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I didn’t get to know him as Derek until I found myself saying; ‘Hey I don’t even know your name yet’

So this is one of those stories where events somehow took over! And doing market research is not something I ever really wanted to do. It was a temporary student job but it meant staying several days in a place and doing these survey forms. The were really boring too!

But it was only when I got back to the guest house that I found myself missing company. An evening meal and a drink in a bar is OK but it can be difficult to get to know folks when you are a stranger in a place. That time the only likely place to get something was this small pub in the village.

“Do you do any meals or snacks?” I asked this guy behind the bar.

“Er yes! No, I mean Yes of course! but I’m afraid it would have to be something in the sandwich line as I’m here on my own.”

Being preoccupied with whether I was going to have to go somewhere else I hadn’t taken too much notice of him. He seemed flustered as first but then smiled as if to put me at ease. I suppose I had noticed that he was a handsome but honestly I was not out looking for a guy! So looking back, I don’t know what it was; he was sort of deliberate in the way he went about things but at the same time a little flustered and never quite in control.

The bar was almost completely empty apart from a couple of old men regulars to whom Derek (Yes you’ve guessed) was humouring with bits of conversation about the weather.

After producing this excellent salad, much better than I had expected, after a couple of pints of beer Derek started chatting. He said he was a sea fisherman but was taking a week shore leave to look after his parents pub while they were on holiday.

At this stage it was all very normal. He was washing up glasses and talking about what it was like to be out on the high seas manning the nets for days on end. It all sounded so hardy and physical. I began to imagine his strong arms pulling at the ropes.

I don’t know how it happened really as I had never been attracted to a guy in this sort of way before. I was in my early twenties then and had had quite few girl friends, but I never seemed to keep them for long. And I certainly didn’t see myself as gay either but all the time I just couldn’t help looking at Derek’s physique. He had a nice face too but his chest was big and he had this firm well-built look about him. I also got the feeling he enjoyed being admired and I just couldn’t stop glancing at him in that way!

Then there was this towelling shirt and khaki jeans he had on; the only bare parts of Derek you could see were his forearms and the lower part of his biceps. The short sleeves hung loosely showing occasional glimpse of paler skin higher up.

“It obviously keeps you fit!” I said to encourage him as he was telling me all about the tough life of being a trawler man.

“Do you mean that: ‘Obviously’?” he looked at me with expectation.

“Yea of course. Well I mean, you do look fit. … I think anyone would say you’ve got a nice physique”

“And you’re the first to say so! … That kind of makes my day! Do you know that?” He looked elated and had a wild look in his eyes. I guessed I had started something!

“It’s just a simple statement of fact really” I said trying to make it sound like I just wanted to be frank.

“No it .. it makes me feel just so good!” he said running his hand right up the length of his arm and under his shirt sleeves to his bare chest. The next thing he was leaning forward on his elbows and pulling his shirt sleeve right up over his shoulder to expose his swollen biceps.

“Just feel these! Have you ever felt muscles as hard as that?” As I felt his arm I got really excited; I felt my face flushing as I was going red. I was too embarrassed to say anything else. I noticed how his forearms were brown, strong and covered with dark hairs. I ran my hand along his left arm to his elbow. It was all happening in a way like I felt I was on automatic! I didn’t feel even embarrassed any more.

“That’s why I like my job so much; it keeps me in peak fitness and earns me a living at the same time you see. So when most guys try to get fit jogging and going to gyms, I go out in my own sailing boat at weekends; that’s how I make sure every muscle in my body is at its prime… You probably think I’m some sort of fanatic!”

“I’m just thinking what a poor comparison I make!” I said as Derek was getting a bit overwhelming.

I rolled up my shirt sleeve and showed him my puny slim upper arm. I had nothing to compare with his masculinity.

To my surprise he started touching me. He very tenderly felt my upper arm then stoked my forearms.

“You have nothing wrong with you in the slightest! Do you understand!” His voice had dropped to an earnest whisper. I felt my cock leap in my pants so I had to put my hand down to make adjustments. I don’t know if he noticed because he went on to explain in anatomical terms how each muscle responds bahis firmaları to different activities. He could actually be quite boring so I decided to get bolder and take the lead.

