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Cousin Aubrey Gave Me My First Oral Experience
Aubrey’s tongue was taking me places I’d never been before. “Oh, Aubs, ohhh my gooddd…” We were completely naked on my bed and I was curled up against the wall and I didn’t care. I wanted her to make me cum so badly. It should have been weird that she is my cousin. But, for some reason it was hotter. I’m not even really into girls, and she has a boyfriend back home. We were just horny and alone in the house all day and, well she made the first move.

Aubrey stays with my family for the summer. A couple of weeks in were tired from the pool and bored with Netflix. I was laying around naked in my bed, feeling horny and rubbing myself under my red blanket. Aubrey came in in her PJs and asked me what I was doing. I got sort of embarrassed, but just told her straight up. “I’m masturbating,” and laughed about it.

She didn’t miss a beat. “Cool if I join you?”

I had no idea what she really meant. I’ve never done it with someone else. “Ummm, sure ok.” She slipped out of her PJs and sat with her back against the wall at the foot kaçak iddaa of my bed. She’s a thicker girl with pretty, round boobs. I had never seen another girl’s vagina up close before. Hers was red on the inside with pubes that were groomed lightly. Her fingers slid down through them like soft fur on a puppy. She tugged at my blanket until it fell completely off me, exposing my pussy to her. I was already moist and glistening from having rubbed myself for some time. Even though we’ve known each other our whole lives, I felt shy! Her eyes laid on my vagina, my fingers rubbing slowly up and down. She has a boyfriend. But, she seemed to really be into watching me.

“Have you ever been watched before?” She asked. As she did, her breath skipped a little, a reaction to her self touch.

“I haven’t. It’s a little weird.”

“Don’t worry about it. I think you look really sexy, even for a cousin.” We both laughed a little. She pushed a finger inside her opening. Her lips folded in a little as she curled her upper body to reach further inside herself. She was lippier than me. I perabet güvenilir mi liked watching her. “Do you like penetration?”

“Yes, but I mostly stay out here,” I stroked my clit to show her. A wave of pleasure coursed through me and I sighed heavily, my legs reacting a bit. I rubbed faster, bringing myself close to the edge, then backing away with slow strokes around my pussy. I realized my head had fallen back and eyes closed. I opened them again to see her looking intently at me. My nipples were hard from arousal and the cool air in the room.

“Has anyone ever gone down on you before?” She asked.

One boy had fingered me and tried to have sex with me. But, it was a fail. He didn’t know what he was doing and it was painful, ending it quickly. “No. Is it amazing?”

Without saying anything, she crawled over to me and settled between my legs. “Oh my god, what are you doing?”

“Just go with it. It’s only touch.” I watched her smooth the skin back, pulling my lips apart with the flat of her hand. Id’ never been touched like that. I was electrifying. perabet giriş Her butt stuck up as she rested on her elbows, lowering her mouth down, tongue out and licked upward over my slick vagina. The feeling was so intense it jolted me.

“Ohh, fukkkkkk…” I said. She smiled a little and kept licking. For a second if was off putting to have a girl licking my pussy, but I forgot all about that when her tongue began massaging my clit. It felt *so good*. I watched her with a certain erotic wonder. My breathing jumping forward every now and again. I heard myself moaning just like the porn girls. I couldn’t help it.

A finger was in me as she focused all up and down, then on my clit directly. “Oh yess, yesyesyes…” She was edging me, feeling the orgasm building, then changing her motion to back off of it. Then she drilled in, thrusting with her finger deep inside me, bumping my cervix with each stroke.

“I’m gonna c-cumm…ohhhh”, I found myself curled awkwardly on the bed, my foot in the crack of her butt as her hands clasped my hips. I came, hard and strong. I heard the echo of my cries on the walls of my room, which must have been louder than they seemed. It was incredible. Coming back down, I looked down at her. She diddled me softly.

“Did that answer your question?” She snarked.

“Ummm, yes definitely…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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