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It was Marci Jensen’s 18th birthday, and to look at her you’d have thought that here was a girl who had it all. The beautiful high school senior was tall, slender, blonde, & popular with boys & girls alike. It seems it had always been that way, for as long as anyone could remember. And so it was no surprise when, on the day after her high school graduation, Marci hosted a birthday party at her house and invited her entire class.

Marci’s family was fairly wealthy, and they had a huge backyard with an enormous swimming pool situated in it. And, as hers wasn’t a particularly large high school, there was room for all 73 graduating seniors to mingle about. The only thing that could possibly have spoiled the day for Marci was seeing her boyfriend Brad kissing Valerie Burleson in the kitchen. It wasn’t so much that Marci loved him (she didn’t), as much as was this public display of his infidelity. Marci was more angry than hurt, but she couldn’t exactly leave in a huff as it was her own house and her own party.

Two of her cheerleader friends, Claire & Caitlyn, attempted to comfort her, but they both did a terrible job. Claire suggested Marci kiss her brother Chuck to get back at Brad, but Marci had no desire to do that. She viewed creepy Chuck as being even worse than Brad, although she didn’t say so to Claire. Meanwhile, Caitlyn chided Marci for not having allowed Brad to have sex with her, reminding her that she’d said all along that this would cause him to look elsewhere. Caitlyn was convinced that the only way to keep a jock-boyfriend from straying was to give into his sexual demands. And she’d had three jock-boyfriends, so she knew what she was talking about.

Instead of listening to more of this bad advice, Marci escaped from her friends and retreated into the house, finding refuge in her father’s den where she might be alone. Except that she wasn’t alone, not even in there. Cora Billingsley had arrived beforehand, and was reclining on the small couch against the wall, quietly paging through a book about lighthouses.

Cora was not one of Marci’s inner circle of friends. Cora was a larger girl, taller than even Marci, and she had fairly short dark hair. Marci had always thought she looked a bit butchy, like she belonged with the Goth kids, except that she didn’t hang out with them, either. Cora was more of a loner. All that Marci really knew about the girl was that her dad had been a cop who was shot & killed one night, several years back, trying to arrest the driver of a stolen automobile, and that her mother now worked as a regional sales representative for a big corporation, and so was often out of town. Cora pretty much took care of herself.

At first she wanted to ask the other girl to leave the room, but before she could say anything Cora looked at her and asked with real sincerity in her voice: “What’s wrong, Marci?”

And, just like that Marci’s eyes began filling with tears. Cora instinctively got up and gently put her arms around the pretty blonde, sitting her down beside her on the couch, with Marci then having a good cry. It was probably the best thing Cora could have done, as Marci’s anger immediately melted away. Instead of preaching at her, Cora listened patiently as Marci unburdened herself. When she was finished, Cora looked at her sympathetically before offering her a tissue with which to dry her eyes.

“What a bastard,” is all she said, in reference to Marci’s unfaithful boyfriend. It was enough. Both girls sat together in silence for a while before Marci decided it was time to return to the backyard and face her party guests.

“Thank you for listening, Cora,” she said, smiling. “I appreciate you.”

Cora followed her outside, more as moral support than anything else. She eyed Brad with hostility when he eventually tried to approach, and he thought better of making a scene as he knew Cora wasn’t the kind of girl who would back down if challenged. The rest of the party continued without incident.

“What are you doing hanging around her?” Cassie Andrews later whispered to Marci when they were alone together. “Don’t you know she’s a lesbian?”

Marci didn’t know that, but she wasn’t about to let it affect her judgement. She asked Cassie where she got her information, and the other girl’s answer was hardly ironclad evidence.

“My sister’s boss is a dyke, and she told Sue that she saw Cora Billingsley at a lesbian bar, having a beer!”

“Well, thanks for that bit of information, Cassie,” Marci responded. “But I don’t ignore people just because of something your sister heard.”

Still, the seed was now planted in the back of her mind, and suddenly Marci was curious. And not curious in a bad way, either. Cora certainly did look the part, and Marci found herself imagining the larger girl actually kissing her. She had seen images of lesbians before on the internet and in films, mostly showing identical-looking pretty girls (like herself) kissing one another, but she’d always thought they appeared porny & fake. She wondered bahis firmaları what it would be like seeing a pretty cheerleader (like herself) being kissed by a more butchy-looking girl (like Cora!)

