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This is my entry for Valentine’s Day contest. It contains incest, BDSM and forced submission. If this is not your taste, move on! There are many other excellent stories to read.

Your votes and comments are kindly solicited.


“My ass! Gawddamit! Stick it in my ass!”

Her ass moved like waves on a sea of brown chocolate with each thrust. It receded when I pulled back only to crash forward again is I thrust hard into her large jiggly ass. The white froth of her juices coated my cock as I repeatedly pounded her creaming mature pussy. I leaned to the side and watched her tits bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts. I did not want to pull out. This was the best piece of ass I had in my 18 years.

“Fuck! Your pussy feels so good I don’t want to pull out!”

“You big dick motherfucker! Do as I say!”

“Yes, Aunty Vicki!”

I grabbed the lube from my nightstand and squirted it on Aunt Vicki’s ass and my cock. It mixed with the white froth coating her pussy. I eased my index finger in her anus to spread the lube. She hissed lewdly, rotating her large ass in sensuous circles.

This was all new. Auntie was opening new sexual vistas for me. I positioned my cock, glistening with lube and her pussy juices, at her winking starfish and pushed in. Unfortunately, this was my first anal. Instead of a gradual entry, letting auntie get accustomed to my tool, I slid in to the hilt. My balls slapped against her ass.

“Oh Fuck! Fuck! Easy you motherfucker! You’re going to tear me apart!”

Aunt Vickie screamed and dropped to her belly. I followed her down, my cock still buried in her most private of places. Her anus was unbelievably tight.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Vicki!”

“Just shut up you big dick motherfucker and do like I told you.”

Auntie pushed up on her hands and knees taking me with her. I gripped her hips as she thrust back hard against me. Her guttural mewls and grunts were surprisingly arousing.

“That’s it, baby! Fuck auntie! Make her holler!”

I drew my hand back above my head. For the briefest moment, I hesitated. Like anal sex, this was also new. Nevertheless, Auntie told me to do it. I brought it down hard on her plump behind. She yelped and pushed back hard. My palm stung. I brought the other hand up high above my head and brought it down hard on her other ass cheek. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed in the tight confines of my small bedroom.

“Shut up and move your ass, you fat ass bitch!”

I almost giggled as I said it. It sounded ridiculous. However, auntie said she needed a man to take charge, to use her, to make her behave like a $2 whore. She said abusive language was part of the surrender.

“You bastard! You asshole! Mr. Good Dick! Take my ass!”

Her use of profanity and lewd sexual language was exciting. I wondered if all mature women were like her.

“You tramp! Say you love my dick in your fat ass.”

“Jesus! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Her voice was heavily slurred. The combination of too much alcohol and a potent Indian drink called bhang had suppressed all inhibitions. I knew from bit and pieces of conversation that auntie enjoyed her sex. What I did not know was that one day I would fuck this uninhibited vixen.

“Say it!”

“Oh Sweet Lord! I love your dick in my ass! I love! I love it!”

The staccato sound of flesh slapping flesh resounded through the room.

It was early Valentine’s Day morning. As the sun rose through the street facing window, I could see the thick blanket of snow covering the ground. The snowstorm was as predicted.

The previous night, my parents, Cora and Deshaun Beavanaex and my aunt, Vicki Crump, attended the lavish St. Valentine’s Day dance at Aunt Vicki’s country club. Like the other dances at the venue, it catered to the idle rich. The drinks were free and flowed like water through a broken dam.

We were by no means rich. My father is an IT specialist and mom has never worked. However, Aunt Vicki was married to a doctor. The country club membership was one of the status symbols she indulged in. That and the midnight blue BMW 750i sitting in our driveway.

However, this year was different. The national weather service predicted a major snowstorm to hit our area. Our town instituted their emergency weather plan. Days off were cancelled for all first responders and the hospitals were put on emergency stand by. Uncle Adam is an ER physician and had to work. That and a set of unlikely circumstances led to me fucking Aunt Vicki. Perhaps I should back up

My name is Jordan Beavanaex. This is about how I went from designated driver to designated fucker.

There was an unreality to this scene. Aunt Vicki was always there as I grew up. She was the loud obvious woman with the big ass and tits. Somewhere in my early teens, she moved from my fat aunt to my voluptuous sexual fantasy.

Now here I was, my cock buried to the hilt in her curvy ass, both hands stinging as I pummeled that same ass. Her screams of lust were at once startling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and satisfying. I was fucking a mature woman and she loved it. I was realizing a lifelong fantasy.

