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Giving Him A Lift
It’s been a while since I last got it in, so every single dick print in a pair of sweatpants or shorts caught my full attention. So when I first saw this dude walking in my neighborhood; I knew I had to test his sexy ass. I’d never seen him around before in my South Central neighborhood but I could tell just by looking at him that he was a Nickerson Gardens thug which means my chances just got a whole lot better. I’ve had great success and getting most of them to let me suck them off on the DL. I waited until he turned a corner up the block before I hurried downstairs and out of my house. I jumped in my car and decided to do a little routine that I hadn’t done in forever.

When I turned down the street he’d walked to, I pulled up to the sidewalk and coasted alongside him. He was a tall dark-skinned brotha with a massive dick print in his sweatpants. I could tell he was hiding a nice body under those baggy clothes, too. He looked mean as fuck but anybody from around the way could tell you that was just one of those Nickerson Gardens thug fronts. I knew better.

“Wassup,” I called out to him.

He kept walking but looked over at me and asked, “Yeah?”

“You need a ride?”

“Nah bruh, I’m good.”

“Where are you headed?”

“Bruh, do I know you?”

“No but…”

“Then why are you fuckin’ with me?”

“Bruh, I’m just trying’ to give you a ride. Looks like you have been walking’ for a minute, but if you’d really prefer walking all the way to where you gotta be then…”

“I ain’t got gas money. I ain’t got money at all.”

“Consider it a favor.”

He gave me a long look and then stopped walking so I stopped the car. He stepped off the sidewalk and walked around the front of my car and climbed in on the passenger side. After he closed the door, I pulled back out onto the street. I looked over at him and asked, “Where to?”

“My baby-mama house, she stays at them townhouses over on Central and Victoria Street.”

“Not far from the college?”

“Yeah, those are some nice townhouses.”

“Some sugar daddy dude payin’ her bills out there and she said I could stay with her and our son for canlı bahis şirketleri a lil’ bit.”

“Sounds like a good deal.”

“Hell yeah, I can’t wait to get up in that pussy. It’s been a minute.” He looked at me and laughed a little and said, “You don’t know anything about that though, do you?”

“Damn, is it that obvious?”

“Bruh, I could tell you were gay when you first rolled up on me.”

“And you still got in the car?”

“Hey, a ride is a ride, especially a free one.”

“Well, I said it was a favor but I didn’t say it was one hundred percent free.” I glanced over at him and his smile faded.

“What you mean by that?”

“I was thinking I’d scratch your back if you scratch mine sort of arrangement.”

“My dude, I ain’t gay. I don’t even think of dudes like that and if you think…”

“Chill, I didn’t say anything about you being gay, man. Why you gotta jump to that just because I’m gay?”

“Because…bruh what do you want?”

“First, we need to at least know each other’s names. I’m David.”

He sighed before telling me, “I’m Ricky, man.”

“Okay, now that that’s out of the way…” I took a deep breath before continuing. “I wanna suck your dick.”

I was expecting him to either open my door and step out the moment I stopped at the next stoplight or punch me for asking. I was even expecting him to pull a knife or gun on me. But I wasn’t expecting was for this dud to grab his crotch, look at me and say, “We gotta do this fast, because I have to be at her spot in like twenty minutes, bruh.”

Without saying another word, I drove to the nearest empty alley and parked my car down it. I looked at him as he pulled his phat and pretty uncut dick out of his sweatpants. It was completely soft. I leaned over and engulfed it in my mouth and while I was sucking on it, it grew hard. He had to have just taken a shower prior to his walk because his dick, balls, and pubes had a fresh scent. It wasn’t too warm out that day so he definitely wasn’t sweating down there. I was hoping for a little musk (I know I’m a little freaky) but I settled with his clean scent.

“Fuck bruh,” he moaned while canlı casino siteleri pulling his sweatpants down more and spreading his legs.

I took advantage and deep throated the fuck out of that dick, making him moan even louder. It had been so long since I’d even tasted a dick which explained why I was going ham on his. And I could tell by the way he was moaning and squirming that he’d never had his dick sucked that good before. When he tilted his head back, I pulled out my phone and took a quick selfie with his dick in my mouth.

I quickly hid my phone again and started deep throating him while spinning my mouth on that dick. I made sure to occasionally tug on the shaft so that his foreskin would stay down while I sucked it, bringing the head more pleasure. Uncut dicks were my favorite to suck on because they usually had sensitive and pretty heads. His dick was possibly the prettiest I’d ever sucked.

“Damn you know what you doing’,” he told me. “That dick tastes good, bruh?”

“Hell yeah,” I answered before stuffing it all back in my mouth.

“Keep sucking’ like that and you gonna get my nut soon.” He put his hand on the back of my head. “Shit, you making’ me feel good.”

I loved that he was a talker because its so hard to find vocal guys now-a-days. At that point I decided to put in some extra effort in order to try and make this a regular thing. I’d rather have one regular dude for as long as I can as opposed to hooking up all the time with random dudes and being the whore everyone thinks that I am.

“Oh fuck,” he called out. “Bruh, I’m ‘bout to nut. Let me nut!”

He tried to get me to stop sucking him but I kept going, deep throating him while rubbing on his balls. He lost it and started shaking like crazy. I’ve never made a guy lose it like that before. His jizz pumped down my throat and was bittersweet. I had him squealing and making all kinds of high pitched sounds by that point. He continued to jump each time I went down on that dick or sucked on the head. When his dick finally started going soft, I stopped sucking on it.

He pulled his sweatpants kaçak casino and boxers back up and leaned back to catch his breath. “I didn’t know you were gonna do all that,” he said before laughing. “Shit. Where the fuck did you learn how to do shit, bruh?”

“You’ve never had your nut swallowed before?” I asked him.

“Hell nah! Shit, most bitches suck on it a little and give me a quick hand job before making’ me eat their pussy and then fuck them. I ain’t never even busted from head, bruh. I didn’t think it was even possible.”

“See, that’s why you need to let a fella handle it. I handled it right, didn’t I?”

“You know you did. Fuck.” He grabbed his crotch and massaged his dick and balls.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m trying’ not to get hard again.”

When he said that, we both burst out laughing and I started the car and backed out of the alley. We were silent all the way to his baby-mama’s place. He asked me to park on the side so that she wouldn’t know what car he got out of.

Before getting out of the car, he pulled his phone out, unlocked it and handed it to me while saying, “Put your number in it.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Bruh, you know damn well why, I know you don’t think you’re just gonna suck this dick one time and that’s it? You damn near made me pass the fuck out.” He laughed.

When he stopped laughing he said, “But seriously, the next time I see you all I want to do is choke you with my big dick, you think you can handle that.”

“Mmm hmm,” I replied as I put my number in his phone and then handed it back to him and said, “That’s cool and all with me, all I ask is that you don’t shower before we meet up.”

He gave me a look and said, “Okay, I’ll remember that and immediately mumbled, nasty ass freak,” before he started to laugh again. “A’ight, David, later bruh.”

“Later.” I gave him some dap and then he hopped out my car and hurried around to the front of his baby-mama’s townhouse. I pulled off and let out a sigh of relief. That whole situation could’ve gone the wrong way but like I said, the thugs from the Gardens don’t give a fuck who suck their dicks, they only care who knows about it. I guess I still have it after all.
[Disclaimer]: Pictures used do not reflect the sexuality or personality of people in the pictures. They only serve as visual examples of the characters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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