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Found her way: at the IR Breeding Farm
Chapter 05: Found their way; a life at an IR Breeding Farm

I am one of the three owners of the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. I love to derail people’s life. I derailed the life of my young wife. She was a gold digger. She was one of many that always tried to catch me as husband. I picked her because she was blond and as tiny as Piper Perri. I wanted to have a fuck toy, a fuck doll. She married me for my money. She had sex with me, but because she had to. I was disappointed and angered about how bad our sex was. I knew she liked sex. She looked at porn on her laptop regularly. She didn’t know, but I could check everything she did. She exclusively looked at interracial porn. Especially interracial gangbangs were her passion. She was a gold digger and would do anything to stay with her sugar daddy. This sugar daddy knew he could make her do what he would like to see: being used as a slut by black cocks in as many gangbangs as possible. And if she would not have sex with me, I wanted to see her being used by hordes of black guys.

I had a plan. I set me back 100k, but if it worked, it would be worth it. I hired the five black porn actors with the biggest cocks in the business. I didn’t know if my plan would work, but I would give it a go. I had arranged the porn stars to come to our house and had them hidden in the outhouse.

I told my wife to go to upstairs as I wanted to have sex with her. I told her I wanted to go doggystyle and told her to have her ass and cunt pointing to the door so I could push my cock inside her as I entered. Before going to the bedroom and collected the porn stars. I told the star with the biggest cock to ram his cock inside her, but not to fuck her. We went upstairs and I looked if she had obeyed my command. She was on all fours and her ass was pointed to the door.

The porn star with the biggest cock rammed his tool inside my wife’s cunt. She had expected my cock and not this monster.

“What the fuck”, my wife yelled. “This is soooo big. Fuck me!”.

I got close enough to whisper into her ear.

“I know you like interracial porn and can’t stop watching interracial gangbang videos. What you feel inside is the very big cock of one of your favorite black porn stars. I have hired the five black porn stars with the biggest cocks to gangbang you. If you agree to what I ask, he and the others will fuck the shit out of you. It will not be the last time you will have black cock while I watch! I will let you fuck as many black guys you want, but you will take them unprotected, get black bred for the rest of your fertile life, give up the babies for adoption and make me happy doing it. If you don’t agree, we will get a divorce and I will put you on the street without a penny. What will it be, honey? Can he fuck you and cum inside you and then let the rest of your favorite black men go down on you or will we get a divorce? If you say yes, you can enjoy all the black cock you would ever want.”.

I could see my wife going through her options. I knew she would never give up her comfortable life even if it meant she needed to become a black breeding wife. I was right!

“YES! YES! I want him and his buddies to fuck me! Let him fuck me with his big black cock. Let him cum inside me!”.

“You heard her, fuck her, fuck the shit out of her. And remember, this is not a porn video. We don’t need to show sperm, just shoot inside her. Just have fun and take her as you want. But no squishy stuff, only hard and rough fucking. Don’t take time, just unload when you want to. Don’t care about her. Your buddies will get down on her as well and somewhere she will cum as well.”

The porn stars really have their fun. They don’t have to follow scripts. They can do as they please with a blond willing wife. And like most men like, they shoot all their loads inside her cunt. They each fuck her at least 3 times. My wife receives 15 loads of could-be-baby-making seed. At that time, she could not get pregnant as she was still on the pill. She still wants more, but the porn stars can’t cum any more.

After the porn stars are gone, I talk to my wife.

“Liked it, honey. Liked those black guys fill you with cum. If you had not been on the pill, they would have knocked you up. But the next time, they can. I want you to hand over all the pills you still have. From now on, they will fill your unprotected cunt.”.

My wife replied: “You don’t mean that, do you? I don’t want to be bred by blacks! You must be joking!”.

“No, I don’t. You don’t ever have to fuck me anymore. You only will fuck black guys from now on. Hordes of black guys will go down on you. Shoot black seed inside you and breed you. You have agreed on this. If you don’t, we will divorce and my lawyers will make sure you receive nothing. I want you to hand over all your pills now! I know exactly how many you still have.

Meekly, my wife handed over all of her pills. She could hold some back and it would not help anyway. She could protect her cunt from getting pregnant just for a few more days, but soon the pills would run out anyway.

I had a barn converted into an 18th century barn where slaves were kept. My butler round up some black rough laborers from my estate that were interested to ‘go down on a white slut and use her well’.