I did feel guilty about fucking Uncle Adam’s wife. He should have been where I was. Aunt Vicki planned a night of no holds barred sex after the St Valentine’s Day dance. He was always nice to me, if a little distant. His gifts were always the most extravagant. His demeanor toward my family was solicitous. As I got older, I decided his solicitude was actually patronizing.

Since Uncle Adam is a doctor, he is usually the designated driver when they go out. Even when he is not on duty, he is on call. However, the storm cancelled his time off. Aunt Vicki was pissed.

“Yes, Cora! I knew marrying a doctor had its challenges. But I look forward to this night. I can let my hair down and get a little crazy.”

“Vicki, if that dress is any indication, you were going to get more than a little crazy! Besides, there will be other nights.” Mom sounded amused at her older sister as she surveyed her very revealing dress.

“Fuck other nights. Adam has been working like one of them Hebrew slaves in the bible. Tonight I wanted a little me time.” She sensuously ran her open palms over her hips. Then she drew one back and slapped her ass. “Actually, I wanted a LOT of me time!”

Aunt Vicki, at 48, is what one would definitely call voluptuous. I am just over 6′ and tip the scale at around 200 pounds. Aunt Vicki is about 5’7″ and probably matches me pound for pound. She is a big woman. What the boys on the block call thick. Her tummy was soft and rounded but most of that thickness was in her ass and breasts. Her thighs and calves were large but firm.

She wore a red lace long sleeved dress with a scalloped hem and a high cut neck. Under the see thru mesh she wore a red camisole with attached garters. Flame red 5 inch CFM heels with satiny red stockings completed auntie’s Valentine’s Day outfit. Imagine a full chested Rubens model then add 30 pounds and you have Aunt Vicki.

My 45 year old mom wore a red side wrap dress with a deep vee wired neckline and spaghetti straps. The wrap extended down partially covering one leg to just above the ankle while leaving the other uncovered to the middle of her full firm thigh. It was a long version of one of those Dorothy Lamour sarongs in the old movies. In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme of the party, she wore red zebra striped stockings with matching red zebra striped mules. She looked hot. It showed off her full firm legs. The vee neckline displayed a startling amount of her lush cleavage. Mom is not a big woman but like most African American women, she has a full bubble butt and large breasts. Again, imagine a Rubens model sans 30 pounds but about 36C.

Both mom and Aunt Vicki had caramel colored skin and grey eyes, reflecting our Creole heritage. Their eyes were almond shaped with a slight oriental tilt set in an oval face. An aquiline nose set above full and sensual lips. They both were MILFs. There just was more of Aunt Vicki.

She was a brassy woman, loud and profane. Mom often said with her sister, whatever came up, came out. Once, I overheard them discussing their sex lives.


“Yeah the quality is okay, Cora. I mean when we fuck I get a good ride. But sometimes I want quantity. I just want to be fucked senseless.”

Mom laughed. “Girl, I know what you mean! I tell Deshaun sometimes he should tie me to the bed and use me like a $2 whore. Hell! I told him once to blindfold me and bring in a few friends”

“Chile, I know what you mean! Just pound you into the mattress. What did he say?”

“He says he got too much respect for me to treat me like!”

“Respect hell! He can respect you afterwards!”

I slipped out the patio door. Their loud guffaws ringing in my ears. Overhearing that conversation forever altered my view of my Aunt and mother. They were no longer just my sexy aunt and mom. They were both sexual animals with large libidos. And mom was a sub!


From that moment my aunt and my mom moved from sexy women to women I fantasized having sex with. Some of my buddies talked about stealing their mom’s panties and masturbating with them. I never did that. I would “borrow” her used panties from the dirty clothes hamper. I would place them over my head and masturbate to the mind-altering aroma of my mother’s pussy. When I came, it was a geyser, shooting high in the air and splattering back on my chest.

“Besides, tonight he promised to do it like I like to do it. We were going to get down, dirty and nasty. You know what that means.”

Mom shot a quick glance at me.

“Uhh! Vicki! We don’t need to go into detail about your…proclivities…when you drink. Especially with my son here!”

“Look, I’m 18! In most of the country, that makes me an adult. However, I can leave the room, if you want.”

“No, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that’s okay, Jordan,” dad said standing up from his easy chair. He matched me in height. However, the spare tire around his middle added thirty pounds and gave him a rotund look. Mom called him her black teddy bear. Like me, dad was so dark that his skin had a bluish hue reflecting the African strain in his side of the family’s low country gitchie heritage. . He was wearing a rented white tuxedo with red lapels and red piping on the pant leg. His shirt was blood red with ruffles framing the buttons.

