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Big Tits

My husband was away again, his work kept him out of town and out of country often for weeks at a time. After twenty some years of marriage and few kids, our love life was not as active as it was, and in last few years I started discovering all the fun things on internet that had to do with sex. Various sites with pornography – video, stories, photos, and lately I discovered webcam chats. They became my favorite way to turn myself on.

I’m in my late 40s, not really having a sexy body after a few kids – I have been losing weight and getting back into shape, but still on the chubby side. Upside of that is that my breasts are large, downside is that my stomach and waist are not flat and shaped. But on web chats, I would only have to wear a tight shirt and hot bra under it, and younger men would get hard for me. It is such a powerful ego boost. I made so many boys cum without even taking off my shirt and it would make me wet and hot. I never showed my face, maybe a dozen times took off my top and showed my boobs, and only twice showed my pussy on camera before I met him.

Three weeks ago, I ran into a guy online and he was local. Was a refreshing change to speak in the same language. He had a nice body, sitting there topless with a really nice outline on his gray sweatpants. I was wearing yoga pants and a tank top with a sports bra – I was exercising and doing yoga just before it and felt frisky, so I came on webcams to have some morning fun. We chatted for 15, 20 minutes while I watched him grow against his pants. We both had our heads out of frame – he said he had a girlfriend, and I told him I’m married. He was 19, I told him my age. He said that made him even hotter. We made small talk about this and that, turns out he lives in the same town, and is studying. We even had family barbecue picnics at the same park the previous weekend.

I asked him to pull down his pants, I was curious how much bigger he was than my husband. He asked if I had many dicks. I told him, embarrassed, that I only had his dick in my life. He pulled down his sweatpants and had nothing under them. He was huge compared to my husband.

He asked me to show him my boobs, and I told him I don’t really do that, but I’ll show him my bra if he would be ok with that. I pulled off my tank top, and showed him my bra. It was a smaller one, covering less, and had a zipper down front. I asked him what he liked in sex and how often he stroked his dick, how often he fucked. He asked about me, and was shocked when he heard how little sex I was getting from my husband.

He told me how hot he thought I was, and how he’d love to do me. He kept stroking his dick all the time and I got so turned on that I unzipped my bra almost all the way down to tease him a little more. He told me to sit and open my legs so he can see my crotch. I did it. He told me to play with my breasts, and I just did it. I never obey commands on camera, I just do what I want.

It felt so hot to do it.

Then he had me rub my pussy over my yoga pants. It felt so good. I asked him to tell me about girls he fucked, and what he liked to do with them, while I rubbed myself. I was getting really into it, and roughly squeezed my breast, pulled a little too strong and the zipper undid itself last few latches. He got a full view of my breasts and nipples. They sagged, but he said it was so hot.

I let them hang out like that and pulled the bra off all the way. I played with my nipples for him and then he told me to push my hand inside my panties and finger myself. I listened to him. It just felt right to do it, I liked how he sounded and how his dick was hard for me for over an hour now.

I was already close to cumming, it didn’t take me much to get there once my finger was directly on my clit. He waited until I calmed down and paid attention, then he came on his chest. There was so much cum, he sprayed almost to his throat, and it rolled down his chest, over the muscles.

We talked a little more, and I told him how much I enjoyed this. I asked him if he ever tried another site, and told him how he can find me there to talk again if in mood.

Asked him what he was doing later, he said his girl was coming over. I told him I was envious, she will enjoy that dick. He asked when I will be on that other site, I told him I go there often, sometimes daily or more. We said goodbyes, and I went to shower.

Two days later, I was logging into that other site, and there was a friend request. It was him. I accepted and sent him a message. In the evening, we were both online at the same time there, and we again went on cam to chat. He was naked, in the dark, with headphones and whispering. I asked why, and he told me because his girlfriend was asleep in another room.

I got him to tell casino şirketleri me about what they did, and how long ago. Less than an hour ago, he was inside her, and then came in her mouth. I was in a bra and panties and had him tell me in detail what he did to her. I pushed my hand in my panties and slid two fingers inside me. Lowered the camera so he could see more, and turned on light in the room. I could hear my oldest son walk by the room twice. Probably went to the bathroom from his room. It only made me hotter. I told him what I heard, he told me I was a naughty mother and that made me so much hotter. I undid my bra but left it covering my boobs. I didn’t stop it when it started sliding off as I was closing in to my orgasm. He waited until I came then came on his stomach again. I went to bed after.

Next few days, I was online with random guys, but it was not as hot as with him. I came back another evening, after a long day at work. Husband was back home, but we got into an argument and by the time I got into the room he was asleep and snoring, smelling like brandy. He was out for the count until the morning. I opened my laptop and went to look for fun.

He was on the other site again, waiting for me. We typed, since neither of us could talk. His girl was asleep next to him, he showed me how she was in panties with her back to him. I showed my husband in bed next to me. It took only moments to position our laptops so I could see him stroke for me and that he could see my boobs and between my legs.

