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The final humiliation by Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd was reaching its very kinky conclusion. I was looking really cute in Karen Lloyd’s pink pyjamas. I could smell Karen’s perfume and bodily juices on them. Karen had even left her shit stains in the ass part. I was now paraded in Auntie Jean’s bedroom. Kimberley Holmes, laughed at my blushing face. Her black, satin pyjamas were turning me on. Auntie Jean was wearing a pink, flowery nightdress. Underneath she wore a large pair of emerald, green, nylon panties.

“Hier! Carly babes, about time you were breast-fed on Auntie Kimberley’s lap,” teased Jean.

“Oh! Mam, stop teasing the poor pretty sissy, come on kinky Carly, lets lift you up onto my lap,” said Kim in her sexiest voice.

For the readers information, Jean called her daughter Kim, but I had to call her Auntie Kimberley. Jean kept lifting up her nightdress, especially for me, showing me her large panties. Kim had unbuttoned her pyjama jacket. Her enormous breasts fell out. Kim forced my face on to her nipple. Sucking milk from Kim’s breast made me feel very satisfied. Auntie Jean held my balls through my pyjama trousers, squeezing them tightly.

“There’s a good Carly babes, that’s makes you bounce up and down on Auntie Kimberley’s knee,” said Jean laughing.

“That’s a good girl Carly, keep sucking my tits, you kinky fucking sissy,” taunted Kim.

I sucked harder on Kim’s nipple, then after 10 minutes was switched to her other one. Fresh, creamy, breast milk poured down my throat. Kim groaned with ecstasy. Her Mother cackled like an insane lunatic.

After I had finished drinking Auntie Kimberley dry for the time being, she wiped my mouth with her filthy, paper hanky. Auntie Jean picked her nose as a special treat for me. I was now ready for anything. I wanted to be humiliated in front of my two favourite Aunts. A screen was showing the film of it in the bar downstairs. Auntie Jean picked me up from Kim’s lap and threw me on the bed. She jumped on top of me, nearly suffocating me with her heavy weight. Kim laughed, as she got into the bed, pulling the satin sheets over her. Auntie Jean used her full weight to keep me pinned down on the bed. She was giving me sloppy, wet kisses all over my face. Kim was blowing her nose noisily into a pretty, white, paper hanky. Her green snot was filling the hanky very quickly. Jean was bahis firmaları now sitting on my face. I could hardly breathe, as her green, nylon panties were crammed over my lips and nose.

“Ooh!!! You kinky little bugger Carly, I had a chicken madras for my supper last night, been farting most of the day, smell this you disgusting pervert,” shouted Jean.

Auntie Jean let out a loud rasping fart, which brought out the most disgusting shitty smell I had ever known. Then she farted quietly, which produced a brown stain on her panties. I was determined not to be sick. I started to sniff Auntie Jean’s ass, which made her burst out laughing. Kim was still blowing her nose.

“There’s a good sissy Carly babes, sniff my stinking farts you kinky bugger,” said Jean.

“Oh! Auntie Jean. you smell delicious, my fat cunting Auntie fucker,” I mumbled

“Lick my shit stained panties babes, good girl for Auntie Jean,” replied Jean.

“Oh! Mam, your disgusting,” laughed Kim into her snotty hanky.

I was now licking away at Auntie Jean’s stained, green, nylon panties. I was enjoying every minute of it. Jean was so proud of me, as I pulled her panties down, licking the crack of her fat ass. Jean continued to make stinking rasping farts for me to inhale. I was in seventh heaven. Kim was still blowing her nose. She was recovering from a heavy cold, two weeks earlier.

“Ooh! Carly, you are a dirty fucking twat, but I have only just started your punishment,” said Jean.

Jean removed her ass off my face, pulling me into bed between her and her daughter. They both put their arms around me. Kim wiped my mouth were her very snotty hanky. They both kissed me all over my face. I have never been so happy. Kim made me put her hanky into my mouth. Jean laughed as I chewed Kim’s snotty hanky in my mouth, licking my lips.

“I’m your Auntie Jean, pick my nose my eighteen year old sissy niece,” ordered Jean.

“Thank you Auntie Jean, I love picking your snobby, large nose, look at me Auntie Kimberley,” I said proudly.

“You are a clever girl Carly,” said Kim.

After I had eaten three sticky bogies from her nose, Jean led me to the toilet. Kim remained in the bedroom. Jean lifted up her nighty, dropping her panties. Jean sat on the toilet with me on her lap. She told me that she had taken laxative earlier and that she was ready kaçak iddaa to have a good smelly shit. I was ordered to pick her nose again. All of a sudden Jean grunted, making a very loud fart. Auntie Jean was shitting into the toilet at an alarming rate. The smell in the toilet was stinking. It sounded very runny as it plopped out of Jean’s fat ass. Jean put me down on the floor as she stood up.

