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Both Brothers is too good an offer to turn down
When I first met Anna, we both still lived with our parents but before long would regularly spend the weekend at each others houses to go out clubbing in town etc. After a couple of years we moved away and got our own place, always nice to constantly have a place to yourselves for the first time!The story I am about to relate happened after we had been living on our own for about 2 years.

It was around 2.30am and her mobile phone rang. She got out of bed to answer it and took the call into the living room. Unknown to her I followed and stood listening at the door. It was my younger Brother, he had been out clubbing and had decided for some reason to call and talk filth to her.

“I love your big tits!” He purred, drooling over her pert 36D’s.

“I would fuck you so hard if you were here right now” he continued.

I could see through the crack in the door that she was shocked, “You shouldn’t think of me like that!” She half heartedly chided.

“It’s a bit late now, I’ve wanted to buck you for years! I can’t even remember how many times I have jerked off thinking about you.” He said, almost matter of fact.

“Yeah, I’m sure!” She replied sarcastically, thinking it might be a joke she wasn’t quite getting.

“Remember when you used to stay over at our parents place?” He enquired.

“Yes of course” she replied.

“Well, when you and my Brother were out I used to look through your underwear. I even took some of your dirty panties to wank over” He told her

“No way! I don’t believe you!” Anna shot back, shocked.

“What if I tell you I know you wear a 36D bra and size 12 knickers. I can tell you what the panties I took were like too. There was a black cotton thong and also a white microfibre see though thong” He went on.

She was stunned almost to silence and just said “Oh my god!”

“I tried to catch you getting changed or fucking but never managed it. Got to hear you taking it once, that was amazing! You sound so hot when you cum, made me spunk on my carpet while I listened!” He gleefully told her

“You shouldn’t think of me like that” Anna stammered.

“Its a bit late now babe, been thinking of you like this for years!” He chuckled. “Anyway, lets face it all girls want to know what it’s like to fuck both brothers. If you ever want to find out, no one would ever need to know”

Anna was shocked and spluttered “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes but I won’t tell her if you don’t!” he replied.

“I better go now” Anna spluttered.

“ Awww come on, you can chat a bit longer, I haven’t cum yet” He whined.

“Oh my God! You’ve been jerking off the whole time we have been talking?” Anna exclaimed.

“Yeah, I have! I would be doing much more if I was with you though!” My brother teased.

“Hurry up then and cum” She told him.

“Help me finish off then, talk dirty” he said.

“What kind of thing you mean/ Not sure what you like” Anna replied.

“Be honest, have you ever masturbated and thought of me” he quizzed.

Anna was silent, unsure how to answer.

“You have, haven’t you! You dirty bitch! Did it feel good?” He excitedly asked.

“Yeah it did, I’m so embarrassed!” Anna gushed.

“What did you imagine us doing?” My brother enquired.

“You walked in on me after I had got out of the shower. You were disappointed I had a towel wrapped around me and ignoring my protests you pulled it away so you could see me naked. You knew you didn’t have long as your brother would be back soon so you roughly pushed me over the bed and pushed it into me from behind. It didn’t last long and when you had finished you simply said ‘Thanks for that, been needing it for a while’ then left me to clean up.” Anna breathlessly gushed.

“Mmm yeah.” He grunted. “Tell me you want to fuck me, I want to hear it”

“Just hurry up!” She giggled.

“Go on say it!” He demanded.

“OK, I want you to fuck me! Happy now?” She blurted out.

“Mmmm yeah! Does my brother know you are such a dirty little bitch?” He purred.

“Of course he does! Why do you think we have been together so long!” Anna giggled.

“Oh yesss I’m so close now, should I finish myself off? He asked.

“Yeah go on, cum so I can hear you” Anna instructed.

With that he grunted as he started to pump his cum into the tissues he had put ready for that purpose. As his orgasm subsided he thanked her.

“I was serious by the way, the offer stands. If you ever want to… you know, it would be just between us” He added.

“OK thanks, for the offer. What can I say, you ever know!” Anna said, giving him something to keep his hopes up.

