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I know that many people prefer reading fantasies to descriptions of reality, but these tales generally describe what happens, not to fulfill anyone’s fantasies. On the other hand, as many know, hot sex at the bathhouse is often a matter of variety, not speed.

Over years of visiting the baths, temptation has been something kept in check, at least in one area. Admittedly, I have pretty much given in to most bathhouse temptations, intimately knowing why male only bathhouses have existed over so many centuries and countries, having become devoted to what they offer. Having sex with other men is amazing, especially group sex or when using poppers.

But yesterday, for the first time, I went beyond flirting with temptation, though luckily, my partner was more responsible – and more than able to keep me enjoying the experience of just letting go completely.

This visit had been mixed before entering the dark room a second time. Most of my partners had been notably clumsy, and even the couple that weren’t had no particular talent. It is a basic truth that not everyone is particularly skilled when it comes to sex, but at the baths, occasionally, that truth is made plain. Just as the reverse is true – there are exceptional partners, ones whose abilities and desires perfectly match.

The same is true of situations. In the porn room, being the third one to suck a man’s cock was a real turn on, making me feel fantastically slutty as a man face fucked me in public. He ended up cumming, unable to stop himself as I played with his cock, cum spurting hard and hot, drops flying onto me. That set a certain mood, even without the poppers, since by the point I slid my lips over his wet cock head, my jacking off watching him already get blown by two strangers so near had me right on the edge of cumming.

On the other hand, the steam room was again mainly notable for clumsy partners, nothing ever happening for long, including cock sucking pairs that literally lasted for maybe a half minute before leaving again. Of course, clumsy or not, it is always nice to have a stranger go down on your cock, but today, even that was fairly rare.

Going back upstairs, there was someone with a towel over his face sitting in the sling. However, though I did play and make his cock grow stiff, he never seemed to react at all. This is something that leaves me utterly uninterested – playing with dolls has never been something that attracts me, and neither has being completely ignored.

However, the darkroom provided the sort of opportunity I have learned to take advantage of, a man laying flat, his head at the platform’s edge. It is so easy to position your cock and so good to feel it begin to enter a man’s willing mouth. Of course, I reached out to find his cock, letting things develop naturally, both of us growing hard and horny. Moving onto the platform on hands and knees, made it easy to get ready to go down on him too.

His finger began to probe my ass, feeling wonderful as he kept sucking me. Even before using the poppers I was going down on his sexy cock, getting lost in the pleasure of mutual cock sucking. After doing a hit of rush, the pleasure kept growing, deep throating him as I moved my hips, feeling his wettened finger slide deeper into my horny ass. Even before breathing out, my finger was probing his soft hole, sensations merging as we 69ed in gorgeously dirty fashion. We played for a while, even as several other men came and went.

All of whom wanted to fuck me, but canlı bahis at that point, I was not interested. My partner kept finger fucking me, but at times he needed to reminded to stay gentle, just another small interruption in wonderfully intense cock sucking, just like pushing men away. Finally, a third man joined, sucking the laying man’s cock before he turned his head to start going down on a new man.

Slowly, they became a fairly exclusive couple, prompting me to move to the middle, starting to explore the man that had been there the entire time I was being blown. Who I had first noticed when getting up on the platform, but who was distant enough to be of no concern as my cock swelled inside a stranger’s mouth. Now, however, having switched sides, he was close – and curious. His foot began to run along my leg, making me moan as it moved closer to my shaft, half hard against my thigh. My foot was soon doing the same, then sliding along his shaft, making him sigh in turn.

We made each other completely hard before I decided to move again, putting myself in position to be sucked, head pointing down towards his cock, on my knees. He was eager to start going down on me, and it became rapidly clear that he liked rimming too. I love being rimmed, something he also seemed to know before starting to lick my ass. When his tongue began to touch my hole, I sank down and started kissing his cock.

The sensations were as addictive as the first time I had felt them in a darkroom with a stranger – or by my first girlfriend. The pleasure is primal, short circuiting any thinking, falling under a tongue’s spell, wanting nothing but to keep experiencing pure animal bliss. Enjoying giving him a slutty blowjob while being rimmed led me to doing a hit of poppers, confident we would not end our mutual fun too quickly. Closing the bottle and putting it to the side, my mouth sank down his lovely length, with a finger beginning to touch and tease his soft hole.

As the hit took hold, deep throating became decadently easy, a finger circling just inside his anal ring, matching how my hips were moving against his face. The connections grew even more intense, moaning against his cock after breathing out, becoming completely entranced by how time stretched endlessly with each pulsing sensation. As had been mentioned by a couple of men at the leathershop where I bought them, the effects built slowly, but very powerfully.

As was happening now, sucking hot cock, shifting position so he could start kissing my willing ass, feeling fantastically dirty by showing my interest in getting rimmed. At the same time, the thought of rimming him was growing, even as his cock remained the focus of my attention, my wet cock pressing against his chest, getting carried along in a stream of irresistible sensations.

Knowing he was just as turned on was part of the pleasure – at the baths, there are no secrets regarding how hot male sex is, especially after finding a matching partner. We clearly shared a similar perspective in not wanting to simply cum, but instead to enjoy ourselves as long as possible.

Settling down into a heavenly extended period of mainly going down on each other, though with some hot kissing and lovely intervals of caressing, becoming even more mindless. His rimming was intoxicating, as was keeping a finger circling just inside his soft hole, both of us clearly interested in such anal delights. In my case, especially while sucking his extremely sexy cock.