I took my wife to the barn that evening. She was off the pill for three days. She might not get knocked up yet, but she would have a taste of the future. My butler had found 15 black guys willing to go down on a white slut. He had told them to be hard and rough. They were surprised to see my wife bring presented as the slut to be used.

“Slut, lie down and spread your legs wide.” My wife meekly obeyed. She knew we would divorce and she would lose her comfortable life. “Ok, guys, go down on her. Fill her up with cum. Tear her clothes up and fuck her!”.

The guys threw their clothes off. They hastened to be the first. The first one literally dived his cock inside her cunt. He wanted to get even for all the times she had been unkind to him. She had been unkind to all of the laborers my butler had rounded up. The first one fucked her merciless and really loved it to fuck this unkind bitch and dump his load inside her. He wanted to enjoy and did, but he wanted his colleges to have fun with her as well, so after a few minutes he just unloaded inside her. güvenilir bahis siteleri The second one was just as merciless; this was his moment to get even with this bitch. He Just dumped his load in seconds. He expected he would get a second chance that evening and he would be right. All fifteen guys fucked and came inside her three times. The next days it was all the same. My butler rounded up different black guys, but they all like to get even with this bitch by using her as a slut and dump their load inside her white, but also wet pussy. After a couple of days, she began to like it. She liked it, but she wasn’t about to admit it. Yet.

Eight weeks after starting the breeding sessions, my wife stormed in. “I missed my period again. We can test it I have been bred.”. She used a pregnancy test and sure, she had been knocked up.

“Now, I can stop with the gangbangs?”

“No, honey. You like interracial gangbangs, but I have a different taste. I love to see black bred sluts to be fucked when they are very pregnant. The bigger their belly, the more I like it. For me the fun is about to begin. You will continue the gangbangs, because if you don’t, we will get a divorce. The judge only needs to see the color of the baby to come to a decision; you have been cheating on me and you will get nothing. I can’t wait to see you nine months bred black taking and being fucked by a dozen black guys.”

Finally, the moment came. She was almost due and nine months heavily pregnant ready to be fucked by a dozen black guys! My wife looked like a nine months pregnant Piper Peri. She was about as tiny and had gained 18 kilograms; she was huge! She didn’t walk, she waggled. I really wanted that belly to rock on a huge black dick. Even heavily pregnant, she still weighs less than 60 kilograms and still looked like a fuck toy. A very pregnant one, but still a fuck toy.

I did not get black workers; I hired the five porn stars with the biggest cocks again. I hoped they would really use her as a fuck toy as well. I had not told them she was pregnant.

One of them just screamed: “Oh, my God, she is pregnant. She is huge. Just like a very pregnant Piper Peri. My dream comes true! I fucked Piper Peri and have never fucked her while she was pregnant. This will be as good as it gets!”.

He picked up my black bred wife and stuffed her over his cock. He held her straight in front of him in his arms as if he was about to fuck a fuck-doll. Her big belly pointed towards the ceiling. He didn’t fuck her, her moved her over his dick. In…out, in …out. Faster and faster he stuffed her over his dick and he fucked her deeper and deeper. He was fucking a pregnant fuck-doll. I loved it. Her belly was moving wildly about. I was looking at the black guy waiting for him to explode, but my wife exploded. She had a strong and wild orgasm. Her cunt gripped his cock so tied he exploded as well. Semen was falling on the ground. He almost dropped her, but another black guy took her over. And shoved her over his dick as a fuck-doll as well. He did not move her around, but he fucked her. Hard and deep and merciless. He did not take long to cum inside her. She was close to another orgasm, but he came before she could. Before he could drop her, the third black porn star picked her up.

He held her in the air and went on his back, still holding her up. When he was down on his back, he pushed her over his cock.

“Fuck me, black bred slut! Move that ass and take my cock inside! Make me cum inside you. I love to fuck black-bred fuck dolls!’.

My wife obeyed his command and fucked him. I was looking anxious. I had waited to see her ride a big black cock and see her belly rock up and down watching that black cock moving in and out.

“Faster black bred slut, I want to cum inside you. Make me cum inside!”.