She hung up pretty much straight away after this and I thought was about to come back to bed but she stood there for a moment. I wondered what she was doing and was cautious about being caught. I then saw her hand slip down into casino siteleri her pyjama bottoms and obviously start stroking her clit. After a couple of minutes she took her bottoms off and sat on the sofa and finished herself off before coming back to bed.

Nothing was said about the call the next day, but it gave me something to wank over for the next few weeks. Around Six months later we had a big argument and split up for a while. A couple of days afterwards, during a moment of boredom She called my brother for a catch up. In doing so she accepted an invitation round for coffee to catch up in person later that day.

She went over, dressed casually in jeans and a fitted v-neck top, showing a hint but not too much of her 36D cleavage. She freely admitted that she liked catching guys having a quick look at her cleavage, especially during conversations and the like.

He answered the door cheerfully and ushered her in, before making drinks. As he handed her the cup of coffee he took a long undisguised look down her top. “Get a good look there did you?” she asked.

“Not as good as I would like I can tell you that!” he retorted cheekily

“I bet!” she said raising her eyebrows quizzically.

“Like I said before, no one would find out if you wanted to…” He offered.

“ I told you, you shouldn’t think of me like that” Anna replied.

“But I know you are tempted, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t considering it. Would you?” He pressed, then without waiting for a response leaned in and kissed her, cupping her breast in his hand.

She kissed him back for a few moments before breaking it off only to mutter “You better not tell anyone!” As she was unbuttoning his jeans and pushing her hand inside.

He had his hand up her top and inside her bra by the time she pulled his already hard cock from his boxer shorts.

“Been waiting for this for a long time haven’t you… How does that feel?” She asked as she pulled his foreskin back.

He just grunted in response and started unbuttoning her jeans. The clothes were starting to make things awkward, so they moved to the bedroom and they quickly stripped off. He ogled her large naked tits and trimmed triangle before moving towards her and immediately running his fingers over her slit. She was already dripping wet and his fingers slipped inside her with ease. She allowed his to ream her pussy for a few moments before she pushed him back onto the bed and followed him on, climbing up the bed on all fours until she reached his cock, which she took in her mouth.

Her wet mouth slipped over his cock head, making him buck his hips up to meet her and grunt with obvious pleasure. She didn’t dare suck him for too long and so moved up his body until she could deftly position his cock against her hole and sit back, to let it slip inside her; enjoying the intense sensation which accompanies the first penetration of a sexual encounter.

“How does that feel?” Anna asked.

“So good!” he grunted, bucking his hips up and pulling her down onto him with both hands, getting as deep into her as he could.

She started moving her hips, sliding up and down his hard length fully sitting up, enabling him to get a good view of her full 36D tits. She was determined to put on a good performance and make sure the reality matched the build up of all the years he had been wanting her.

He reached up and grabbed her tits hard, making her gasp and bite her lip.

“I knew you would let me fuck you eventually!” he smiled.

“I bet you did” She replied with a knowing look.

He rolled her over so he was on top, fucking her missionary. He held her thighs up so he could get as deep into her as possible, making her eyes roll back as the tip of his cock nudged the opening of her cervix. He realised he was getting too excited and wanted to prolong the pleasure so he pulled out much to her disappointment. Only for disappointment to turn to pleasure as she realised he was positioning himself to lick her clitoris.

The situation had already got her halfway there so she didn’t need too much coaxing by his tongue to get to climax, pushing her hips up while pulling his head in to heighten the contact and finish her off. Once she had finished she lay breathless on the bed for a moment, trying to regain her composure. Eventually she looked at him and asked how he wanted her to finish him off. He told her to get onto her hands and knees, which she did. He positioned himself behind her and eased his hard length into her. He wanted to fuck her hard, but knew he wouldn’t last long. He decided to go for it anyway. He reached forward and groped her tits while he had a few gentle thrusts, then grabbed her shoulders and slammed his cock into her hard. It was literally only a minute or so before he began tipobet güvenilir mi shooting his hot cum into her.

He pulled out when he had fully emptied his balls and passed her a box of tissues to catch the cum as it began to drip from her freshly fucked hole. “Good job I’m on the pill!” she giggled.