His rod grew very bahis siteleri interesting while becoming intimately aware of it, the size and shape reminding me of a smooth dildo vibrator. Of a type first used to fuck myself when in high school, lubed with Vaseline, looking at Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Experiences that were incredible, stroking as the dildo went inside, cumming so good with my ass being filled. The dildo actually belonged to the mother of the friend I regularly jacked off with. It was made of smooth white plastic, the vibrating tip powered by 2 C batteries, and it was really kinky to think that she used it to get off too.

Now, in the dark room, enticing thoughts arose, and today, their power was intriguingly powerful. Certainly growing even more attractive after doing another hit, head down to lick his hot hole, hands gripping his raised thighs, tonguing him wantonly, whatever was possible to reach, cock in his mouth, guiding me on through his oral reactions.

We switched roles, and now, sucking him deep, I began thinking how good it would be to feel his naked cock fuck me. The thought seemed straightforward, no reason to think about it, simply a natural part of two men having sex. That purely natural aspect appealed most, just being carried along by desire, wondering what it would be like to guide this cock into my ass, to just fuck.

Our oral games continued, now starting to talk, amazed at how horny I became – “Fuck me .. fuck me with that sexy cock .. I want cock .. in my ass .. fuck me .. sexy cock.” This just added another thrill to getting off on such dirty explicit sex, overwhelmingly turned on, wanting a naked cock in my ass, with an opportunity existing right now.

I moved down, trying to position myself to feel his cock against my ass, talking about being fucked, of wanting naked cock, moving my hips, stroking a rigid rod, lost in a paradise of desire. I had a condom, but it was unnecessary at this point. A fact that also made me hornier, amazed at how a total sense of freedom had taken me over. Wanting this seductive cock to fuck me with an intensity never experienced before.

The first contact of his velvet feeling head led to me moaning “oh fuck yes .. I want .. naked cock .. hot fucking.” This was certainly not the first time a willing cock had pressed against my hole, but it was the first time I was completely willing to be fucked barebacked. More than that, this was the first time actively trying to be fucked without a condom, to give in to seductive desire after so many years of self-control. Becoming such a total cock slut was fantastic, like those very first fantasies from the late 70s, feeling a dildo slide inside me.

Luckily, as we kept playing, it became clear he still retained enough control to keep from indulging my wild fantasy. And, honestly enough, I never really found the correct position, even when he was lost in a moment or two of distraction. Slowly, the idea of fucking lost its power a bit, allowing me to move my cock back to his head. Soon, his tongue returned to my hole, making me moan around his deep throated shaft.

I did a hit of rush before putting my face between his open thighs, starting to rim him shamelessly as he did the same. This was heavenly, lost in pure animal sensations. Knowing my ass was being lubed with each luscious lick, I moved to slide my cock against his, heads soon sliding against a yielding sack, sharing the stroking, heads approaching, then touching holes, but never positioning bahis şirketleri beyond that, as being cock to cock felt fantastic.

Temptation remained, an awareness of the incredible thrill by just deciding to be simply fucked, giving in to desire. Having felt its power, I wanted it to return, to just let myself naturally fuck a sexy cock, wanting it inside. Believing that it would feel so much better, just like being sucked bare is irresistibly better, and no distracting pause while putting something on. To return to the very first fantasies of bathhouse sex, back in the late 70s, with a hot man’s cock turning me on in a way I had never felt.

We kept playing delightful oral games, until I returned to his hips, mutually jerking off like before, so hard against each other. 69 deep throating, arms against thighs, thrusting and holding each other forcefully, enjoying sharing an equal strength while having passionate sex.

He returned to rimming me, making me give him the sluttiest blow job possible, wanting to fuck him. Trying to make him so horny and slippery that his gorgeous dick would effortlessly slide into me. It remained amazing what I wanted so completely – and could have. This time, I held his slippery rod while moving, guiding the tip to slide invitingly over my waiting fuck hole, ready to take a man deep inside. This lasted for a bit, until his hand replaced mine along his shaft, after another period of mutual jacking.

When my hand started playing with my cock again, he was able to regain a bit of control, so that nothing more than occasional tempting contact occurred. I had moved higher while jacking off, and after his finger touched my hole, the delight was overwhelming. Completely exposed, ass displayed as he fingered me so good, entranced by the sensations. His slippery finger combined with jacking off while thinking of sliding his naked rod past the sensitive, in a way still virgin ring that was being so perfectly played with. Completely under his spell, a total ass slut.

We clearly shared experience and interests, knowing how to enjoy another man while masturbating, riding the edge of orgasm, being touched and licked. Thinking was possible, but only in the most superficial sense. Understanding was easier, such as knowing that his slick finger was slipperier than his cock by this point, and happening right now. He was playing with his own cock for the same reason – because once you start, it is so exquisitely hard to stop.

Playing with yourself makes fantasies seem real, the idea of naked ass fucking continuing to utterly dominate my mind, thinking that a cock would be even better than a married woman’s dildo. One that had made me cum so hard the first time I fucked myself with it, sliding the smooth lubed length back and forth until orgasm took over, cum spattering everywhere.

Finally, my left hand grew very stiff, forcing me to move and break the wonderful spell that had held me. We returned to cock sucking and rimming, and when I moved back to his hips, we began to play cock to cock again. A third man became involved, being sucked by the laying man as our jacking off continued.

After being in paradise so long, the presence of another man to take over was too useful to pass up, so I slowly withdrew, letting blood flow into various muscles that had not been moved for a while. Leaving with a familiar sense of endless time having gone by, without being aware of how much. Seeing a clock, it was not precisely surprising that I had been in the dark room for 2 straight hours, yet the time was still quite long. I easily spent at least an hour in another man’s mouth, and almost that much time sucking cocks – another glorious stretch in bathhouse heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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