My wife moved faster and dropped down on his cock. I could hear her ooze over his cock. She was horny, horny as hell. She moaned and groaned. I loved it. She really loved it. Being pregnant already had made her horny, but feeling this very big black dick inside made her lose it. Her eyes rolled inside her head. If looked as if she was never going to stop fucking. She could go on forever, he couldn’t. She had been riding him for five minutes, when he shot his load inside her.

The fifth black guy had look at the scenes in awe. Eagerly he had been waiting to fuck her. He grabbed her from the cock of the previous black guy and pushed her over a nearby table. He her on her back, spread her legs and fucked her. I could see it pretty well. He shoved his complete cock inside her. It vanished completely with every thrust he made. Her big belly and tits moved all over the place. She had more or less gone limb. She moved like a ragdoll. Like a ragged black bred fuck doll. I could not control myself any longer and jerked off. I shot my load in her face at the same moment the fifth guy came inside her.

After she had got pregnant, she had hoped to stop being fucked again. Now she wanted them to fuck her again..and again… and again. The five black porn stars loved it and kept fucking her as she wanted them to. She might not have wanted it at first, but my doll-sized wife would become the perfect black bred slut to fuck.

When my wife was pregnant with her third black baby, we stayed at a very luxurious hotel. One day, we spent some time by the pool and -older- another guest came over.

“Your wife is about to give birth, isn’t she? My wife over there is pregnant with her second. Is this her first one?”.

I looked around and did not see any c***dren. She looked no older than 22. He could also be married to a gold digger and had her bred as well. If she was, we might have something to talk about and compare notes. I would tell him my wife was bred by blacks. If he reacted badly, I would just tell him I made a joke.

“No, her sixth, but it is not mine. It will be black as before.”.

“Nice, my wife is also pregnant by blacks for a second time. Gold digger, you know.”.

I gazed at him; “Bred by blacks?”.

“Yes, and it won’t be the last one either.”.

“It’s a drag to get enough Niggers to keep her happy.”

“Same with mine, she just can’t get enough. Well, since she had her treatment with Dr. X.”.

“Same with mine. She also had the treatment with Dr. X. She really can turn a woman into a black cock desiring Bimbo bets10 giriş as no other. After the treatment, my wife can only think about ‘Fucking Black Cock’ and ‘Getting Bred by Niggers’”.

“Same with mine. Dr. X really did a very good job. Maybe too good. It is very hard to get enough Niggers to fuck her. She needs at least 10 a night and really she wants more than 20 each night.”.

“It would be nice to solve that problem wouldn’t it.”.

At that moment, my new friend and I said the same words: “Let’s come up with a plan to solve the problem once and for all!”.

We talked about it. We needed to have a place where the supply of Niggers would not be a problem. In the US, that was not simple, so we came up with idea of having a site somewhere in Dark Africa where the supply of willing black men would not be a problem. In the next months, my new friend and I worked out a plan and arranged everything. My new friend had another rich friend that also would like to be in. Our third partner had also married a gold digger and she was willing to do anything. The next breeding of our wives would be in the ‘Dark Africa Breeding Farm’.

We already had the idea of turning the Dark Africa Breeding Farm into an internet business as well. The Niggers would be paid as well. We wanted to be exclusive; we went on the Dark Web and asked an admission fee of $ 25.000. Within two months, we had 500 members and made $12.500.000. The three of us are not in it for the money, we are all billionaires. We just wanted to solve our problem at any cost. At the moment we have 12 breeding sluts, attracted 4000 members and make $100.000.000 a year. We hire the best ICT specialists in the world to secure our site.

The money has made it possible to hire more and more Niggers to fuck and breed the sluts we have. We could only have our sluts be fucked for two hours a day, but now our sluts can be fucked any moment they are awake, but we still only show 2 hours for each slut a day. My partners and I can view more. We have cameras all over the camp and in every house and room.

Because we have more Niggers to fuck the breeding sluts, we allow the sluts to have more choices. In the hours we show, we only show one-on-one actions and all Niggers have to end inside the cunts. Now the sluts can ask for other actions as well during the no showing time; double and triple vaginal penetrations, bukkake, blow- or hand-jobs. They can have almost anything, except anything anal. These new choices have to be earned. They have to be paid by credits earned.

Because we earn so much money, we can afford to be generous. The husbands and one father (but that is another story) can only visit when their wives or daughter are bred or have an interracial pregnant gangbang. We decided to make a documentary with two breeding sluts telling about the live at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm that the husbands and father could watch and learn how it is at the location as well. They will also talk about the new credit system. We will have different reels for different members. After their wife have been bred for four times, they can view the whole video. Including comments.