“Well you didn’t say I couldn’t cum inside you” He replied while sitting on the bed, playing with his phone.

She looked at the time and said “I’d better go” and began to get dressed. Unknown to Anna, my Brother took photos of her getting dressed and immediately sent one to my phone along with a smiley face emoji.

I was a bit shocked but also kind of turned on as the realisation hit me. I forwarded the photo on to her almost straight away, asking what was going on. There was no reply for at least 20 minutes, before she called, obviously thinking what to say. When I answered she sounded so flustered and blurted out “We need to talk. I’m coming over now.”

She pretty much ended the call and was at the door half an hour later. She immediately burst into tears saying he promised he wouldn’t tell anyone. She soon calmed down when she realised I wasn’t angry with her, and I assured her I wouldn’t tell everyone.

My dick was already hard in my pants. I knew it was wrong, but it was as involuntary as the lazy erection one wakes up with of a morning. I needed to hear the details, so I quizzed her mercilessly. She noticed me shifting my jeans to adjust how my now solid cock was laying and said “Oh my god, is this turning you on?”

I had to confess that it was and after a little probing she confessed she was excited by telling me, someone, anyone what she had done.

I reached out spontaneously and cupped her breast through her top, she just met my gaze and said nothing looking into my eyes as I groped her. She must have known what was on my mind by now, but she didnt react, just stood letting me push my hand into her top and down into the cup of her bra to run my fingers over her nipple. I leant in and kissed her whilst unzipping my jeans and pulling my straining cock free. She took the initiative this time, knowing what I wanted, what I expected, she reached out and taking it in her soft hand gently pulled my foreskin back.

I was in a really dirty mood. “Show me your tits” I demanded.

She stepped back and pulled her top up over her head and then undid her bra, casting it aside leaving her big breasts on show.

“You want me to to take the rest off?” She asked, gesturing at her jeans.

I pretty much just grunted in response, meaning “Yes!”

She unzipped her jeans and slipped them down her legs, throwing them aside, followed quickly by her see through white microfibre knickers.

I grabbed her and roughly positioned her bent over the bed, while I fumbled with my straining cock trying to find her opening. I pushed it in up to the hilt, pulling her back onto me so I could get as deep as possible and making her gasp. I started fucking her and after a few thrusts said “You have had both of us now, which one feels better?”

“Yours is bigger, but a new cock always feels good!” She giggled.

After a short time she rolled onto her back and I penetrated her missionary. “Do you think I’m a slut for fucking your Brother?” She asked.

“Yeah” I gasped, thrusting deep into her, hard.

“Is he going to tell people?” She panted.

“Definitely!” I replied.

“Oh God! “ She exclaimed. She held eye contact with me then asked “What do you want to do to me?”

“I want to fuck you so hard!” I grunted.

“Go on then, I deserve it…” she replied before I cut her off mid sentence to roll her back onto all fours.

I pushed my length back into her wet cunt in one stroke and started slamming it into her, pulling back on her shoulders for purchase. I let go with one hand and grabbed her pony tail, pulling her head back. “Uggh, yeah pull my hair, that’s it, fuck me hard! She gasped.

I couldn’t take it for too long and started emptying my balls into her.

It was a little awkward afterwards while she was getting cleaned up and dressed. The inevitable “What do we do now” popped up, regarding the status of any relationship me may have.

I said “Lets give it some time and see.” And she left soon afterwards.

A few weeks went by, I was on a night out and was talking to a girl in a Nightclub. Anna came rushing over and gave me a hug. The Girl I was talking to went back to talk to her friends.

“Oh sorry! Were you chatting her up?” she said, pretending to be unaware, but flirting with me shamelessly.

She was clearly a bit drunk, tottering around on high heels, wearing a short black dress showing more than a glimpse of her capacious 36D chest. Due to how loud the music was we were talking into each others perabet ear.

Out of the blue she leant over and said “You can take me home if you want”

“Its a bit early to go home isn’t it?” I enquired thinking she wanted putting in a cab.

