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Henry ”Hal” Taylor had always got on well with his daughter, Laurie. Since she was 14 she had been joining him in just about all his interests, from fishing to shooting, and even chilling out in front of the TV with a six-pack. They’d gotten close.

Of course, “close” is relative. The Taylors were residents of the Bible Belt (though never the church-going sorts), living in cowboy country among truckers, bikers, mormons and right-wing self-reliance militias. And they fit right in. So, being little more than white trash, “close” does not mean heartfelt mutual respect and love on a deep level, but more in the vein of “buddies”.

Hal was always aware of Laurie’s attractiveness, and once in a while stole a look at her body, but he didn’t think much about her in a sexual way. Although, sometimes the way she dressed made it hard not to. There was no doubt that she worked up some sexual experience early on; by the time she was 15 she had a new boyfriend every month.

But she never shirked their father-daughter moments – the shooting, the beer-soaked TV watching… that was a mainstay of their lives.

On her 18th birthday she was out partying with her friends (what else?). She got back around 3 AM, and Hal was still watching TV. Laurie threw herself down on the couch next to him.

She was wearing a very short, red accordion-folded nylon skirt and a very tight black blouse. Hal congratulated her on her birthday. She laid herself on his lap, facing him. Absentmindedly Hal put a hand on her nearly bare stomach and rested it there.

After a while of watching TV she turned her face up towards him and said, “Dad – kiss me.” Hal bent down to give her a father-daughter peck on the mouth, but Laurie took hold of his head and did not let go until she had treated his mouth to an eight-second French kiss. Hal did not resist, but enjoyed it. It was what she wanted, and it being her birthday and all, she should bahis firmaları have what she wanted. He didn’t think anything of it.

After breaking their mouths apart, he gave her a smile with his trained “you’re a naughty little girl!” look, and then just kept on watching TV. He’d noticed that Laurie was tasting somewhat of liquor, but that was to be expected.

A few minutes later, Laurie having stayed in position, she wanted more. “Dad – one more kiss. Please.” Okay, thought Hal, one more. This one was even longer and hotter. Laurie let her tongue roam and roll all over Hal’s, and he did feel a slight stirring “down below”.

When he lifted his face off of her, he suddenly saw that she had unbuttoned her blouse. He didn’t feel defensive or shocked; he simply thought, “wow! Look at those grade-A boobs on my baby girl!” Laurie was encouraged by his impressed expression, and said, “I think a father should know how his daughter is coming along… go ahead, feel my breasts. Aren’t they nice?”

Hal hesitated only for a second before he placed his left hand on his daughter’s naked skin and ran it across her right breast. “Oh, they’re very, very nice, baby. You certainly are growing into a fine woman!” Now, at this point Hal still wasn’t anywhere near to thinking of actually having sex with his daughter, so when she next said, “Want to lick them?”, he flinched.

“Wh…?! Young lady, I think you’re drunk!” She looked disappointed for the briefest moment, and then smiled. “A little!”

With that, Hal sent her off to bed. “You better get some sleep, you hear! After all, tomorrow is a working day!”

In the weeks that followed, Laurie now and then insisted on soliciting her father’s opinion of her body, and giving him a good look at her charms to boot. This was always during their TV sessions, and after a few beers.

Hal wasn’t the easily phazed type. He just accepted her behavior and even started kaçak iddaa looking forward to the little displays.

One night she wanted his opinion about whether her ass was too fat. She crawled up on the counch, with her back to Hal, bent over and basically mooned him. Hal could see a marvelously smooth girl’s ass, with just the right amount of chubby but taut softness, and he was also treated to a clear view of her well-trimmed pussy.

At this sight, he just couldn’t help licking his lips, salivating and feel his heartbeat speed up dramatically. He also picked up the sex scent from between those magnificent thighs, and he instinctively moved his head closer, and inhaled. “Go ahead, feel!” Laurie chirped.

He didn’t usually grope her, but now he found he had to. He put his hands on her hips and caressed Laurie’s posterior thoroughly, to which she responded with passionate moans.

As one of his hands went from the hip to the thigh, and nearly ventured into the cleavage between his daughter’s legs, she begged, “Touch me… oh, touch me!” Hal was very aroused by now, and he threw caution to the four winds and brought his right hand up between Laurie’s delicious gams, placing his hand on her pussy, his middle finger firmly on, and then in, her vaginal cleft.

He hit her clit, and she whined, “Yes! Yes…!” He rummaged around between her outer lips for a little while, spurred on by her sexy squirming, and when he withdrew his hand, he brought his wet fingers to his nose, and then, trembling, he started licking his daughter’s sex nectar off his fingers. God, it tasted sweet.

Meanwhile Laurie was wiggling out of her skirt and panties, and quickly put herself on her back, her front facing her aroused father. She still had on a tank top, but otherwise she was all naked, and she closely watched her father’s face as she spread her legs and treated him to a complete view of her sex, in all its glorious pink and kaçak bahis vermillion flesh covered with just a bit of dark pubic hair.

“I’m all grown up now, aren’t I?” she said, while cunningly biting her lower lip to give the completely deceptive impression of being shy and insecure.

Hal stared. A couple of times he tried to tear himself away, but failed. “I need your touch, Dad,” moaned Laurie, and sensuously ran her hands across her thighs towards her crotch. “Pleeeeze touch meee,” she husked, amid much heavy breathing.

Hal leaned forward a little to take in the aromatic scent that emanated from his daughter’s wettening vagina. He licked his lips, and tentatively put one hand on her right leg, feeling her smooth skin. Laurie took off her tank top in one swift motion, and was now entirely naked.

Hal suddenly had to look at Laurie’s well-developed breasts, and with her incessant “come hither” sounds, he finally gave up resisting. Now he was damn well gonna get himself some young pussy.

So he leaned over on his daughter and began licking her breasts. She gave out orgasmic sounds in response, as if she was already climaxing. Her father licked downward toward Laurie’s odorous hip region and then began lapping at her pussy the best and fiercest he knew how.

Laurie exploded in a continuous super-orgasm that made Hal all the more horny. Having licked her for about a minute, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He rose, dropped his pants, and unhesitantly rammed his iron-hard penis deep into his 18-year-old daughter’s pussy. Whammo!

In and out of his daughter’s sexy flesh, oh it was tight… sizzlingly red-hot… absolutely steamingly delicious… Good gracious! And the loud sounds Laurie made was more arousing than he could ever have imagined in his wildest dreams. Hal climaxed hard and long inside his daughter, and the release was beyond sweet, beyond satisfying, beyond belief.

After that incident Laurie was unstoppable. She offered herself to her father several times a day, in many different positions, and she would pout and brood if he refused her, so more often than not, he didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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