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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 2 – The Helpful Hardware Man Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not.

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Chapter 2

The next day at school was really fun. Andrew was put on a project with one of his friends, Kerry. “I”m glad we get to be partners on this project.” Andrew offered.

“I know, this will be fun. Since we take the same bus and live close by, we can get together after school to work on it.” Kerry responded.

“Maybe we can go to the craft store together to buy the supplies we need.” And Andrew knew that asking for money from his mom was always a problem. “Do you think your mom would take us?”

“I”m sure she will. I”ll ask her tonight.” Kerry and Andrew sat at the work table and drew out their project and made a list of things they thought they needed from the craft store. Luckily, the teacher had provided a list as well.

After school, they lined up for the bus. Andrew was worried about the bullies. “Kerry, Bucky, and Gary said they were going to kill me after school. I”m going to have to run home.”

“Give me your bag, I can bring it over later. That way, you can just run.” Kerry suggested.

“No, I only have one book and if they catch me I can use it to block their punches.”

“Good idea.”

When the bus pulled in after school, he looked around to see if the boys were waiting. He couldn”t see anything. He was hoping it was safe. As he stepped off the bus, he could smell the putrid stench from the cat pee bushes, as the kids called them, that surrounded the school. He knew someone had been in them since they only smell when they are disturbed. He knew that from being thrown and shoved into them often.

Just then, he heard a crack of a branch. “Get him, get the little faggot!” they yelled as they jumped out of the bushes and started chasing him. There were four of them. Andrew grabbed his bag tight and ran as fast as he could. He was three steps ahead of the other boys as he grabbed the pull string and the gate flew open. He dropped his bag and grabbed the shovel and swung it. The shovel hit Gary right in the temple with a loud ringing sound. Gary immediately dropped to the sidewalk, lifeless.

“Fuck” shouted Bucky, Gary”s best friend.

The boys that were chasing him were now surrounding Gary. When his head hit the concrete sidewalk, you could hear and feel the thud. Blood was gushing out.

“You fucking killed him. You”re going to pay!” Bucky screamed. Andrew jumped over them and ran into the house. “Go get help!” Bucky was holding Gary.

The neighbor lady saw it all go down and called for the paramedics before running over to the boy. “You boys shouldn”t be picking on him. The paramedics are coming. This is all your fault!” She went back to her house because she really didn”t want to be involved.

Meanwhile, Andrew had locked himself in his bedroom and was preparing for the worst from mom.

The paramedics arrived and looked at Gary. Since he hit his head, he was taken off to the hospital where he received a dozen or so stitches.

Later that night, Gary”s mom stormed over on a rampage to give Dorothy a piece of her mind the moment ankara escort she saw her coming home. She ran in front of Dorothy”s car. Dorothy almost hit her. “See that blood on your sidewalk? Your little faggot son did that.”

Dorothy was stunned. She stopped the car and got out. Gary”s mom was in her face. “My husband is at the hospital with Gary, and you”re going to pay for it! You just wait!”

The neighbor that called the paramedics ran over and piped up. “Andrew was just defending himself from Gary and his stupid gang. Why do they always pick on him? I don”t let my boys play with your boys because they are bad news.” The fact was, she didn”t even let her boys play with Andrew because she was afraid the bullies would pick on her boys too. That”s how bad these boys were.

Andrew”s mom was quiet. She apologized and went inside.

“Andrew! Get your little butt out here!” she yelled as she entered the house. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Mom, they were ganging up on me and hitting me, so I grabbed the closest thing to defend myself. I didn”t mean to kill Gary.” Tears were streaming down his face. Snot was clogging his nose and dripping on his shirt since he had been crying since the incident. “To your room!” she shouted.

Andrew quickly ran back to his room. His butt clenched, not knowing what would come next. His stomach was churning. His mom didn”t say that Gary was alive, so he must be dead. Andrew didn”t know what would happen next. He got down on his knees by the bed. “God, please take me away. Make me go to sleep and never wake up. Amen” Andrew repeated this over and over as he sobbed into his bed.