“Deshaun, you’ll just have to be the designated driver.”

“Hey! Why put that on me, Cora! I look forward to this party also!”

At that point, as if on cue, their eyes turned to me.

“Son, you aren’t doing anything tonight. Why don’t you drive us?”

“Great idea,” mom chortled, “and then we can all enjoy the party.”

“Mom, Dad, just because I am…between girlfriends…doesn’t mean I want to spend Saturday night at a dull grown up party.”

I had just broken up with my girlfriend. I was still trying to sort out why. It seemed to be going great. We even circled the bases a few times. Then she asked that we just be friends. She said she was always sore after we had sex and she just did not want to do it with me anymore.

“Great idea, Deshaun,” Aunt Vicki exclaimed, “And Jordan you don’t have to stay. You can drop us off and pick us up when we call.”

I will not bore you with my pleadings in a losing argument. I ferried them across town in Aunt Vickie’s luxury sedan. I did mention Uncle Adam was a doctor, didn’t I? The storm began as we moved across town. What was normally a 20-minute drive took closer to thirty due to the blowing snow.

On the drive home, I called my buddy Manny Patel using the hands free calling feature. I invited him by to play video games with me.

“Hey dude! No way! We are supposed to get snow up the ass out here! Besides, my dad and mom are at that big Valentine’s Day thing at the country club and I’m stuck babysitting my little sister.”

“Yeah I here ya! I guess I’ll do some of that bhang you gave me and watch porn.”

“Dude! Be careful! That shit can knock you on your ass. And with some people it makes them uncontrollably horny. You don’t want to rub your dhong raw!” He snorted that irritating horse like hee haw laugh of his.

“What’s in that stuff anyway?”

“It’s steam extracted liquid marijuana blended into fermented honey. Fermenting the honey kicks the alcohol content up to about 60 proof. It’s like an Indian liqueur. But it’s used in medicines, cooking and even some religious rituals.”

“Religious rituals?”

“Yeah! My grandfather says straight it has mind-altering properties, almost like an aphrodisiac. I don’t know about that shit. But it’s a good high and it makes the chicks legs pop open.” Again his irritating laugh.

I hung up and resigned myself to a night alone. By the time I got home, the storm was raging. I parked the car in the driveway and entered the garage by the side door. Once inside, I used dad’s stepladder to retrieve my bhang stash from a rafter in the open beam ceiling. I got a coke from the refrigerator in the garage, took a big gulp and refilled it with bhang.

I returned the bhang to its hiding place, went back to my room and fired up my laptop. For me, one of the side effects of bhang was it took me longer to cum. But when I did, it was like turning on a fire hose.

My cell rang around 11:30. It was dad. His voice was heavily slurred.

“Jossun, we’re ready. Come get us”

“Okay dad! But it’s going to take me a bit. It’s snowing pretty good.”

It took 40 minutes to make the drive. As I pulled under the canopy of the country club, the three of them were standing just inside the double glass door. Mom and Aunt Vicki were on Dad’s arms. It was a perfect case of the blind leading the blind as they staggered toward the car.

“Gawddamit Vicki! You keep bumping your big ass hips into me and you gona knock us all down!”

“You juss leave my hips alone! My man likes them.”

The doorman was White and in his 30’s. He opened the front and rear doors. He eyed my mom’s ass as she literally crawled across the rear seat, exposing her lush hips. Dad slipped in next to her. They were both giggling like teenagers.

When he helped Aunt Vicki into the front, I noticed he could not keep his eyes off her crotch. As she turned in the car seat, I saw why. Her dress had ridden up around her thighs. Before he closed the door, I could see the elastic tops of her satiny red stockings with the red garters.

She caught me staring at her thighs and winked. “That will give him something to think about when he jacks off tonight!”

“Vicki! You stop talking like that in front of my son.” Mom leaned forward between us, placing her left hand on my shoulder. “Be careful, darling,” mom slurred, “ish really bad out here”

“Yes ma’am”

As mom leaned güvenilir bahis şirketleri on the back of my seat, in the rear view mirror, I could see dad sitting forward in the back seat run his hand under her dress. She looked over her shoulder at him and blew him a kiss.

“What was that shit the Patels had?” Auntie slouched down in the bucket seat with her legs crossed at the ankles and her knees spread, uncaring of the spectacle she presented. My cock grew down my pant leg.

