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Here’s a story inspired by my own real life distraction.


We had been planning this visit for ages. With work and life, there hadn’t been much time to see one another. When a new job opportunity moved me two hours away, I never realized the impact it would have on our friendship.

I have known Paul for three years now. As a witty Brit, he’s a blast to be around. His almost too proper mannerisms could easily lead you to believe he takes tea with the Queen regularly. A gentleman through and through, he has the ladies falling over themselves to gain his attention. How we ended up with this visit I’ll never know.

It started all quite innocently. He’s quite a flirt you see. What woman wouldn’t love that attention. He calls the ladies darling and love,… and you would think it was just for you. He claims I’m the only one he means it to. I generally tease him when he tells me this knowing it can’t be true. The British accent doesn’t hurt.

I’m not quite sure when our interactions took a turn towards the dark and steamy. We had been flirtatious, but this was a whole new ballgame. On a long journey home from an athletic event, Paul was going mad from boredom. What started as an innocent suggestion to read led to a discussion about sex, preferences, and me introducing him to Literotica.

I admit it was a huge turn on knowing he was reading stories that I would send him, and he in turn was turned on from the scenes. He wanted to know all about my fantasies, what I liked, what I wanted to try… I’m trying to remember the last time someone actually asked me that…

– Present Day –

There’s always a sense of awareness when two people are attracted to one another. That’s what I was feeling now with him setting next to me. After grabbing a quick bite, we opted to go see a movie. I think we both knew if we had tried to go home what would have happened.

There’s something to be said about anticipation. I could feel nervous tension causing goosebumps to appear on my skin. He was slowly driving me crazy in a room full of people. In a prior late night chat, I had told him about some innocent triggers that would fire me up. He obviously had been paying attention.

He had started his seduction during dinner by reaching across our table and occasionally rubbing his thumb across my wrist. Being the gentleman that he is, he insisted on escorting me safely through the crowds in the theater. Doing so allowed him to glide his hand gently over my ribs. By this point, I was ready to melt into the floor.

So here we are, watching a movie, and I couldn’t even tell you the name,… He casually reaches over and lays a hand on my knee. Damn,… He was on trigger
. How the hell am I supposed to walk out of here on shaky knees? The nervous tension had ramped up several notches by this point. My muscles would flex any tuzla eve gelen escort time he would shift in his seat, as if anticipating his next move. I was slightly perspiring – my neck, my hands, my thighs. He played his hand well though. Didn’t rush the situation. Just kept the awareness at a low hum.

Wait… what are we watching again?

After what seemed like hours, the movie finally ended. Paul once again put his arm around me to guide me outside, fingers lightly skimming over my ribcage. We really didn’t have much to say, each of us lost in our own thoughts. As we reached the truck, I went to move towards the door.

“Hold right there please,” he says gently with a touch of authority.

I look up at him quizzically. Did we forget something? I glance around, not noticing anything really out of the ordinary.

He walks up closer to me, barely a breath away, and places his hands around my hips. With a gentle shove, I’m walked backwards until I hit the side of my truck and then he closes the space. By the time my brain caught up, my body had already hit hyper drive. I didn’t recall telling him that I liked being pinned. Did I tell him that? All I can comprehend is that his hard body was sinking into mine, and my pulse was not going to survive the contact.

For once I was thankful for my curves, so maybe it wouldn’t feel like he was leaning into the vehicle behind me. I mean, we had hugged hundreds of times before. This was definitely way better than our regular embraces. I finally snap back to present as he runs his hands up my side to slightly grasp my neck, occasionally running a thumb over my jaw. I think he was waiting on me to bring my attention back. I stare at him.

This is my friend. This is Paul. Are we sure we want to do this?

I think he could sense my wavering thoughts, overthinking things like always. He quirks a quick sideways smile before leaning down and placing his lips on mine.

I’m pretty sure I froze. Yeah, definitely froze. Then my body just relaxed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but such a languid kiss was not it. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to kill me. He rubbed his mouth on mine like he was absorbing its texture. He didn’t make any hurried or frantic sweeps of his tongue. He was taking his time and drawing out the sensation.

After a few moments, he pulled back and grinned at me again. This time a full fledged one. Yeah, yeah… so maybe he was right. We WERE going to be good. I rolled my eyes at him and pushed him back. It was time to head home.

Once we made it home, we decided to turn on another movie. We both excused ourselves to freshen up and get more comfortable. So what does one wear when “getting comfortable”? We both knew things were going to heat up, but hey, assumptions are just that. I opted for comfy lounge clothes, tuzla yeni escort hoping he wasn’t expecting fancy lingerie or anything of that sort.