He must have nodded off because the next thing he remembered was a warm hand on his back rubbing from his neck down to his butt.

“Wake up, son. Wanna talk about what happened?” Kent whispered in Andrews”s ear. His dad”s warm breath made him shudder. He stood up and laid on the bed.

“Daddy,” sob “I didn”t” sob “mean to” sob “kill him.”

“Andrew, Gary”s not dead, he”s just cut and hurt pretty badly. You know, you can”t use weapons to fight.” Kent”s hand was now under Andrews” shirt, rubbing his back down to his crack. He tugged at Andrews” pants and pulled them off to reveal his beautiful white butt. Both Andrew and Daddy were enjoying the gentle strokes.

“Daddy, there were four of them, and they said they were going to kill me. Maybe I should let them next time, then I wouldn”t be a problem. I wish I was dead, daddy! Mom would be happy if I was dead!” Clinging to the pillow, Andrew let out a massive wail and was sobbing even more than before.

Kent didn”t know how to respond to that, so he just kept rubbing Andrews” back. Maybe, deep in his mind, Andrew was right. He never dissuaded Andrew from thinking that he would be better off dead. Andrew finally fell asleep, but Kent kept stroking his little boy.

Andrew slept past dinner and was left to sleep with his shirt still pushed up and his pants off. It was Friday, after all, and he didn”t need to get up for school tomorrow.

Kent went in and finished stripping his sleeping boy. He laid next to Andrew the entire night, stroking his boy”s back and butt until he too succumbed to sleep.

“Fuck you! Stop it, get off me!” Andrew started screaming and flailing his arms. “Stop it! I”m not a faggot, you are!” His arms were going every which way, hitting Kent as he slept.

Kent realized the boy was having a nightmare. He looked at the alarm clock to see it was 3:30 and pulled the boy in for a hug. “Sssh, wake up my boy” he said as he shook Andrew out of his nightmare. “It”s only a dream, honey. Want to talk about it?”

“Daddy, it was escort ankara so real. They were really going to do it. Gary was holding my arms while Bucky was hitting me with the shovel. He told me that I was dead and shoved the blade right into my neck. Maybe I deserve it. Daddy, I want to die. I can”t take it anymore.” Andrew was still in a stupor.

“Son, you”re a good boy. I”m sorry your mom doesn”t make you feel like one, but you really are. Come here.” Kent pulled his son to him and kissed him gently on the lips. “Son, I love you, your mother loves you.” Another kiss, this time with a bit more passion and a tight squeeze. Kent was amazed at how wonderful the soft lips of his boy felt.

Andrew pulled back and giggled. “Daddy, your whiskers tickle.”

“That”s my boy. I want you to laugh and giggle and be happy.” He nuzzled Andrew”s neck and `whiskered” him some more. He was really beginning to giggle, so he stopped and started kissing him again. “Want to feel something even more amazing, son?”

“Yeah, what daddy?”

“Do you like it when I play with your dick in the bath?”

“Yeah, it feels really good.”

I have something better. Lay back.” He pushed his boy down. “Just relax, son. You”re going to like this.” He lowered his face to Andrews” crotch. He breathed in the scent of his boy. Andrew hadn”t bathed today and had plenty of little boy musk. Kent was breathing it in and savoring it. His breath was waking up the little cocklet and it seemed to be rising on its own. He opened his mouth and took it in.

“Ugh!” “Oh!” “Umm!” were all the words that Andrew could get out. He watched the top of his father”s head bob up and down on his tiny dick. “Argh. That tickles!” he let out as his balls were being teased by his dad”s tongue. Andrew was really enjoying this and suddenly he tensed up. “Daddy, I”m going to pee!”

Kent pulled off for a second and mumbled, “No, you won”t, trust me” and slurped up the drool that was running down Andrew”s cocklet and continued to devour the little prick.

“Oh, daddy! Umph!” was the last thing Andrew said as his body convulsed and his dick shuddered in his dad”s mouth. Andrew was panting, eyes closed as he came down from his boygasm high. He twitched a few times and just let out a sigh. He was quickly out, like a light, and purring quietly.