“I’m a bit drunk and I’m horny!” she giggled. “ You can take me home and fuck me if you want?”

I was a bit taken aback, simply by how off the cuff it was.

“Bet I’m dirtier than her in bed! And I’ve got bigger tits!” she whispered, gesturing at the girl I had been chatting to before.

I didn’t need to hear that kind of offer twice and led her outside to get a cab. It didn’t take long to find a taxi as it was still fairly early, we dived into the back and told the driver where we were going. I was sitting on the passenger side in the back and she was in the middle, wanting to be close enough to touch.

She whispered in my ear that the driver kept looking at her tits in the mirror. I thought she was just seeing things but I kept an eye and he could barely take his eyes off her cleavage.

The alcohol had made her much more brash and loud as it so often does with people, she pulled the front of her dress down so that her tits were almost popping out and said “Can you see well enough now Mr Driver?” then giggled.

The driver was a bit shocked and just said “Wow!”

“Trust us to get a dirty driver!” She laughed, “Bet he was looking at my knickers when I climbed in!”

“Well you shouldn’t flash them when you climb in then should you!” I grinned.

“It’s not my fault, my dress is short!” she exclaimed. She made eye contact with the Driver through his mirror and said “Did you look at my knickers when I climbed in?”

“I didn’t see anything” he replied coyly.

“Do you want to see my knickers?” she giggled.

The driver had a wry smile on his face and said “Of course!”

She hitched her dress up a little and opened her crossed legs so he could get a look at her hold up stocking tops, then her black thong. “Can you see?” she asked.

“Ohh yeah lovely!” he said

She giggled and pulled her dress back down. Before much longer we arrived at my place, she was out of the taxi before me. I paid the driver and he winked and said “Have fun!”

We got into my apartment, and she kissed me straight away, running her hand over my crotch. I cupped her breast through her dress, she took my hand and put it up her skirt telling me she wanted her pussy touched. I hitched her dress up slightly and rubbed her clit through her panties making her gasp.

She turned around, wanting me to unzip her dress and she let it fall away leaving her standing in her underwear. She turned to face me and unclipped her bra, letting it fall away to reveal her bare tits.

Whilst I had seen her naked hundreds of times, somehow it felt different, dirtier now we were no longer a couple.

I began undressing as she slipped her knickers down to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. I was so turned on as she had never shaven it when I was with her, always just trimmed.

She asked if she should leave her stockings on, I quickly nodded! She giggled and said “I thought you might”

She moved closer and took hold of my cock, pulling my foreskin back while kissing me. “Do you want to wear a condom or not? I have some in my bag”

“You still on the pill?” I enquired.

“Yes, but I didn’t know it would be you I would be fucking tonight so I put some in my bag!” she grinned.

I pushed her back on the bed and quickly got between her legs and started eating her smooth pussy with relish. She reached down and ruffled my hair as I diligently licked her clit, gasping “Fuck I’m so horny today! I’m not going to last long!”

After a few more mins she sat up and pulled me away saying “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet”

She climbed off the bed and knelt down to suck my dick. I had to stop her after a while and just kissed her until I calmed down enough to not spunk as soon as I penetrated her.

I told her to get onto her hands and knees on the bed and then entered her wet pussy from behind. “Fuck me hard!” she said.

I did as I was asked. She knew I wouldn’t be able to last long fucking her like that and asked where I wanted to cum.

“Up to you” I replied, trying to pace myself.

“Cum on my face if you want” She said.

I didn’t answer but she followed up with “Tell me when you are ready”

I didn’t take long before announcing I was close, she rolled onto her back and let me jerk my load onto her pretty face. She giggled and asked for tissues to clean up. Then said “Is it my turn now?”

I wondered what she had in mind, she pushed me onto my back on the bed then sat over my face for me to lick her. I couldn’t help get turned on hearing her moaning as I licked her pussy until she came. She climbed off and lay next to me snuggled in, noticing my cock was hard again she said “Will you wank it for me? I want to watch you make yourself cum”

I did as I was asked while she watched and stroked my thighs. We cleaned up and she stayed over, but the next mornings antics will have to wait for a part 2!

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