I found him lounging on the couch just as comfy as I was. It made me instantly more comfortable and a lot more relaxed. I threw a movie into the player and went to curl up beside him as he placed his arm around me. We both knew the other wasn’t paying attention to the motions on the screen, even though I chose an incredibly racy film just to tease him.

Since I had curled my back into him, Paul reached up and started to gently rub a line from my ear down to my collarbone. Damn him… Trigger . I know he could feel my pulse change… could hear my breathing deepen. That’s all he did for a few minutes. Then he began to casually run his fingertips across my chest. I reached out and grabbed ahold of his thigh, giving it a squeeze. Surely he will understand what I’m asking for. Just make the move. Touch me.

He chuckles. That bastard.

He runs his hand down my arm and barely skims under the edge of my shirt. I’m squirming now, more so out of embarrassment, than anything. I’m definitely not the most fit person, so I’m very self conscious about my body. I think he senses my discomfort so tells me the stretch out on the couch with my head on his lap. He resumes rubbing a soft line on my neck.

After a few moments, I relax again as my heartbeat starts to pick up again. He traces a line down my front this time not stopping until he reaches my chest. Since I was dressing comfortable, I had decided to forgo the bra. As a large chested woman, this is a pleasure in itself. So as his fingers traced down, I was able to feel every movement on my skin. I was trying to keep my eyes open. He continued running his fingers down my stomach until he hit the edge of my shirt. He slowly traced his hand over my skin until he reached my chest, skin on skin this time.

I could feel cool air on my stomach, and my nipples beaded up from the contact. He slowly ran his fingers over one and gave it a small pinch. I feel it clear to my toes as my back arches up off the couch, my breathing deep. He slowly runs his fingers over to the other and repeats the action. I’m pretty sure my toes are permanently curled up by this point. I wiggle my way up a bit so that I can kiss him again.

There wasn’t any shyness or hesitation. All the pent up need from weeks of teasing one another was being released. As I nipped at his lips, I could feel his hand slide down my body again. I let out a gasp as he slides two fingers into me deep. I love how he just went for it. He continues to move his hand, occasionally rubbing the nub that’s hidden in the folds.

It doesn’t take long, and I’m close to coming.

It’s been so long since I was touched. He leans down and gently bites tuzla genç escort my neck as he plunges a third finger in. Yeah, that did me in. I could feel the rush of blood in my ears even as my thighs quivered trying to hang onto the sensation.

Bloody hell. Ha, I’m even starting to sound like him.

If he could do all that with just his hand, I couldn’t wait to see what he could do with his cock. Speaking of cock, I gently run my hand over his chest. It was definitely my turn to play. After a quick kiss, I swing myself down to the floor in front of him. I wanted to explore all of him, but I have my priorities. I slowly run my hands up his legs and onto his thighs… it’s a bit unnerving as he continues to stare down at me.

My hands continue to climb up his lap until I reach my prize. As we’ve never really discussed equipment, I wasn’t disappointed by what I found… When I glanced up, he had that little smirk on his face again. I tend to have a sassy side, so I proceeded to smirk right back as my hand wrapped around his clothed cock and gave it a little squeeze. I recalled from our conversations that it was his own personal trigger. I figured it was time for a little payback.

I gently ran the palm of my hand up and down his shaft, feeling it harden even more under my touch. I finally reach up and start to pull the fabric away so that I can finally see him. I bite my lip as I squeeze my legs together. I’m already super turned on again. I grasp him softly and glide my hand over his skin. I lift up onto my knees so that I can get closer to him. He reaches out and holds my face whispering to me that I don’t have to. Little does he know, I love to give head, especially to someone who treats me kindly during the fun.

I look at him and smile. “Just hold my hair…”

After one more quick stroke of his thumb on my face, he gathers my hair lightly fisting it behind my head. The occasional pull adding to the sensation. Make a note to tell him about my hair being pulled. I lean back down over his cock, now standing up at me. I lightly run my tongue over the head to collect some fluid that had gathered there. After a couple more licks, I gently slide my lips over the head. I begin a slow back and forth motion, increasing my depth with each pull.

I finally work my way down to base and hold him tightly in my mouth. I’ve not mastered the talent of breathing while sucking entirely, so I repeat the motion slowly staying down longer each time. As I grasp the base of his cock, I reach down with my other hand to gently massage his sac. I know with the added sensation it won’t take much more to make him come.

I continue to bob my head slowly over him as I rotate my fingers over his sensitive skin. The grip on my hair tightens as his breathing deepens. He warns me that he’s close so that I can pull away. Not my thing, so I burrow down, holding him deep, as he shoots rivets down my throat… after a few moments, he sighs and rubs my neck. I curl back onto the couch with him as we wait for our breath to settle.

After a moment, he leans over and whispers, “Are you ready for more?” as he pulls me towards the bedroom.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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