“Lets see your chest muscles then” I dared him taking his line as an excuse. Without the slightest hesitation he pulled up his shirt to reveal the most beautiful male muscular chest I have ever seen. His skin was pale and smooth despite his rather dark hair. I began to feel him further when suddenly he remembered the bar was still officially open.

“I must go and lock up. It wouldn’t do for someone to walk in!” He set off out of sight leaving me feeling flushed and excited. I could hear him closing and locking doors. Had he locked us in? I wondered

“There we are! Now where was I?” He returning looking flustered again.

“You were just taking your shirt off so I could admire some more of your body”. I explained cheekily. I was trying to steer his conversation from boring talk about fitness to something more… yea…interesting. But the sight of him naked from the waist up was having an uncontrollable effect on me and I started running my hands over him.

“This isn’t fair. I don’t get to see you, do I?!” he said sounding a bit breathless.

“I didn’t know you wanted to!” I said taking my shirt off. We held one another in each others arms for several minutes. He felt so warm and strong! Our eyes fixed on each other.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m not really gay but there is something about you” He said to me.

“About me!? Why I’m just reacting to a beautiful body. You are like a Greek god you know!” He was silent for once.

“Anyway” I continued. “Better take those jeans down so I have a good feel of those strong thigh muscles you were on about”

“You had better come up to my room. You get late comers trying to peep through the curtains here sometimes” He led the way up a narrow stairs to his bedroom. He closed the door and we stood looking at each other to a few seconds conscious of our growing erections.

“Do you want to see me in the nude?” I asked him in case he still had any ideas of continuing the fitness topic.

I didn’t wait for an answer, I just took off my jeans and dropped my pants in front of him to reveal my full erection and everything private about me. I just wanted him to see me totally naked. It was the first time I had exposed myself to a guy sexually and I got a huge thrill as his eyes dropped to look at my genitals.

I walked over to him and unbuckled his khaki trousers and slipped them down stroking and kissing his smooth strong thighs as I went.

“There isn’t a single thing wrong with you either! You are fucking lovely! I don’t know if another guy has ever told you how sexy you are.

We were now handling each other’s cocks and as I took his in my mouth I was getting very near to orgasm. It all seemed to happen so quickly! I had never sucked a guy before and so I didn’t realise what effect it would have on me. The more I sucked and licked his rigid fuck pole the more I wanted him inside my ass. I just couldn’t help it! I starting feeling so conscious of my ass hole. I think I must have been dilating already.

“Is there a shower in the en-suite?” I asked.

It was a bath shower with a curtain around. As the water pressure teased our naked bodies we soaped each other all over and especially in the most intimate and exciting places.

He was fondling my buttocks which made me crazy with expectation. I used to probe my anus while masturbating and I longed for another person to it to me especially him! My buttocks are quite big and rounded and I was proud to show him my deep cleft. His were strong hard and muscular but when I started feeling them I suddenly got an urge to dive into him. I started trying to get behind him but he realised what was happening and seemed to be trying to do the same to me. But after experiencing his cock even so briefly I knew I could never resist him.

He had turned off the shower now and we were both covered in soap. It was difficult to keep a footing as we struggled together for physical supremacy.

But he was so much stronger than me. I just couldn’t prevent him from turning me round and pulling me back against him. I could feel the strength of his muscles as he pulled my bottom towards his huge towering, raging hard cock. It felt so hot and firm as he slipped it between my soapy buttocks.

My heart was pounding. It was everything I could possibly long for. At any moment I would feel him inside me.

“Please fuck me!!” I said in desperation as he hesitated.

That did it! He pushed his cock against me in a frantic way and I had to direct his knob to my asshole.

There was no stopping him now, even he couldn’t control himself any longer. I felt a sustained pressure on my inner sphincter for some time as he pushed his penis into me. Then I felt myself yielding. Oh I just had to! It was as if my bum was inviting him in. I felt myself kaçak iddaa stretching; it was a little painful bit so wonderful!! then his thick firm cock suddenly surged into my bottom. His hot ram-rod was right up my rectum. Oh fuck! he felt SO!! BIG!!!

