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This is my first story which is mostly true with some embellishing in order to make the story more vivid and add better clarity. There are funny moments with lots of humor. Both of us are kind of for lack of a better word somewhat klutzy and our sex is rather strange. At least her orgasms are! I would appreciate any and all comments whether good or bad. If the comments are generally good, I will write part 2 and then part 3 which will be unfolding this winter. Thank you.


I try to visit a nude beach at least once a year even though it’s over 1000 miles away. My wife Katie also goes but only to accommodate me. For some reason she always keeps her swimsuit on! That is probably because she’s embarrassed about her huge Tits. I guess I am lucky that she is willing to humor me with her presence for that one day during our vacation just to make me happy.

We sometimes have commitments there including hooking up with some family and friends. However, visiting the nude beach is our secret, at least till now anyway. Now the whole world knows!

Let me give you a little background about Katie. The first time I ever set eyes on her was at a rock concert. Even from a distance I could tell that she could be the one for me. Not really, but perhaps! We were both in our early 20’s at that time.

What first attracted her to me was her unusually deep cleavage line, which I thought would lead me to a luscious pair of grandiose breasts, and it did! Katie was a redhead with long flowing hair which was icing on the cake.

OK, I admit it. I was a somewhat shallow guy at the time and probably still am to some extent. However, I was totally smitten. It was love at first sight, at least for me anyway!

For Katie, that was another story. I tend to a weird sense of humor constantly making self-deprecating remarks. My humor gets old after a while! You probably know people like that and try to avoid them sometimes.

She is really embarrassed about her objects of magnificence. However over the years she has come to appreciate them as they are indeed her most impressive physical asset.

Few people have actually had the pleasure of seeing Katie’s Tit’s up close. She came from a strict Midwestern family, didn’t date much and hasn’t had canlı bahis much sexual experience. That was really good for me. Although I had more sexual experience than Katie, I was far from being the world’s greatest lover then or even now. I felt deeply in love with Katie first and then her beautiful breasts! Yes, I’m probably still a shallow person, but I really love her and those enormous vehicles of pleasure.

Just imagine, I now had a firm set of breasts that are real all to myself! If you saw those splendid breasts you would notice that are especially disproportionate to her 5 foot 8 inch frame. Just imagine; size 44D Tits on a girl who is only 5 feet 8 inches tall that they looked absolutely fabulous!

The extra weight of her breasts doesn’t seem to bother her although it added weight to her 200 pound frame. Listen, Katie is a big woman. You should see her in heels! To this day I still love her and her Tits; overweight or not. I enjoy them so much that over the years I have sucked them so much that they stretched out to a 44DDD cup.

Big Tits by themselves, however, as beautiful as they may be, are not enough for a long term stable relationship. Katie also has a wonderful smile, a great sense of humor and thankfully doesn’t take herself too seriously. She was also a caring mother of our kids who are now grown up and on their own… All of those added qualities go a long way toward a successful relationship which has lasted now for many years.

Katie has other great qualities especially when it comes to Orgasms. At first, whole body becomes rigid and she starts to vibrate uncontrollably! So uncontrollably sometimes that it looks like she’s having an epileptic seizure.

Occasionally when the orgasms go really deep, not only does her body becomes extremely rigid and vibrates violently. It is like she becomes a bucking bronco, and I have to hold on for dear life just so I wouldn’t fall off. BY the way did I mention that she had a bright red bush? She did then and still does now.

Finally, here we are at the nude beach on vacation. We’ve been here before. I was naked. She wasn’t. Although the scenery (was fabulous,) the price to rent 2 chairs and an umbrella was $40. Not bad if you like being ripped off! But we were on vacation bahis siteleri so we paid the money and I’m glad we did, really glad actually!

Katie wore a tankini which showcased her cleavage and yes I did fantasize about pulling her tank top down.

I know what you are thinking. What the hell is a tankini? I never heard of it before! A tankini is a woman’s two-piece swimsuit consisting of bikini briefs and a tank top. Not only was her cleavage showcased, but Katie Tits really filled out the tankini and were oozing out the sides of that tank top which she wore strapless. Although my cock is just normal size, I had a remarkable hard-on. I could have cum right then and there. What do I do now?

Please remember that I was naked and my cock really needed relief really quickly. To my surprise Katie took me into the ocean and relieved me of my terrible predicament, reminding me that now I owe her!

Nothing had happened since my hand-job. It was now later in the afternoon and with all the sun Katie and I were both tired from all the sun but I was still thinking about my fantasy of her going topless.

Katie lay down on her back on top of one of our rented chairs. Without asking I leisurely opened the sunscreen lotion. I didn’t ask for permission, I just did it! Why would anyone object anyway? She’s my wife and I’m doing her a favor by helping her prevent sunburn. Redheads burn easily and I had to protect her. Beginning with her neck I generously applied the lotion and spread it all over her front and even more generously to her cleavage and the top of her breasts that that were spilling out her swimsuit.

I slowly applied more lotion and then began to slowly lower her top. All that happened next was there was more of her naked breast that was now visible to everyone on the beach! Again more and more of those naked breasts were now available to me to massage and apply sunscreen; I repeated this process of lowering and massaging lotion several times. I began hearing some soft moaning as well as quicker breathing. I then made the decision to finish the job. I pulled the top down even lower and not only did her large nipples pop out but also the rest of her breasts as well. Her large breasts just jutted out. It was like an explosion occurred bahis şirketleri as her breasts just kept spilling out and kept spreading just like an amoeba! It was absolutely awesome!

I almost forgot! What about Katie? Her very large breasts exposed and now on display for all to see! I was so proud. Strangely, Katie didn’t seem to mind or even care, as it was no big deal. She was like a different woman, but how could I complain?

Here she was with her magnificent breasts full of sunscreen flopping in the wind. From a distance they looked like two white hard candy shells. If you got closer the lotion on those sensuous breasts looked more like gobs and gobs of Pillsbury vanilla cake frosting. We did begin to receive some dirty looks! After all, it was a public beach and fondling wasn’t really tolerated…

So what could I do! Katie was getting horny as hell! I wasn’t going to lick the sunscreen off her tits as it wasn’t really cake frosting! We’d be thrown off the beach if I sucked it off.

By the way have you ever tasted sunscreen? I wouldn’t recommend it. I had to think really quickly … The answer quickly came to me. Wipe those luscious tits with a clean towel,” That is if I had a clean towel! So I used my wet beach towel which worked quite well. I then took the towel, opened it and leaving her tits fully exposed, I lay the towel down over her body down to her legs.

At this point I was really proud of myself and placed my hand under her towel using my body to block anyone. I then slowly placed my fingers inside her swimsuit body and began rubbing her red bush and pussy. Hearing soft moaning and faster breathing, I continued. It took a while but she finally reached orgasm. Concerned about the people around her, she attempted to stay quiet and not shake. However it wasn’t working and as she removed my fingers she unintentionally may have lifted the towel. For only a second people might have got a glimpse of her pussy or at least part of her red bush. It was possible but not likely.

Katie’s tits were still exposed for everyone to see. She covered them up and we left the beach Katie was really aroused and excited. She was like a different person, a tigress, a wild woman!

My dick never hurt so much! Katie’s orgasms became deeper and deeper and my hands were sore just from holding on!

This was just the beginning for us. Part 2 of this story will show a different and more adventurous Katie. We can only hope!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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