As her guests took their leave later on in the early evening, Marci declined several invitations by her girlfriends to do something together the next day, saying she needed some ‘rest’ – basically sitting back and do nothing. But as she said good-bye to Cora, she quietly invited her to come over the very next day.

“And bring your bathing suit. We can sit out by the pool together!”

Cora appeared to like the idea. “What time?” she asked.

“How’s one o’clock?”

“I’ll be there!”

Marci wasn’t entirely sure why she’d invited the other girl back, but she was happy she had, and even happier that Cora had accepted.

The next day dawned sunny and bright, and Marci made her plans. Deep down, she found herself wondering if Cora might really be a lesbian, and if so, what was she prepared to do about it? Marci had never entertained even the idea of seducing another girl, but as she pondered it she was convinced she would almost certainly succeed if she tried. After all, she was young & beautiful, with shoulder-length shining blonde hair, and a swimsuit model’s body, complete with long slender legs and a tight little butt that she was especially proud of. The boys had always admired her. Why not another girl?

Fortunately, her parents were leaving at noon the next day to visit Aunt Lucy across town. They had invited Marci to join them, but she’d declined, saying she had plans of her own, which was certainly true. After her folks left the house, she went into her room and put on her tiniest, sexiest bikini, the little red one with the thong bottoms that she’d never allowed her mother to even know that she’d purchased. As she gazed at her body in the full-length mirror on her bathroom door, she was pleased with the gorgeous leggy beach blonde staring back at her. When she heard the doorbell ring at around one, she quickly put on one of her father’s dress shirts over the swimsuit. It was an excellent look for the girl, showing off her long legs while still serving as a covering of sorts.

When she answered the door, Cora was standing there, wearing black sweatpants and a dark blue tank top. She looked around as if expecting to see other girls. There were none. Marci invited her inside.

“It’s just you & me,” she explained, as if reading the other girl’s thoughts. “I thought we could just lounge around by the pool and talk and listen to music.”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Cora responded, before then staring at Marci. “You look hot!”

“Thank you,” the pretty blonde responded, inwardly thinking: “wait until she sees what I have on underneath this shirt,” while actually saying: “Can I get you something to drink?”

Cora asked for a Coke, which Marci went into the kitchen to get out of the refrigerator. Cora had never had any designs on seducing the pretty cheerleader, as she’d always considered Marci way ‘out of her league,’ but that didn’t prevent her from admiring the view as the pretty blonde girl walked to the kitchen with her bare legs prominently featured. Cora wondered what she was even doing here. Why had Marci invited her over?

When Marci returned with two Cokes on ice in plastic tumblers, and handed one to Cora, she then asked her if she wanted to go outside and sit with her by the pool, and Cora said that sounded like a good idea. When they got out, it was sunny & clear, but neither girl felt like going into the water just yet. Cora settled herself into one of the comfortable deck chairs poolside.

“This is nice!”

Marci then set her own drink down beside an adjoining chair, and then slowly removed the dress shirt she had on, revealing her beautiful bikini-clad body in the teeny-tiny red thong ensemble she had on underneath. Cora almost choked on her drink! Marci looked so incredibly hot!

“How am I supposed to avoid staring at that gorgeous body?” Cora thought to herself. She instead looked intently at the drink in her hand, so that perhaps Marci wouldn’t be able to catch her drooling.

Fortunately for her, Marci continued standing and looking the other way, giving Cora an excellent view of the blonde girl’s gorgeous ass in that miniscule red thong. Furthermore, she luxuriously stretched out her arms, as if further showing off her body’s lovely curves, before then lying down on her stomach with her head facing the opposite direction from where Cora was sitting. It was as if her prayers had been answered, Cora thought. She could continue staring directly at Marci’s hot little butt without the other girl even knowing.

What Cora didn’t know is that Marci knew exactly what she was doing. She had actually wanted to put on this little show to gauge if, in fact, Cora was at all interested in her. Many times she had stretched her body while standing in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, practicing showing kaçak iddaa off her gorgeous tanned body to its best advantage, and now she was turning all of that practice into reality. Before lying down on the deck chair, the pretty blonde had bent over as if to move a pool toy, when in reality she meant only to expose her long legs and perfect little butt for Cora’s visual benefit, with her plan working to perfection!