We chose Mary-Jo and Angel to be in the documentary. You will notice, they can’t remember everything very well and that is when a comment is placed on the screen. They can’t think as well as they used to, because we have asked Dr. X. to come up with measures to turn all of the wives and the daughter into complete bimbos that only want to fuck and be bred by Niggers. The currency for the wives is sex and lots of it, but fulfillment of special desires has to be earned.

Below is the transcript of the documentary “Mary-Jo and Angel found their way living at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm”. You don’t to see the movie: but it only has one extra: the dumb bimbo looks on the faces of Mary-Jo and Angel. We are especially proud of having turned Angel -a could be dominatrix- into a complete blond dumb Bimbo.

The interview has taken place three days before both would start breeding sessions again. The interviewer will sit down with Mary-Jo and Angel. They will talk about life at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm is. Mary-Jo will be bred with her third and Angel with her second black baby.

“Angel, you hacked the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. Didn’t they catch you?”.

[A] “Yes, I hacked the site and loved it. It got me really horny. I immediately wanted to go. I had no problem getting here”.

(Angel did hack our site and got in. That was quite remarkable as nobody had done that before. But we did notice her. She did not realize we had turned her webcam on. Our specialist disabled the telltale signs of the working of a webcam. We watched her all the time. It became very interesting when we realized she knew Mary-Jo. We started to think about ways of getting Angel to the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. When she stopped watching for some time, we were a little anxious about losing a breeding slut. We were relieved when she returned watching. The change she had undergone was remarkable. We watch her turn into a Bimbo that wanted to be fucked and bred by black guys! We already planned to send in a group of black guys to seduce her to come to the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. That changed when she hung around at the chatroom. We wondered if she was looking for a ‘Gold’ member. One of our members was living nearby and really wanted to become a ‘Gold’ member. He had offered us more money to get to the Dark Africa Breeding Farm in person. We let him know that we might have found a ‘wife’ for him. He told us she might have read an interview in a local newspaper. We bet she did and asked the member to give details from the interview that she might know. She took the bait and the rest is history)

Mary-Jo, can you tell us how you are dressed at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm?

[M] “I don’t wear clothes unless we go to a breeding party or a pregnant gangbang! I don’t have clothes in our houses. My husband can give me clothes for 10 breeding and 3 interracial pregnant gangbangs.”.

(Notice Mary-Jo and Angel will mostly speak of ‘I’ or ‘me’. They do not use ‘we’ or ‘us’, because they are focused on how they can get as many black cocks as possible for themselves. Mary-Jo and Angel were ‘friends’ before they came her and will at times ask the other a question. The rest of bets10 güvenilir mi the breeding sluts do not really take care of each other. Except when they are forced to be kind to others; if they can get credits if they are kind.)

“Your husband gives you the clothes? Most of the times he is not here.”.

[M] No, he can send clothes he likes me to wear, but he can also bring it with him when he is here. He can pick anything he likes and I always have to wear what he picks. My husband has kinky choices. He had me dress as a street-hooker and as a slag. I never know what he will send. The rest of the times we are always naked. That is so much fun!”.

“Why is that so much fun?”.

[M] “I can walk all around the park naked wearing my high heels. But where ever I go, naked Niggers are watching me. I walk on special paved paths. I can not go off or I will fall. Outside the paths is dirt and mud. I don’t want to get dirty! (The girls don’t wonder about the mud and the dirt. Most of the time it is hot outside and the ground should be dry, but we soak the ground to have the girls stay on the paths. All houses are cool as they have air-conditioning). Our paths are crossed by unpaved fenced trails where the Niggers can walk. I can cross their paths through special locks. They can’t get to me, but they keep ogling me. If I was dressed their looks would undress me. Everywhere I look, I will see Niggers and they always have stiff dicks. Most of them will also jerk their cocks, but they never come. It is so horny. My cunt will always get wet because I look at their erect cocks. And there are so many! I want to fuck them, but I can’t get with them either. You can only be fucked in the barns. But if I could I would fuck all cocks I could get hold off”.

“Angel, you told us; you would try something very difficult to get more credits. Can you tell us?”