I was crying out with excitement. I hope nobody heard me! He was pumping my ass massively from behind Derek had so much pent up energy! But then Oh Wow I got this massive anal orgasm. It took over my whole body, I felt huge spasms deep in my bottom. Derek had propelled my innermost genitals into a frenzy. He was breathing heavily on my tingling neck and in the middle of my spasms I felt his dick spurting hot cum into me. It was like a tidal surge of semen as I lay there with this strong man injecting it all up my bum.

“Thank you! Oh thank you!!” I remember crying out in fact I was literally crying.

There was a pause as we both steadied ourselves.

“Are you OK?” I asked him as he was looking a bit strange.

“No, I just never… Oh fuck! what came over me? I should have put on a condom at least!”

“You’re OK I’m perfectly clean I’ve never had sex with a guy before. Let me wash your cock then you go and have a good piss. You’ll be fine!”

“Hey did you say you were staying at a guest house? Can you get back in? Have you got a key?”

“Yes that’s no problem. Do you want me to go then?” I said thinking he was on a downer.

“No sorry I’m just a bit.. I don’t know … just the pace of things!” He paused then went on more calmly. “When I come to think of it I read somewhere most people experience same sex intercourse at least once in their lives. I just never thought I would get so carried away!”

We both finished off showering and he went and lay on the bed still in the nude.

“I don’t even know your name!” he said.

“I’m Carl” I replied, “I’m Derek” he responded “Good to meet you” He said humorously.

“Even better to be fucked by you” I said stroking his strong legs. I wondered how long he would take to get erect again.

We lay beside each other. My cock was still hard. His was limp but thick and lovely! I wanted to grasp it but resisted for a little while.

“Isn’t it a bit fanatical” I said by way of conversation “Just to train your body to a state of fitness when no other person gets to see it? It is quite something when you express your fitness in the way you just did though. I guess you used every one of your prime fitness muscles to the full!” I said running my hand over his beautiful naked body.

He turned to me suddenly: “You know that’s quite the nicest thing you could say.” “You see I can’t really even take my shirt off on the boat or the crew think I’m crazy. You see they are all so traditional. ‘You just don’t do that when you’re working’ kind of thing, you know. It’s different when I go out in the yacht. On a nice day I often fish in the nude when I’m far enough way from the shore.”

“So then you can show off your beautiful body to nobody!” I said to reinforce my point. “It’s crazy really. Do you not have a girl friend?”

“Yea I’ve had a few but not just now.” Then he looked at me and said quickly: “It’s OK they’re all clean! …. No I don’t know, it’s just that they start organising me and trying to force me to change my life style.”

“But they must admire your naked body surely!?”

“Well yes I suppose so but it doesn’t give me the same kick to hear it from a girl as it does from you. … I don’t know why really … Perhaps it’s all about impressing other guys. That’s what really gives me a kick. .. Then I do it once too often and end up in bed with one!” His speech was hesitant as he tried to continue amid increasing excitement.

By now I had begun massaging his cock very gently and it was swelling in my hand. I went down and started to suck and lick him all over his genitals, his big bulging testicles and lovely long hard shaft. I took it right into my throat this time.

“My cock’s going to ache like hell after this. I’m just not used to all this sex.”

“Yes you are Derek. You see now I know your name. OK lie down the opposite way to me because I guess we need to get down to some simultaneous intimacy. Have you got some cream? We will need to lube each other” I said “I think you’re more experienced than you admit.”

He found some body lotion and we lay on our sides together with our faces next to each others genitals.

“Lets get down to detail” I said as I took his cock in my mouth again and began to grope his testicles. It was like a feast of sex to be so close to his private male sex organs. I wanted to lick, kiss and examine him everywhere. I started feeling his powerful balls. As I licked around his soft scrotum all I could think of was getting further back between his thighs which were only slightly apart. He had quite a lot of hairs behind his balls going back to where his lower buttocks met in a shadowy cleft.

I was licking him up between his legs now. I could feel my heart thumping as I tried kaçak bahis to squeeze my head between his firm thighs.

