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Epilogue to “Linda’s “Short” S
Some of the things that are mentioned in the story bear explanation, or clarification.

To begin, pictures of her, at the times, are shown in the Gallery, “Getting Her Fuzzy Split, Yet, Again.” Picture 1 was taken by Quinn, and 9 was taken in VungTau, at our first house. There was NOTHING under the dress but HER, and picture 8 was taken a few days after we returned from Germany, by the landlord’s son.

She worked as a “whore” for 24 days, in the “Steam and Cream.” HER WORDS! I know some will call that “splitting hairs,” but she was known as a Hostess, and/or a Call Girl in her time at the hotel. At the hotel, she was called upon to use a measure of seduction, to entice her clients, or guests. Bags, bitches, and slobs were invited to leave upon discovery. Appearance and courtesy were enforced by the Mama-san, or one of her 4 sons. Patrons were to be welcomed by any of the ladies who spotted them coming in the door, greeted like friends, and their wishes taken care of to the best of their abilities. Like wise, drunks, and troublemakers had the M.P.’s called on them when THEY acted up, and wouldn’t leave on their own. Service was ALWAYS given with a smile, and a kind word. Some of the reasons it was so popular. The ladies were inspected for grooming, and cleanliness before starting their evening. EVERY DAY!

The services rendered, were priced reasonably, and the girls were told NOT to ask for gratuities, but, were allowed to accept if offered. They never knew when one of the 5 honcho’s were listening in, or watching. Patrons were charged $10 for an hour of time with the lady of his choice. There would be a gentle knock on the door 10 minutes prior, so to allow time to finish what was being done. BTW. The observation room was closed to the customers, EXCEPT ones that were chosen by Mama-san, or one of the girls. Only her and her oldest son were holders of the key to the room. The 3 other sons were only allowed in with their Mother, or their older brother. I was EXTREMELY fortunate to be allowed access as much as I was by gaining the trust of Mama-san. She casino siteleri was a VERY lovely woman, in her late 30s, I later found out. I had the honor of being HER guest on several occasions. She upheld higher standards for herself than ANY of her employees.

After Linda and the son (named Quinn. Not Vietnamese Spelling) became lovers, he gave her copies of all the pictures he took that day, and into the future. There were many that he took, developing them, himself. That set was the most important that we lost when we came back from Germany. They were lovers for over 4 years. They usually had sex during the day, when he would visit, or, if she didn’t have a client, she would stay the night with him. In spite of his size, she called him one of her BEST partners. He always rang her bells for her, and, in fact, made her cum for her very FIRST time when he was taking her pictures. They wrote back and forth when we returned to the United States. Her with help from one of her friends, here. She had never learned to read or write. While she was employed at the hotel, she was asked by an officer, one evening to accompany him to the Officer’s In-Country Hotel, where she spent the night with HIS boss. A 3 Star General. During her time, she spent many nights with Field Grade Officers. Several of her steady clients were Lt.s and Captains. They enjoyed not only her feminine pleasures, but that she was not one to “kiss and tell.” She told me long after we returned from Vietnam, and, even then, never disclosed their names.

While we were in Germany I became the Battalion Technical Inspector. I had to check each truck, weekly, before it could be dispatched. We had a Lieutenant, a Master Sergeant, and me, an E-5 Sergeant. Somehow, we were issued a COLOR copier, and I used it to make copies of some of my pictures of Linda. The Lt. and the MSG both enjoyed seeing them when I did. Linda passed by our shop on her way to work in the NCO Club each day, and they would step out to greet her when she did. The MSG told the Lt. about her attire in the Dining Room, which consisted of (usually) a short casino oyna skirt, with NO PANTIES, and a thin, or see through blouse, with NO BRA, and high heels. The Lt. coerced the MSG into taking him there for dinner, with him in civilian clothes, soon afterwards, so he could see for himself. When she went to work, she adopted the habit she used in Vietnam to keep the police at bay. She had a very light weight rain coat, to cover herself from her shoulders to just below her knees. She recognized the Lt. when he came in with the MSG, and led them to one of her tables. She “dropped” her pen, several times, while taking their orders, and had to bend over to get it off the floor, much to his delight. She WASN’T wearing panties, and WAS wearing a see through blouse. He talked, privately, to us, me in particular, about it, for months. I simply told him to come by and visit when I had C.Q. Duty. Especially on weekends. She almost always came by on the way home from work. He did, and was rewarded by seeing her strip completely naked in front of him. She invited him to escort her home, that night. Many, if not most of the men in my company had seen her partially, if not completely, nude, before. They knew we liked to go to the Sand Pits to swim in the summertime, and had stood on the sides or came down with us to watch her go skinny dipping in the waters there. Also, she was wont to close the curtains in our quarters when she was home, walking around the house completely naked. She was also known as a gracious hostess to visitors,when they came to our house, often serving, and, occasionally, servicing, guests in the nude. Nobody in the 3 years we were there, ever became a nuisance or became an imposition. Again, BTW. The Lt., when he escorted her home that night, had his, and her, way with Linda, 4 times before I got home.

We left Germany, returning to the base we were in before going to Germany. The landlord’s son, who had been 14 when we left, (almost 15) had grown up, in Linda’s words, to be a VERY handsome, young man. Before he had been just a good k**, that was fun to be around, kaçak casino and was eager to learn. Linda had been teaching him how to speak Vietnamese. He had a gift for languages, and picked it up easily. There were many nationalities in the trailer park, and his Mother taught him to speak Italian, another had taught him to speak German, he studied Spanish in school, and, was studying French. The last time we saw him, 25 years after our return from Germany, at his Father’s funeral, he admitted he could now speak 9 languages fluently. He greeted Linda in nearly perfect, according to her, Vietnamese. Before going to Germany he was at our house as much as he, and we, could manage. He had seen Linda in every state, except totally naked, including wearing JUST see-through panties, at our house. We had only moved the house a day or so before and I was at the post getting some things taken care of. We were in a lot 2 doors up from their double-wide. Linda had got up and took a shower, and was getting ready to watch her soaps on TV, and heard a knock on the door. I had installed a peep- hole for her. She looked out and it was the son at the door. She decided that he was grown-up, and old, enough to see everything, so she opened the door and invited him in, standing behind the door until he was in and she closed the door. He had helped the new handy man to spot and block the trailer, and had come to check if it was still level. They had kissed and hugged when we came over to arrange for the lot space, and this time was no different. They hugged and kissed, and Linda encouraged him to feel of what he was seeing. She asked him questions, which he answered, and that led to her giving him lessons on how to make a woman happy. She took his virginity, and taught him well enough that he gained a reputation as a VERY good lover. That from his sisters, who overheard other girls talking at school.

We lived in the trailer park for almost 2 years more, and bought a house. The son was in college nearby we house we bought, and came by when time allowed, until he finished college and went out into the world.

She worked in the day spa until she was over 60 years old. And ENJOYED every minute of it. The other pictures in the above named gallery, and the other, titled “Getting Her Fuzzy Split!, were taken around her 60th birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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