[A] “I always have to walk on 4-inch black high heels. But for each inch higher, I earn 5 credits. Walking on 4-inch ballet shoes, will earn me 20 credits and on those shoes each inch will earn me 10 credits. I will learn how to walk on 8-inch ballet shoes. If I walk on those the whole day, I will earn 60 credits! I can get three triple penetration with big black dicks and my hubby doesn’t know!”

“Mary-Jo, can you tell us what you did today.”.

[M] I went to the ‘Shots’ to earn credits. It was fun. I made good credits.”.

Mary-Jo, tell us about the ‘Shots’?”

[M] I go to the ‘Shots’ to earn credits. It is a dirty but funny place. At the ‘Shots’, there are always a lot of Niggers hanging round.”.

“Why are they hanging around?

[M] At the ‘Shots’, I can earn credits if I let Niggers shoot sperm over me. As I am naked, they can shoot everywhere. They are standing on a platform above me. They can shoot through holes in the metal of the gallery. It looks very funny and I am always trying to catch all their sperm. I get it in my face, on my tits and in my hair. If they hit me, I earn one point. I have to let a lot of Niggers shoot sperm over me to get a lot of credits. I have to be there a long time and have dozens of Niggers shoot sperm to earn enough credit to get a gift. I can also suck their cocks and swallow their cum. I don’t get credits for sucking, but I get three credits for swallowing. My dominatrix will write everything down. Today I had 40 Niggers shoot cum over me and I swallowed 10 loads of Nigger seed. How many did you do Angel?”

[A] I love it so much, I had 50 Niggers shoot cum over me and I swallowed 20 loads. But I also want a more expensive gift for tonight.”.

“Angel, what kind of gift can you earn?”

[A] When we have given birth, we are not allowed to fuck. Our dominatrix is always with us, so we can’t do try. They are very mean you know? If we want to get off, we can buy things with our credits.

“What kind of things can you buy with you credits to get off?”.

[A] After eight in the evening or so, I go to my house. (No slut goes to her house out of free will, her dominatrix collects her to be home exactly at eight) My dominatrix will go with me. You can rent videos to watch. To rent 1 hour of videos will cost 2 credits, two hours will cost 3 credits, three hours is 4 credits. I don’t want to get bored and I am always horny, so I always rent three hours. You can also rent toys for one evening. To rent a 4-inch black dildo costs 3 credits, 5-inch costs 4, 6 -inch costs 5, 7-inch 6. But if you really want a big 12-inch, you have to pay 10 credits. We can watch the videos, but my dominatrix has to fuck you with the dildo. I may not even masturbate. If my dominatrix catches me, I have to pay 30 credits and I will lose a triple vaginal penetration and I really want those!

“Mary-Jo, what else can you get for the credits?”.

[M] “This year, I can fuck all day long. They told me, I can could use credits at gangbangs that are not shown. My husband will not see these secret gangbangs. I can be as nasty as I want to be. I can have a double vaginal penetration for 10 credits. I can have a triple vaginal penetration for 20 credits. I get one credit if I let Niggers shoot cum over me. I can give blowjobs and hand-jobs, but only if I swallow black seed, I get three credits.”

“Angel, you really want to have a triple penetration. Have you had one already?”.

[A] No, I have not, but Cindy has. She is breeding again and is the first to experience the new rules. She had 10 double and 5 triple penetrations already. She really loved it and told me I would really like it, because I am such a breeding slut!”.

So far, the content of the documentary. In the future we will make another one because Dr. X expects Mary-Jo and Angel to get much dumber and black cock orientated. It is hard to believe their desire for black cock will increase, but I have seen it happen to my wife. She is as dumb as a rock and completely in need of black cock and black seed. She just has to see a black cock and her cunt pours as if the gates of heaven are wide open. If she could see herself, see wouldn’t believe it, but I am very happy she really has no idea anymore! Long live dumb Nigger-breeding Bimbos!

We want to set up a second Breeding Farm in somewhere else in Africa. It was not too difficult to get breeding sluts and that will be the same for the second farm. It will not be difficult to get Niggers willing to breed as well. We also will rotate the breeding slut between the two camps. Dr. X has told us, that we could not separate Mary-Jo and Angel. Separating them might cause an emotional shock that might break their Bimbofication. So, we will never separate Mary-Jo and Angel.

End of part 05

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