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It was a Sunday afternoon in February, in the UK. Typically, it was howling wind, rain battering against the window, and my girlfriend and I were just sitting around the flat enjoying the fact that we were at home together and had absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the day.

The TV ran typical Sunday afternoon nonsense: black and white movies about submarines and documentaries about long dead composers. We contentedly skimmed the channels without really taking anything in. It was in this mood of lazy decadence that I decided I would have a bath; a luxury to someone like me who generally values those extra minutes in bed in the morning far too highly and always starts the day with a rushed shower.

I announced my attention to the room as if it were of utmost importance to mankind, kissed my girlfriends forehead, walked to the bathroom and turned on the taps. As the room filled with steam I removed my clothes and casually examined myself in the mirror. When the bath was ready I gently lowered myself into the soapy water until I could lie horizontally with only my head and my knees appearing above the surface. With a deep sigh I felt all the stresses of the week soak out through my skin and into the warm water.

I closed my eyes and my hand absent-mindedly drifted to my penis, which was floating upwards and looked like a rather bizarre, tiny, soft erection. I pulled the foreskin all the way back to reveal the soft pink end, then released it, allowing it to return to its original state. I did this again and fanned some water against my exposed head, which felt mildly pleasurable and caused it to swell a little.

I sighed gently again and stroked the now semi erect length of my cock between two fingers, while lightly pinching a nipple beneath the water. As my dick became fully erect it protruded above the surface of the water, which amused me slightly. I closed my eyes again and tugged my balls lightly while tensing the muscles at the base of my cock and causing it to pop up out or the water.

“What a way to waste an afternoon” I thought bahis firmaları to myself, and smiled. As I did so I opened one eye, only to see my girlfriend standing by the bath wearing only her white panties and a big smile.

“having fun?” she asked, still grinning.

I felt a little embarrassed at having been caught, net really masturbating, more just playing with myself. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled back, rather sheepishly.

“Is there room in there for one more?” she asked as she slipped one hand under the rim of her lace, semi-see-through panties. I could see her fingers travel over her narrow line of pubic hair towards her neat little pussy.

“Of course there is” I replied. “Come on in.”

I reached out ant tugged at her little panties. She used her other hand and together we slipped them over her pretty round ass to the ground while her right hand continued to massage her clit.

I shifted up a little to make room. She climbed in at the other end with her legs over mine so that her feet rested at either side of my waist and she sat on my legs.

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything” she said with a wicked smile, as she wrapped her fingers around my hard dick.

I just shook my head and smiled back at her.

“Sometimes I like to touch myself in the bath too” she said as she stroked my cock with long, deliberate strokes.

“Yeah?” I replied “well why don’t you show me what you do in here, when the door is locked?”

She smiled again. ” You want to see that? But that’s personal…”

“I wont tell”

I could see that she was getting turned on by this idea, and I knew that I was.

Slowly, she took her hand from my dick and moved it to between her open legs, then breathed deeply as she moved her fingers beneath the water.

“I cant see anything” I said, “there’s too many bubbles.”

She feigned annoyance then lent her other arm on the rim of the bath and raised her body up out of the water, pushing her dripping cunt towards my face.

“Look!” she commanded as she pushed kaçak iddaa two delicate fingers fingered into her wet hole. I couldn’t look anywhere else!

She rubbed her clit and cunt lips with her hand as she roughly fingered her little pink opening, for my enjoyment. I started to stroke my cock as I watched her.

“Does that feel good? I asked, “Are you going to cum for me?

She stared me right in the eye as she continued to work on her pussy. The look on her face alone was enough to drive me wild.

“Show me how you make yourself cum”

“Uuummm” she moaned as she bit her bottom lip.

I began rubbing my cock more quickly, in time with her.

“You’re a dirty girl really, aren’t you? I bet you love to make yourself cum when I’m not around. Don’t you?”

“uuuh, yeah” she moaned. “I love to cum”

She shifted slightly and stopped fingering herself, instead concentrating on her clit. She rubbed her fingertips rapidly across the swollen bud and thrusted her hips forward as the sensation raced through her. Her small pink nipples stood hard and erect.

I was really enjoying watching her fuck herself as I rubbed my cock in time with her fingers. As she thrust her hips forward her ass came right out of the water. I slid down the bath a little way so that my dick was right below her cunt. I slapped my cock against her pussy lips a couple of times, then I gently slid the end of my dick between her soapy, wet ass cheeks. I left just it there and enjoyed the feeling of being lightly squeezed between those soft fleshy mounds while I kept stroking the base of my shaft and watching her frig herself wildly.

She gave me another mischievous ‘what do think you’re doing down there’ look and then tensed her cheeks a couple of times. It felt wonderful, and I’m sure she could tell by my reaction. She started to squeeze me between her cheeks at a regular pace, which felt like heaven!

Her breathing was becoming slightly laboured and she let out soft little moans as she flicked her bean and occasionally delved into her pussy with two kaçak bahis and sometimes three fingers. As I wanked the base of my cock and she pumped my head between her gorgeous cheeks I couldn’t help pressing forward a little with my hips until I met resistance.

We had explored this aspect of our sex life before and I respected the fact that she didn’t really enjoy it and I had no intention of ruining this moment by trying anything silly, so I held back and enjoyed the amazing sensations that I was experiencing already.

She let out a louder moan. One I had heard before many times and I knew she was about to cum. Her fingers flew over her pink, engorged pussy.

“Uh yeah, you want to see me? You want to see me cum? Oh fuck…”

Her body was flushed deep red and the look on her face was a sort of strained determination as she pounded her clit.

She had forgotten about squeezing her ass against my cock but I didn’t mind. I was stroking myself quickly and squeezing my balls as the head of my dick slid back and forth between her wet cheeks and I could feel I was going to cum really soon too.

“Uuurg…” she screamed as the first wave of orgasm rocked through her tensed body, and she moved to squeeze a nipple with her left hand, but as she did so her left arm that had supported her weight until then slipped from the edge of the bath. With nothing else to support her she fell.

My dick was already pressed up against her asshole and when she fell it had nowhere else to go but inside.

“Aaagh, my god!” she screamed as the combination of the pain of sudden anal penetration and the pleasure of her orgasm hit her at once.

I also let out a cry. I was only moments from cumming and suddenly I was buried up to my balls in her hot ass. I shot my load instantly. She was already gripped by orgasm and kept rubbing her clit as I grabbed her hips and pumped shot after shot of cum into her ass.

After a few moments we regained ourselves enough to move.

“Oops” she said timidly, still with a wide-eyed look of shock on her face.

She got up and, with a little difficulty, pulled herself off me. My cum dribbled from her asshole into the soapy bathwater. She lay in my arms on top of me with her head on my chest as our breathing returned to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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