“Do you… would you like me to rub some lotion on you?” Cora found herself asking, her throat getting dry in the process. She quickly took a sip from her Coke. “I mean, you… you don’t want to burn!”

“Why, yes… thank you, Cora,” Marci replied with a bright smile, before then fishing her plastic bottle of suntan lotion from the bag she’d brought with her. “That would be exceedingly nice of you!”

Cora’s fingers were trembling ever so slightly as she poured a dab of lotion onto her palms and began tentatively rubbing Marci’s beautiful shoulders, with the pretty blonde swiftly moving her hair out of the way to avoid getting suntan lotion on it. Marci’s body felt good, as Cora had expected it would, warm, firm, & yielding. The pretty girl let out a soft moan of pleasure as the larger girl’s fingers pressed into her flesh.

“I really love getting my shoulders & back rubbed,” Marci murmured. “It just relaxes me so much!”

Cora smiled and redoubled her efforts to please the beautiful, scantily-clad girl lying there beneath her. She wanted to run her fingers and hands down to the rest of the pretty girl’s body, but didn’t want to risk Marci’s objecting to the rest of her body being touched without an invitation. She needn’t have worried.

“Don’t forget to rub some lotion on the rest of me, Cora,” Marci begged. “My legs, and especially my butt, burn easily!”

Cora choked back the laugh that almost came out of her mouth! That’s exactly what she’d been hoping to hear! She applied more lotion to the palms of her hands and went to work on Marci’s shapely legs, thighs, and especially her sexy little rear end, barely covered by that skimpy little red thong bikini! While her hands traversed the beautiful blonde’s delicious bum, Marci then seductively arched her back, raising her butt up slightly as if to further invite Cora’s hands to fully possess them! And her hands wasted no time in taking the hint!

“Mmmmm… that feels so good,” Marci murmured, wiggling her ass slightly while Cora’s fingers & palms kneaded and squeezed the blonde girl’s luscious little tushie. It took all of Cora’s self-control to avoid lowering her face down onto the blonde girl’s beautiful derriere and feasting upon it with love bites! Marci’s attitude was clearly inviting such behavior! “Your hands are so wonderful, Cora,” the girl purred!

At this point, the sound of a car pulling into the driveway could be heard, and Marci jumped up in alarm.

“My parents,” she exclaimed. She quickly grabbed the dress shirt and put it on. “I can’t let my mother see me in this… she’ll flip!”

Cora, who was still wearing her sweatpants & tank top, got up and followed Marci towards the house. “Would you like me to leave?”

“No… you’re fine,” Marci assured her. “I just didn’t tell my parents that I’d be having company, is all.”

Seconds later, Marci’s father’s voice could be heard as he entered the front door.

“Marci,” he called out. “Whose motorcycle is parked in our driveway?”

“Sorry,” Cora answered back. “It’s mine! Would you like me to move it?”

Marci quickly wrapped a towel around her waist and immediately came forward to explain.

“This is my classmate Cora, dad,” she said by way of introduction. “She came over after you & mom left… we were both sitting out by the pool getting some sun.”

Marci’s parents eyed the other girl with a sense of relief. Both had immediately assumed that the motorcycle belonged to a boy, and the fact that it was one of Marci’s girlfriends made them feel guilty for not trusting their daughter more.

“You should have told us you were expecting company, honey,” Marci’s mother said, as informal introductions were made. “Have you offered your guest some kind of refreshment?”

“And is that my shirt you have on?” her father added. Marci rolled her eyes.

“Yes, dad… sorry!”

Mrs. Jensen immediately went to work making the girls egg salad sandwiches after hearing that they’d only had sodas up to this point. She was one of those mothers who thought that teenage girls were always hungry, and that if she didn’t feed them herself then they’d eat nothing at all, or worse: a diet of junk food.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jensen was asking Cora what she was planning to do now that she had graduated from high school, and the girl answered that she was considering a career in law enforcement. Marci’s dad nodded approvingly, agreeing that a larger girl like Cora would probably make a good policewoman.

“Law enforcement officers can’t be physically weak,” he pontificated. Cora agreed.

After kaçak bahis the girls ate, they retreated together to Marci’s bedroom.

“I’m sorry we had to cut our pool party short,” Marci lamented. “But if my mother had seen this swimsuit on me she’d have had a fit.”