Kent was already close to his own orgasm from pleasuring his boy. He tugged at his throbbing cock a few times. Six jets of pearly cream shot out onto Andrews” stomach. The last shot hit the boy”s lips, and instinctively, the boy”s tongue came out and licked it off. He mumbled something and went back to purring. Kent grabbed Andrew”s underwear and mopped the rest up and fell asleep with his arm across his boy.

Morning arrived, and Kent snuck out to drain his morning wood and noticed that his wife was gone. No notes, nothing. He checked the garage and her car was gone. This wasn”t unusual as she would often disappear when she dealt out discipline.

Kent went back into Andrews” room and woke him up to get him a bath and get him ready for the day. Bath time was just like any other, with lots of touching and playing with Andrew”s dick. Kent was thinking about doing more, but knew he had to take baby steps to get what he really wanted from his boy. Andrew was thinking about how wonderful last night was. Kent”s plan was in motion.

“Daddy, Kerry and I need to go to the craft store to get some supplies for our project. He”s going to ask his mom if she can take us. Can I call him?”

“I was going to go to the hardware store that”s right next to the craft store, son. Why don”t I call and see if Kerry can come with us? It can be just us guys.” Kent had ankara escort bayan an idea.

“That would be fun, daddy.”

Kent called Kerry”s house and got permission to pick him up and take the boys to the craft store. “Andrew, get in the car; we”re going to get Kerry.”

“Yay, thank you, daddy!” They got in the car, picked up Kerry, and headed to the store.

They went in and used the list of items that the boys had created to make their selections. It”s a good thing Kent went along since the boys had forgotten a few items that were needed to make the project complete, such as glue and tools to cut their balsa wood. They packed up the cart and checked out. Next stop, the hardware store.

When they got to the hardware store, there were a lot of boys and girls out front in the project area. The man running the projects saw Kent. “Hi sir, do your boys want to join the fun and build a bird house?”

“Daddy, can we?” Andrew begged.

“Sure, son, have fun.”

“Dad, just wait over there for your boys.” The man said.

The boys were given their aprons and taken to a work area where they had wood, hammers, glue, nails, and some paint. The man gave instructions, and the boys were working away.

Kent noticed that the guy helping the kids had a thing for the two boys. He was always watching them and would go help them by reaching around from behind. He didn”t do that with any of the other kids.

The guy made eye contact with Kent, blushed, winked, and continued on. The next time he caught Kent”s eye, Kent nodded approvingly. As the kids were cleaning up, the guy came over and chatted with Kent. “You have some handsome young men with you, dad. They seem to like to be hands on. If you ever want to do some one on one work with them, I”d be happy to help out.”

“If I can figure out a way to make it happen, I will. I see your apron says your name is Don. Is that correct?”

Yeah, here”s my card. I wrote my personal number on the back.”

Just then, the boys came running over with their projects that sort of resembled bird houses. Kent took them back to the car before they went into the store to get the items he needed for the house. When they walked back in, Don offered to help them find anything they needed. Andrew was doing the pee-pee dance.

“Daddy, I really have to pee!”

Don took this opportunity to “help”. Guys, the men”s room is really messy, but follow me. We have a family restroom you can use as long as you don”t mind going in together.

Kent opened the door and led the two boys in. He looked at Don and nodded. The two adults followed the boys inside.

Andrew couldn”t hold it and he was off peeing before the door even closed and locked. Kerry stood next to Andrew and peed as well. The men saw the opportunity, so both of them stood next to the boys and whipped out their man cocks and pissed as well. They were all giggling and laughing. Kerry”s eyes were wide as he saw the adults, with their much larger penises, unloading in the toilet. Don looked at Kerry. “Big, isn”t it” he said.

“Uh huh. Can I touch it?” Kerry asked.

“Sure, if I can touch yours?” Don asked back.

“Yeah.” Kerry responded. The two held each other”s cocks. Don knew what he was doing and was stroking Kerry, making him squirm a bit as his little prick grew hard. Kent noticed that Kerry seemed to know his way around a cock as Don inflated to about double the size.

Just then, a knock came at the door.

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