“He shaid it was hang or bhang or some shit like that. Shome kinda Indian liqueur.” Disturbingly, mom’s warm breath blew by my ear causing my cock to twitch. The odor of stale alcohol mixed with Liz Taylor’s Passion assaulted my senses.

“That shit is potent! I ain’t been this fucked up in years.”

“After all the alcohol we drank tonight, it was a nicesh way to end the evening.”

“It waash nice of him to share it with us.” Dad was barely comprehensible. He was not only having trouble talking, he could not keep his hands off mom. He kept stroking her ass. She giggled and sat back in the seat.

“Deshaun! You stop that! At least until we get home.” Mom tittered like a schoolgirl.

About 10 minutes into the drive, I heard a slurping sound. In the rear view mirror, I could see my mother’s head in my father’s lap. His cock was in her mouth, her dress was around her waist and his hand was between her legs. Her eyes were closed. With her cheeks concaved, she looked more like a baby nursing a pacifier then a woman sucking a cock.

Dad’s eyes were also closed. His head lay back against the headrest. I could see mom’s stockings were thigh highs attached to a lace garter. Her luscious bare behind rotated slowly under dad’s hand and she moaned loudly.

I knew they had an active sex life. My room was up the hall from theirs. Once or twice a week I could hear them going at it. Mom was a screamer. However, seeing them making out in the backseat took it to a new level. I recalled Manny Patel’s warning about bhang.

As I cautiously negotiated the snow packed roads, I shot a quick glance at Aunt Vicki. It was almost as though she were in a coma. Her mouth was open, eyes closed and her head lolled to the side. Her red lace dress had ridden higher on her thighs. In the subdued ambient light, I could see the tops of her satiny stockings. I got a hard on imagining what I could not see. The distraction caused me briefly to lose control of the car. It fishtailed, the ABS kicked in and I quickly regained control. Aunt Vickie’s eyes popped open. Her hand shot out and grabbed my thigh.

“What happened,” she slurred.

“I skidded a little. But we are okay.”

“You be careful now! Ish really bad out here.”

Aunt Vicki turned in the seat, got on her knees so she could see into the back seat. Her dress was around her hips, revealing her large caramel chocolate ass framed by the satiny red garters. I suppressed the urge to lean over and kiss her succulent rear.

“Cora, you naughty girl,” her voice was sing songy and leering. “Whatever are you doing back here?”

I shot a quick glance at the mirror. Mom raised her head. Dad’s cock slid wetly, partially erect from her mouth. A thin filament of liquid followed her mouth, sagged and separated. It landed on her lower lip and chin. My cock fought to rip a hole through my jeans as she casually ran her tongue over her lips and smacked. Dad’s cock lay wetly on the white tuxedo pants, staining them.

For the first time in my life, I saw my father’s cock. Though a respectable size, he was smaller than me! Mom had a wicked grin on her face.

“Jossun! You keep your eyes on the road! Vicki, yoush just jealous.”

“Maybe! But if you keep sucking Deshaun like that, you gona have to share again!”

Again? My mind reeled at the implications of their drunken repartee.

Mom struggled to a sitting position. I caught glimpses of black fur framed by her red stockings. She made an ineffectual attempt to pull her hem down. In the mirror, I could see a wet gleam on her lips and chin. Was it saliva or dad’s cum? She wagged a finger in her sister’s face. “You know that only happened a couple of times. Jordan! Keep your mind on the road.”

The big sedan had drifted and bumped the curb. I yanked the wheel to the left. The ABS kicked in and the car recovered.

Was mom suggesting that she and Aunt Vicki had a 3some with my father?

“Wanna switch places? You sit up here with your son and I get in back with Deshaun?”

VICKI! You stop saying shit like that!” In the mirror I could see mom wore a lop sided grin. “Besidesh, he sleep.”

Aunt Vicki turned back in the seat. I heard the rustling of clothes in the back seat then the soft sound of snoring. Auntie put her left hand back on my thigh. For a few moments, she stared out the windshield at the driving snow. I could see the straps of her garter and the clips attached to her stockings. In the flashes of light as we passed under streetlights and the dim glow of the BMW’s ambient lighting, I could see the full curve of her bare hips.

My eyes were on a swivel. I would look down trying to catch glimpses of her pussy. Then quickly look up as I negotiated the snow-covered road. Auntie would doze, her head dropping to her chest. Then she would wake up, look around bleary eyed and repeat the cycle.

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