.” Mum reached a hand back and peeled her buttocks apart. “Put your big cock into my pussy, Robert,” she squealed, thrusting her hips in the air.

I stepped away from her to see the beautiful shape of my mother’s waist and wide hips as her tits swayed and shook. Mum’s pussy gaped all hot and wet and swollen, the piss-flaps folded and crinkled and slippery. She rolled onto her side and then, as she sat on the edge of the sofa, reached for my stalk.

Her fist closed around me and my mother tugged at me for a few urgent strokes before pulling me closer towards her. Before I knew it she had me in her mouth, her cheeks concave while she sucked the head of my cock. My mother’s hand twisted furiously as she wanked me, her lips sucking at the head of my cock.

Then I felt the irreversible surge through the core of my penis.

“Mum,” I grunted in warning just as the first spurts erupted into my mother’s mouth.

She held me there, between her lips, her eyes locked on my face as I came.

Semen flicked onto my mother’s face when she let my dick plop from her mouth, thick dollops of the stuff spattering onto her shoulder.

My mother rolled spunk around her with her tongue, teasing the stuff before deliberately letting a mixture of gloop – my seed and her saliva – dribble over her bottom lip.

“Come for me,” she mumbled as jizm slid over her chin, clinging in a long, trembling strand before it plopped against her breast. “It’s all good, Robert. Show your mother how good you feel.”

“Fuck,” I gasped when I saw my mother’s face and chest spattered with viscous goo. “Where did you learn this stuff, mum?”

“I told you I have a life, Robert,” my mother sighed as she lay back and smeared my outpouring across her tits. “Now keep that big cock hard and fuck me with it. Hurry!”

“Jesus, mum,” I groaned when, after settling over my mother’s reclining body, I slid my cock into her opening. “You’re so hot and wet.” I slipped balls deep into my mother on the first stroke. She was so aroused and I’d leaked so much pre-cum and was still oozing semen that it felt like one quick, velvet glide as I entered her.

“You’re fucking me,” mum groaned as though surprised. “My God, you’re really there.”

“Shut up. Kiss me and move your arse, mum,” I muttered. “Fuck your wet pussy on my cock. I’m going to fill your cunt with my spunk.”

My mother gasped. “Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“I’ve got a life, mum,” I grunted as I stabbed into my mother’s squelching opening.

My mother gasped, her eyes going wide as her body opened to the bludgeon of my hard cock.

“I don’t want to hear about Elaine,” my mother hissed. “I just want my lovely son to fuck me. Love me, darling. Love me like a son is supposed to love his mother.”

I leaned in and, heedless of my own jizm smeared across my mother’s breasts, lay my body on top of her so I could kiss her creamy mouth.

We fucked, both of us grunting as we strived for a climax.

It didn’t matter that I’d just come; I was so aroused I knew I could bull into my mother’s body and let go with another surge very soon.

As it was my mother got there first. She writhed and squealed, a forearm jammed between our slippery bodies as she fingered her clit.

“I’m coming,” my mother yelped, eyes wide while her jaw tensed and she stared into my face. “I’m coming on my son’s dick,” she grimaced.

I bellowed a huge roar that I too was in the heady throes of my orgasm. My cock pulsed and spurted more semen, although this time, my second, less forceful, ejaculation was merely a couple of squirts.

“I need another bath,” my mother smirked a few minutes later. We’d stared at each other across the sofa, both of us panting and breathless and probably a little shocked by what had just happened as we calmed down and struggled to breathe properly. “You coming for a bath with mummy?” she asked as she rose to her feet and offered me her hand.

I loved my mother three more times that night, waking up in her bed the next morning only to have her ride me again, her tits swinging, my hands around her ribs as her generous buttocks slap-slapped against my thighs and she grunted her climax at the ceiling.

Later on that morning, as we lay in bed, my mother told me her darkest secret.

It wasn’t anything to do with fucking her boss or the fact she’d had i****tuous thoughts for me like I’d anticipated her confession would entail. It wasn’t even to tell me about her alter-ego wetsexymother.

What my mother told me shocked me; It affected who I was, my very identity, but as the tale continued I found myself hard for again.

She told me about her life and the reason for the heart tattoo. She told me who my father was.


My mother lay next to me. We were both in her bed, me laying on my side, my head on my fist with my elbow against the mattress in support while she lay on her front. One of my hands traced light patterns over my mother’s back, tracing her spine and tickling the small of her back before I squeezed one cheek of her arse.

“That’s lovely,” my mother murmured sleepily. “Keep stroking me like that, Robert. I love it.”

I leaned over and kissed my mother’s shoulder, my fingers slipping down between her legs.

“I’m leaking spunk, baby,” she chuckled. “My pussy is dribbling.” She sighed, adding, “How many times did you come last night? God, but of I’d known how ardent you are as a lover I’d have fucked you before this.” My mother gasped and then purred as my fingers worked at her clit.

“I love pumping into you, mum,” I breathed, licking the back of my mother’s neck so she sighed and wriggled.

“I really like it when you do, my darling boy,” mum replied. “It shows me how much I turn you on, proves that I’m a desirable woman.”

“You’re fucking gorgeous, mum,” I said, my voice choked with emotion and desire. I rubbed the tip of my forefinger over the small heart-shaped tattoo on my mother’s buttock. “What did you get that done for?” I asked.

My mother tensed and then rose up onto her elbows. She studied my face intently for a few long moments.

“Someone I love,” she replied, her eyes still on mine. “The first man I knew.” She kept on staring at me as though gauging how much to divulge. “You know I love you, Robert,” she said seriously. I nodded. “Well, I love you and you love me, right?” I nodded a second time. “And I’m your mother. Don’t forget that. You and me, we’ve committed i****t, Robert; you understand what I’m saying?”

I didn’t want to say anything about my grandmother. I didn’t feel like I should tell my mother that I’d fucked her mother, that I’d already been involved in an i****tuous relationship – that I was still sticking my hard dick into her mother, and that I had no intention of stopping.

“Yes, mum,” I replied with an exasperated roll of my eyes. “I know exactly what it is we’ve done. I know who I’ve fucked.”

“The tattoo is for my dad, Robert, your grandfather. He’s the man who loved me first; he’s the one who took my virginity.”

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