I pulled up the nightie above my boobs and spread my legs with my laptop between them so he could see my fingers move inside my panties. I was wearing a thong to bed, practically see through and barely covering my crotch. It did not leave much to his imagination. I’m certain that he got to see, more than once, my pussy lips open up wider than the crotch of panties as fingers spread them and slid inside me. I came so hard that I was shaking after. He also came, but I could barely see in the dark. It didn’t matter, it felt so hot. I told him I would be online in morning, if he was up for it. He said he would.

After my husband and kids left in the morning, I started tidying up, and left him a message that I’ll be on from a certain time to a certain time. I took a shower, put on a really sexy lingerie set I got for an anniversary from my husband, and found a mask I used at a masked party for halloween a few years ago to cover my face, to finish the outfit I put on black sheer stockings and black 14 cm heel pumps. When I came online, he was already waiting. I asked if he was ready, then turned on my camera and moved away. I put on light music and started slow dancing for him. I was teasing him, removing my bra slowly, bending this way and that, sliding my hands all over me, talking to him all the time.

He came as I was bent over showing him my ass, and how the string barely covered anything down there. I was a little disappointed, but then he told me not to stop. He kept stroking himself, keeping it hard. I slowly teased pulling down my panties, stretched it over 10 minutes before I finally had them off. Then I started fingering myself. He told me to use something. Only thing at hand was a fat candle. It was almost as fat as his dick.

I tried to slide it in, but it didn’t want to fit. I started licking and sucking on it, showing him what it would look like if I was going down on him. Then after a few minutes he told me to kneel on the floor and lower myself on the candle. I did. It was almost painful how it was opening me up. But it felt so good. I lowered myself a little, then pulled back up. Then a little more next time. A little faster. A little lower again. I came after two minutes, maybe, but he told me to keep going. It was so hard to go up, my legs were so weak after orgasm. I leaned back and laid with my back on the floor, still on my knees. I started using the candle as a dildo.

I couldn’t see what he was doing from that position, but he kept telling me what to do, how hot I looked doing it, and I had another orgasm. I wanted to stop, but he kept me going. I was pushing two thirds of the candle inside me, I could feel the wick and tip against my cervix. It felt so good. My husband never touched that deep with his dick. I came again thinking how he never reached it. I was shivering now, and he still had me continue. It was such a powerful feeling doing what he told me, almost as strong as the physical sensation of that thick piece of wax sliding in and out of me.

I was on my fifth orgasm, and started to cramp in my legs from that position when he told me he was cuming and then he let me stop. I was shaking all over when I straightened my legs out. I looked at the clock and realized we have been playing for casino firmaları over an hour, and I had to go. Then I realized I was so covered in sweat that my stockings were soaking and puddles of sweat and juices were under me. I told him bye, and quickly cleaned up and showered again. I had to throw out the candle, where I was holding it I left deep finger marks.

I was too busy for next week to meet him on cam again, so we only left messages for each other. He told me he had a surprise for me next time he saw me. I told him I will be away for the weekend, we were going with my sister and her husband and our families to celebrate her birthday and their anniversary.

I checked from the hotel to see messages, but he was not online. I was feeling distraught, missing the fun. Husband drank too much over dinner and was asleep before I could even get him to fuck me. It’s been 2 months since he fucked me. I was very frustrated. I saw in the brochure that the hotel had a pool, so I put on my bathing suit and light dress over it, then took my phone, checked on kids in the other room, and went to get some fresh air and see if the pool was open at this time of night. I stopped at my sister’s suite, but she was already in bed. Nephew asked if I wanted company, he was not sleepy.

We got to the reception, and they said the pool was not open yet. It was an outdoor pool, and it was still spring. They said there were hot tubs out by the pool, if we wanted to use them. It was better than nothing. One of the employees went with us to show us where, and to make sure water heating was working properly. We also ordered some drinks to be delivered to us, and we sat in the tub and relaxed. We talked about his university classes, made small talk, until our drinks arrived.

Then, after a while, my nephew asked me “Aunty, what did you do with the candle after I used it?”. I froze. So many things passed through my head, how did he know about the candle? Was that guy recording and putting me online somewhere? I was mortified and just staring at my nephew in shock. I barely could form words when I asked him what he meant.

He told me then, that it was him I was playing on camera with. He told me how the first time he ran into me, he couldn’t believe who he was talking to when he saw my living room in the background. He was so turned on by the idea it was me, and kept talking to me. He could not believe his luck when I gave him my contact and kept in touch. He told me how much it all turned him on, how many times he fucked his girlfriend thinking about me since then. How much he looked forward to this trip so he could try and get some time alone with me and talk about it.

I was just sitting there quiet, trying to process it all. I just told him I need another drink, it was too much. He went to the bar and brought back a couple of tequila shots for each of us, and another mojito for me, and beer for him. I downed both tequila shots immediately. I was still not sure what was happening. So many confusing thoughts. He let me sit there, thinking, sipping on my mojito. In a while, alcohol started working and I was not as tense anymore, but I was still confused and afraid of what this all could mean.

