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Mitch was waiting in Jared’s living room when he came home from work, loving the mix of surprise and excitement in his eyes when he registered the unexpected presence in his apartment. Before Jared could speak, Mitch sauntered over, removing his belt along the way, snapping the leather in his hands while holding his slave’s gaze. He moved in close until their bodies were not quite touching. He took Jared’s wrists, moving behind him and fastening them together behind his back. Mitch’s fingers traced his shoulders, moving around and across his chest, down his body, then slowly removing Jared’s own belt. Mitch’s lips grazed the skin just beneath the hinge of Jared’s jaw, just as the belt popped his muscular ass cheeks in a quick snap, stinging his flesh through his pants.

“Kick off your shoes,” he ordered. Jared obeyed immediately.

Mitch came around and looped the band of leather around Jared’s throat, smugly planting a deep kiss, letting his lips linger a moment before lightly planting another, all the while his hands were sliding under Jared’s shirt, up his sides and then down his spine. He pressed the bulge in his jeans against Jared’s own growing bulge. His fingertips dragged around Jared’s hip line undoing Jared’s pants and pulling them down, letting him step out of them as Mitch moved around, reached up and brutally ripped the tight white T-shirt completely in half, leaving Jared standing almost naked, his now surging erection helplessly restrained in his tight black briefs.

He crouched in front of Jared, hands slapping down hard just beneath his diamond-shaped calves. His lips met the skin above the knee in a gentle nibble. His hands clamped down, kneading Jared’s firm calves as he continued licking and kissing his way up the front of his left thigh. He moved his grip up the backs of Jared’s legs, following the movement of his mouth on the front. He released Jared just long enough to slap reach inner thigh, causing him to spread his beautifully muscled legs before slapping the backs of his thighs. He resumed his oral assault on the bulging quadriceps, lips moving towards the inside of his left thigh and beginning to bite down with every third kiss on the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sensitive skin stretched over the huge muscles. His hands moved up to Jared’s ass, while pulling the waistband of his strained briefs down with his teeth until they cleared his quivering erection. He pulled again, sliding the tight fabric down the thick trunks of Jared’s thighs slowly until they reached his ankles.

His tongue touched the cleanly-shaved skin just under Jared’s nuts, then moved to his sack, licking up along their seam, lifting his half-erect cock to trace under its length. His tongue spread flat to cup the mushroom head before swirling around it once. Mitch stood up abruptly, loosening the chap on the belt around Jared’s neck. He pulled it loose quickly, letting the leather leave a slight burn along the skin. “Hmm, not a word…” Mitch murmured, dipping his head to kiss Jared’s left nipple. Sucking hard and biting down, he noted the tensing of Jared’s upper body muscles as he reacted silently. “That’s a good slave.” He doubled the length of the belt in on itself in his palm and cracked it across the flesh off the left pectoral he’d just rewarded.

Mitch leaned forward, letting his mouth close around Jared’s other nipple. He loved the gasp that escaped his slave’s lips, as Jared’s eyes closed and his cock quickly grew hard and thick. He struck the belt across Jared’s bare ass again, leaving an instant red welt. His tongue swirled around the now hardened nipple, and as his lips closed tightly around it another crack landed across the back of Jared’s right thigh sending ripples of pain through the pleasure permeating his brain. His mouth continued slowly across Jared’s pectoral to the skin over his sternum, teeth grazing there as another crack landed across the back of the other thigh. He continued landing cracks on the back of his slave’s body, while continuing his oral assault of his torso, moving back and forth along the muscles. He dropped an inch with each pass, until finally reaching Jared’s fully erect penis, which was straining upwards so hard it nearly touched his stomach. He let his tongue slide from the head down the underside of the shaft, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and took each one of Jared’s nuts into his mouth in turn. He sucked each one until Jared’s legs buckled slightly under the sensation, every 30 seconds or so letting the belt whip against his back. The surging reflex of his tight body reacting to the whipping pushed Jared forward against Mitch, who was now on knees in front of him. Mitch kissed the tender flesh where Jared’s powerful legs met his groin, before pulling back and swallowing the already pulsing cock whole. He loved the way his slave’s knees buckled once more.

He continued to suck that throbbing cock, abruptly pulling off when he thought the pleasure was growing too near to orgasm, and cracking the belt down across Jared’s chest, abs, and ass in turn, letting the pain cancel out the pleasure. His hand slid up between Jared’s ass cheeks to massage the tight hole, feeling the glutes clench with each whip. Jared’s moans turned to groans with each stinging crack. Mitch loved watching that beautiful body flex against the bonds on his wrists, straining to break free but not daring to move from his spot until given permission. Mitch kissed up Jared’s torso, letting the belt curl up over the top of his shoulders as he gripped his dick with his free hand, squeezing and stroking until suddenly pulling a chair from the kitchen table beside them, pushing it against the back of his slave’s knees until he fell into it, draping his bound arms over its back.

Mitch took a good, long look at his slave in that perfect position, legs sprawled out in front, leaning backward against the chair, cock reaching towards the rippling abs, precum dripping into thick puddles on his belly. The angle of Jared’s bound arms held his upper body in a perfect flex, accentuating his biceps and pecs. His slave’s eyes were as hungry as an animal in heat watching his master’s every move. Mitch cracked the belt across one flexed bicep in a forward strike, bringing it across the opposite arm in a backhand strike, before securing it around Jared’s neck again.

He stepped forward, straddling Jared’s hips and letting his hands massage güvenilir bahis şirketleri the arms that still stung from the abuse seconds before. He settled his tight bubble butt down firmly, impaling his ass on Jared’s thick, rigid cock.

“Ahhh,” he moaned, taking the entire length in his first downward thrust, watching Jared’s eyes unfocus in pleasure. He leaned forward and down to kiss his slave’s broad neck just above the shoulder, as his hips began to roll that cock in and out of his clenching hole. He leaned back, arching his spine and clenching tighter around the base of Jared’s erection, hands sliding slowly over Jared’s shoulders, then down his chest and pinching both nipples hard.

Jared groaned loudly, and Mitch increased the driving rhythm of his ass on the throbbing dick. He released the tortured nipples long enough to slap his open palms down on Jared’s broad pectorals. His hips rose almost painfully slowly until Jared’s cockhead was all that remained inside. Rolling the slave’s nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he slowly slid back, drawing the ragingly hard penis deep inside. Mitch pulled the tail of the belt hanging down Jared’s back, pitching his head backward and increasing the pressure on his throat as Mitch began to bounce his ass against Jared’s bulging thighs as hard as he could, grinding Jared deeper and deeper until his hips begin to buck madly.

Mitch’s cock was dripping as it slid across his slave’s clenched abs. He reached down, stroking himself while still riding that cock hard and fast. They exploded together, Jared deep inside him, Mitch’s cum shooting up and splattering across Jared’s chin and chest. Their matching shouts got lost in one another, echoing through the room.

Mitch stayed firmly impaled on Jared’s sensitive dick, as he gathered his cum off his slave’s body and fed it to him. Jared licked his master’s fingers clean. Mitch leaned in to slurp the jizz off Jared’s face. Both of them panted, covered in beads of sweat as Mitch’s lips found Jared’s, kissing passionately while his hands worked behind his back to release his tired arms from their bondage.

“Happy birthday, my beautiful fuckpuppet…”

Jared sighed. “Thank you, Master.”

He let his arms fall over Jared’s shoulders, resting his face in the curve of that thick neck and collapsing against him as your Jared’s hand came to rest on his master’s hips. They remained wrapped around each other, bodies humming with afterglow.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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