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Finishing school for special ladies
This new storyline follows on where – sissy gayboi fag is born not made…parts 1-10 ended….

It was agreed, the major, deputy head and Aunt Annabelle that I should attend St Mabel’s finishing academy for special ladies.

The satin secretary took me round to the school – however I was blindfold so not to give away the location – I was seated and the blindfold removed – again it seemed I was in a head’s study – however this time across from the desk was sat Aunty Annabelle’s neighbour Mabel and stood at her side was the sweet sexy satin secretary – hello again – I see you have met my eldest son-daughter – Susan – say hello to Sam-Sammy. We are acquainted already mom – yes so the major informs me.

She will share your dorm now Susan and I expect no sex during lights-out ok ladies? Yes ma’am we both said at the same time. We also exchanged a cheeky smile with each other at the same time. Now Susan was my senior by some ten years and was a true beauty as our brief encounter earlier had shown her to be in her lovely sleek shiny satin blouse and skirt and as for her lady-cock that was a true delight to take orally canlı kaçak iddaa and enjoy the fruits of her loins – her cream was delicious.

Right girls it has been a long day and time for bed – Susan show Sammy here the dorm and her night attire – I shall be up in half an hour to make sure you are both tucked up in your separate beds.

Susan showed me our room – quite spacious – it has two beds each neatly made up with satin sheets and duvet.
Right quick shower and into your school regulation satin full skirted baby doo nightie darling.

Soon I was changed and ready for bed as was Susan – she came close gave me a kiss deep passionate full on the lips and said more later darling but after Ms Mabel has tucked us in – almost on cue in walked Mabel – well girls lights out time – and I know you Susan and new girls so guess what I am chaining you each securely to your own beds for the night – clunk click we were secured in the blink of an eye.

Oh dear said Susan, she knows me all too well – never mind am sure we shall have plenty of opportunities in lessons and homework set to enjoy sex one with the other as practical experiences are Ms canlı kaçak bahis Mabel’s forte ensuring we ladies learn our lessons well.

I slept well in my new satin bed and woke when daylight came streaming in through the curtains.

Susan was not in her bed – had she picked the locks on her cuffs and chains – worry over as she came back into the room dressed in a navy blue satin mini-dress tunic over a white satin blouse tan stockings and white knee socks. She had an identical outfit in her arms – Mom let you have a lie-in darling but here let me release you – just time for you to shower, simple make-up look and put the uniform on and get down to breakfast at 7.30 – it is 7.00 now.

I did as instructed and after a shower, powdered myself after and dressed in the same uniform as Susan had one – it fit well and felt wonderful – I pulled my socks up over the gloss tan stockings – our lingerie sets were white satin and lace and clung to our bodies so well.

Breakfast was served in the dining hall – well dining room of the well-appointed mansion which in fact was just a larger version of my own aunt’s house – well four times the size in bahis siteleri canlı fact with 6 downstairs and 8 upstairs rooms more of which I would see as time went on and my education was completed at this finishing school for special ladies.
After breakfast Susan told me we had to be in the class room by 9am prompt when the bell rang or we would be punished and that side of school life was not to be looked forward to at all – she herself had been punished on numerous occasions but on some of those occasions she was sure she had been on time and was being punished just for the head’s fun taking.

We tidied the breakfast things away and after going to freshen up we ran to the class room and found the head and Mabel waiting.

What time do you call this young ladies – Susan had already told me if challenged don’t argue but accept whatever the heads said as gospel.

Well ladies? We stood head bowed – nothing to say for yourselves – right each of you either end of the desk with panty down and off – bare cheeks of sweet ass – head you take Susan and I’ll take the new girl – I think 6 good slaps with the bare hand on each cheek will remind them to be here at 9am promptly.

We stood as instructed and our sweet bottoms smarted and were red cheeked when the spankings were done.

Right panty back on and sit at your desks for the first lesson of the day – oral techniques and cock study.

To be continued..maybe..?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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