I asked him what happens now, will he tell someone what happened. He told me that he wants to do it again, because it was so hot. He was never so turned on in his life as he was when he watched me. I admitted that I was never as turned on as when he would tell me what to do. He asked if that was true. I said yes. He told me to flash him right there. I looked at him and told him he was insane, I’m his aunt! He told me he knows that, and repeated it. There was something in his voice, I wanted to do it. I also was disgusted by the idea. He told me again. I was so tempted. I looked around, if someone was near us, listening or watching. I repeated he was crazy, what if someone saw me do it. He told me he didn’t care about that. He told me to flash him now.

I looked in his eyes. Between alcohol, adrenaline from the shock, situation… I was turned on and disgusted by the entire situation. I looked around us again. I took my time thinking it over. My hands went to my bikini top a few times, but I stopped myself each time. I looked back at him and saw so much lust in his eyes that I decided to fuck it and do it. I pulled up my top for 2 seconds and pulled it back down. I could feel my face burning. I was probably red as a tomato.

“I am so hard right now,” he tells me. I am shocked. I whispered to him that he is crazy, someone will see. He laughed. He told me no one can see us here. If he pulled down his shorts, no one would see even if they sat next to us. I repeated he is crazy. He told me I didn’t notice his shorts were lowered and his dick out, and güvenilir casino I’m sitting right across him. I literally put my hand over my mouth from surprise after hearing that.

I told him he was lying to me. He just started to stand up and then lower himself again after he proved to me he was hard and his shorts were lowered. I looked at him and mouthed “you’re insane”. But I was excited. I was feeling so naughty, like a little girl. I told him to put it away, he can’t do it there. He told me he is going to cum in here because of me. I kept telling him he was crazy. He told me to show him my boobs again. I looked around, feeling like a naughty child, and pulled up my top again, showing my nipples. He moved next to me, to see better in the low light.

I asked him to put it away again, we’ll get caught. He said no. Then I felt his hand on my breast and tried to push him away, but he put his hand back on my breast. I kept angry whispering to stop it. He told me to let him, it felt so good. He would be done faster if I let him touch my breast. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I let him hold it, kept looking around. I could feel his dick touch my thigh as he was stroking next to me, kneeling between my legs. I was completely embarrassed by the situation, and so turned on at the same time.

I didn’t even realize my hand moved between my legs until I felt myself rub over the bottoms. He realized what I was doing the same moment as I did. He asked me if I liked it so much. I could not look him into eyes, I felt my face burning up. He said my shame was so cute and sexy. I felt his hand leave my breast and then he was grabbing my crotch roughly. I just looked at him and hissed what the fuck he was doing, and he said to keep quiet. And I did. I just looked to the side and let him.

I knew I should stop him, but I didn’t. I’m still unsure why not. It was just that hot to have him do what he wanted to me, even though I was not sure I wanted him and it was wrong. He kept rubbing me over the bottoms and I felt good, it was electric. Then his finger found the edge and moved inside the crotch, direct on my skin. I hissed at him to stop, he said to keep quiet. Soon his entire hand was inside my crotch, rubbing me, probing with his finger between my lips. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side. I decided I will not enjoy it, and hate the feeling. I lied to myself.

It felt so good that I kept fighting not to make little mewing sounds. Then his finger entered me and I could not stop from bending my back and pushing hard onto his hand. He started finger fucking me in that hot tub and I forgot everything. I am not sure how long it lasted, because next thing I know I was cumming with my hands wrapped around him, my face buried in his neck. I calmed down, realized he had his other hand around my back, telling me to be quiet and still fingering me. I tried to push him away, but he was stronger than me, and still finger fucking me hard. It felt so good. I was not far from another orgasm, and I was so ashamed.

When I came again, I pushed hard on his hand again, my legs wrapping around his waist pulling more into him. I was gasping for breath, pushing my face in his shoulder and neck. I was still cumming when I felt his finger come out of me and I was so relieved that it was over.

Then I felt him fiddling with the edge of panties, pulling it to the side, but I was too weak to move my hands from his shoulders and stop him, and then he started pushing in me and it felt weird. I didn’t realize it was not his finger until the tip was in. I tried to push away, but my back was only centimeters from the tub wall. I had nowhere to go and he kept pushing in. It felt even thicker than the candle and I didn’t know what to do, so… I did nothing. Just closed my eyes and let him. I hoped he would be done fast.

He was not done fast. He fucked me in the tub for 20 minutes, I came three more times with his dick inside me. I felt so dirty each time, but it only made me hotter. He kept telling me how good it felt inside me, even better than he thought. I couldn’t lie to him, so I said nothing the entire time. But it felt so much better than the candle. He was thicker and also pushed against my cervix a few times. But it felt alive, not an object.

In the end, he stood up and pushed his dick into my face and told me to open my mouth. I did, he pushed the tip inside and started to cum and I instinctively started to suck. It tasted good, and there was so much I thought I would choke on it. But I handled it.

I pulled down my top, fixed my bottoms, stood up, slapped him hard, and left without a word. I went to the room, showered and went to bed. I fell asleep immediately, but I did have bad dreams about divorce and fighting.

I woke up the next morning, everyone was still asleep. It was barely dawn. I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and opened messages. He was asking when I wanted it again. I was furious with his arrogance.

I answered “soon”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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