“Hey raise your leg up so I can get at your ass!”

He parted his legs a bit so I could explore further towards where the pale skin of his buttocks. He was clasping them together but I was frantic to open them up and investigate his slit.

His lower buttocks were lovely and soft to lick and even though he was clasping his muscles further up I was managing to prise my way into his cleft with my fingers and reaching further in with the tip of my tongue. His hairiness increased as I got further in. He seemed to be getting mild goose pimples from excitement as my tongue probed towards my ultimate goal.

He was licking me all around my balls and then further up. I was longing for him to make contact with my cock. But when he did so I flinched so much he thought I wanted him to stop. I had to encourage him to take me in his mouth again; I was going so crazy with excitement and anticipation; I knew I could not hold out much longer.

But then I just forced his bum cheeks apart with my fingers. My mouth was watering as I stretched the tip of my tongue deep into his slit.

He was still trying to clasp his buttocks against me but then further in his skin seemed suddenly very soft and sensitive. Through my tongue I felt the smooth radiating creases of his anus. I noticed how each time he sucked my cock his ass was relaxing up a bit more. What more of an invitation could I want?

Derek seemed to drop all resistance at this point as suddenly he parted his legs and I found myself adoring the smooth folds of his open sphincter as I licked him deep with my saliva.

And there was the centre point of my attention! This was my goal!! His cherry had clasped tightly against my tongue but as I licked and teased him more I noticed he was clasping and unclasping more regularly. The more I licked his hole the more he opened up between spasms so I could get my tongue right inside him.

My whole face was buried in Derek’s bottom! I had been neglecting his cock. I knew things were about to explode and I was almost dizzy with excitement about getting up him as we had both held back till now but this it!! “Your asshole gives away all your secrets, did you know that?” I said quietly as I worked my finger around the little pink creases that radiate from his tight pink cherry.

“Every time I squeeze your dick it makes you asshole react. Did you know you are opening up when I lick you?” He didn’t react but as I said it his anus opened momentarily and I could tell he was ready for the next stage. I wanted to talk to him about what I was doing. I didn’t want it to be secretive.

By now I had him well lubed so I began to push my finger into his anus. Very gently I pushed it in a little way further to challenge his inner sphincter. He seemed to open up for me and I found the his sex gland in seconds. I could feel it pulsating against my finger tip.

He was kissing me all over my buttocks and down my thighs. My cock was raging to go so when he suddenly took it in his mouth I felt myself loosing control.

By now we were both acting on impulse as we each sucked each other’s rock hard erections and took our dicks deep in our mouths.

Which was more exciting his hole or his dick? I had no time to think, I could not even think at all.

My whole body was building up for a massive sexual explosion as I felt my genitals tighten from the tip of my cock in his mouth right back into my bum. Derek had taken control of me internally and was propelling me into another huge orgasm.

I couldn’t help it! I shot all my pent up cum straight down his throat as he in turn jerked off in my mouth. His semen tasted really good but what I loved was the way he was performing inside! I could feel his prostate pounding with my finger as his anus went in violent clasping spasms.

It probably lasted only seconds but it seemed like several minutes as our naked bodies writhed on the bed in sheer ecstasy! It was only as we he removed his finger from inside my ass that my orgasm subsided.

We lay silently for several minutes beside each other on the bed. I can honestly say I was so carried away that if anyone had walked in the door in last half hour I would neither have cared nor noticed. (Unless of course they joined in!)

“Oh Fuck Carl! That was astronomical!! You must be the sexiest bastard this side of the galaxy! I don’t know what you did to me but fucking hell it was thermo- nuclear!”

“Your cock looks like a lovely thick soft hose now.” I said “I had better leave you to sleep”.

I pulled a quilt over his naked body and by the time I was dressed he was fast asleep.

I went back to my guest house with a warm feeling as I walked along the street. I could imagine his sperm swimming up deep into my rectum.

The following morning my landlady was a bit surprised that I was checking out earlier than previously arranged so I made an excuse about having met a friend. As she had followed my answer with an immediate question about how I had got on down at the pub, I remembered how someone once told me that the locals always know more than you think!

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