“Ooh! that’s better babes, now guess who is going to wipe my shitty ass,” said Jean.

“I will be proud to clean your fat ass, Auntie Jean,” I replied.

Auntie Jean made me take off my pyjama jacket, to use it to wipe her ass. This I did, as Jean groaned with satisfaction. Jean then made me put my pyjama top back on, caked in her smelly shit. Jean then grabbed me by the hair and made me look into the toilet. It was full of runny shit. She forced my head down into the toilet, making me pick a turd up in my mouth. Then she pulled the chain. I was soaking wet, with her smelly turd hanging from my mouth. Jean howled with laughter. Jean pulled up her panties, as she adjusted her nighty. I sucked the rest of her turd into my mouth, chewing it up in front of my proud Auntie. Jean then blew a load of fresh green snot into a pretty flowery hanky. She then wiped it over my mouth. I had a mixture of Auntie Jean’s snot and shit all over my face. I was Carly Lloyd aged eighteen, being humiliated by an obese, perverted Jean Drummond Lloyd. We both returned to the bedroom. Kim had pulled back the duvet. A soaking wet patch, was showing at the crotch of her satin, pyjama trousers. Kimberley Holmes had wet herself especially for me. Jean removed my pyjamas, making me put on Kim’s brief, white panties and bra. We both got into bed next to Kim. Jean forced my face into the wet crotch of Kim.

“That’s a good babes, lick my daughters pyjamas, suck and smell her urine you kinky bugger,” said Jean.

“Oooh! Sissy Carly, my perverted transvestite,” moaned Kim.

I had now decided to fuck my Auntie Kimberley Holmes. I ripped the wet material of her crotch, revealing her moist pussy. Kim took my cock out from my panties. Kimberley screamed as I stuck my stiff throbbing cock inside her. Jean encouraged me to screw her daughter until she begged me to stop. I sucked Kim’s nipples, as I played with her large tits. Then I kissed Auntie Kimberley, sucking her red lips. My kaçak bahis tongue was inside her mouth, licking her teeth, sucking her tongue and licking her tonsils. I humped Auntie Kimberley for 20 minutes solid. She had that satisfied look on her face. She knew that I was a better fuck than her husband Kevin. Fucking Kim, wearing her lingerie was also fun. Kim loved stroking my panties, as she fondled my Karen Lloyd tits. Auntie Jean finally pulled me off her daughter. I was now on top of Auntie Jean, as her flowery nighty came away in my hand. I just wanted to fuck the fat cunt. Jean picked up her mobile, ringing her beast friend Francis Murphy. She wanted Francis to hear me fucking her. Jean snotted into my face. Then she rubbed it all over my mouth with her hand. I picked her ugly nose. Jean groaned with pleasure.

“Oooh you kinky bugger Carly, fuck me you perverted bastard,” screamed Jean.

“I would do anything for you Auntie Jean,” I shouted out loud.

“When we meet up again I want you to shag Pam Williams and her 20 year old daughter Hayley for me,” Jean demanded.

“Yes Auntie Jean, I will also shag Pam’s 18 year old niece Samantha Franklin,” I said proudly.

“That will be lovely, Carly babes, fuck me you dirty cunt humper,” yelled Jean.

I plunged my cock between Auntie Jean’s legs, taking her large nose into my mouth. Sucking her green snot was so delicious. My tongue licked her makeup off, brushing against the revolting hairs, sprouting from her chin. Kim laughed as I pumped my semen inside her fat Mother. The end couldn’t have been more disgusting. Auntie Jean let out a horrible fart, as she shit all over the bed. The smell was foul, but I knew that I loved my Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd. As we both rolled in her smelly shit, I licked her dirty fat ass clean. Auntie Kimberley vomited into my face. I was delighted, as my tongue licked some of her vomit from the corners of my mouth. Kim turned over, as I screwed her ass off.

We all had a shower, then we got dressed. I was ready to leave but, Auntie Jean gave me a telling off.

“That will teach you Carly babes never to cross me again.” said Jean.

“Yes Auntie Jean, I do love you so much,” I said in a pathetic voice.

“Next time You will have my friends Francis Murphy and Judith Boland to fuck as well,” Jean shouted.

I left my local club a humiliated, but satisfied man, knowing that Jean Drummond Lloyd now owned me. I was now her sex slave for the rest of my life. Auntie Jean will return in other stories, that I can promise you. My God, I am such a kinky slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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