“That’s entirely OK with me,” Cora answered, adding: “I really enjoyed my time with you!”

“You’re not leaving, are you?” Marci asked. “We could still do something!”

By now Marci had removed her towel and shirt, once again exposing her long legs & gorgeous body for Cora’s eyes to devour. The pretty blonde then reached across her bed to grab something to put on over her bikini, thus once again showing off her delicious thighs & ass for her friend’s visual pleasure. Cora smiled as Marci took her sweet time grabbing the article of clothing that she was apparently looking for to cover herself.

After putting on a robe, the two girls smiled at one another as they contemplated what to do next.

“We could always go to your place,” Marci suggested. “Where do you live, anyway?”

Cora frowned slightly. She wasn’t sure she wanted Marci to see the trailer she shared with her mother. It was nothing at all like this beautifully furnished house where the pretty blonde called home. Her expression told Marci that the answer was no.

“Oh, please?” the young blonde persisted. “I’d really like to see where you live!” And then, she quietly added: “and we could once again be alone together.”

That was good enough for Cora. She nodded, with Marci happily giving her a quick hug before announcing that she needed to change clothes.

“Can we ride over there on your motorcycle?” she asked, with Cora responding in the affirmative. “I’m going to need to take a quick shower to get all of this suntan oil off of my butt!”

Cora smiled at the memory, as Marci grabbed a towel and walked into her bathroom. She removed the robe and began peeling out of her bikini as Cora sat down on the girl’s bed. She could see Marci’s body through the full-length mirror on the door. “Is she doing this on purpose?” she asked herself. Either way, she found herself thoroughly enjoying the show. If the pretty girl wanted attention, she was certainly getting it!

Marci suspected that Cora was watching her, and pretended to be unaware that she had an audience. She stretched out her arms and bent over slightly to show-off her beautiful nude body to its full advantage, always facing the wall so as not to make Cora look away. Cora was licking her lips in appreciation.

“How about we stop at a bar on the way to my place?” she tentatively asked the pretty blonde. “It’s a small hangout where we could get a beer together.”

“Yeah, I suppose we could do that,” came Marci’s response from the bathroom, as she started the shower and climbed in. “Sounds like fun!”

Cora walked to the door of the bathroom to watch the girl taking her shower. Marci was aware of the other girl’s gaze but pretended not to notice. The beautiful blonde looked incredibly hot all wet & soapy, with her gorgeous breasts, long slender legs, and delicious little butt on full display.

“This is better than going to a strip club,” thought Cora, but what she actually said aloud was: “The bar I’m talking about is called Alice’s,” keeping her voice casual. “It’s an all-girl bar… frequented by bikers.”

“What’s that?” Marci asked, with her face directly in the shower spray to get the soap out of her eyes. “Who frequents this place?”

“It’s mostly biker chicks” Cora answered, licking her lips as she gazed fondly at the other girl’s slippery wet skin. “It’s pretty cool.”

Actually, Marci had heard what Cora said. So she was taking her to an all-girl lesbian bar! It all sounded exciting, but also a bit scary.

“What should I wear, Cora?” she asked. “How should I dress?”

“Whatever you feel comfortable in,” the other girl replied. “I’m wearing exactly what I have on now… sweatpants and a tank top!”

While Marci got out of the shower and dried herself off, Cora briefly left the girl’s bedroom to give her pretty friend some privacy. She wandered into the living room and sat down not too far from Marci’s dad, who sat comfortably reading the paper. He nodded at her and smiled, and continued reading.

Meanwhile, Marci was contemplating what to wear on this, her first ‘date’ with Cora. Well, maybe not an actual date, but they WERE going out together to a bar, and so in a way it was exactly that! A part of her simply wanted to put on sweatpants and a cute top, but another part of her decided that this was a good time to make a statement. In her lingerie drawer she found exactly what she was looking for – she called them her ‘Harley Quinn hotpants’ – a pair of teeny-tiny colorful shorts that did an amazing job of showing off her hot little body. She also found an equally cute matching top. But how could she possibly leave the house looking like this? She couldn’t. And so at the last second she donned a pair of loose-fitting red sweat pants over the Harley Quinn shorts and confidently left the room.

“I’m going over to Cora’s place,” she informed her dad as the two girls headed towards the front door. It was just after five o’clock.

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