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Hot Babe

Dear readers, it has come to my attention that some of my stories have been plagiarised on Literotica.

If you want to use any of my works as the basis for your own, it’s fine, go ahead, you have my permission providing:

1. You do not use word for word extracts.

2. You notify me and credit me at the beginning of the story.

Thank you and happy reading.


My wife and I were on a camping holiday around Provence. One particular campsite was in a very beautiful but rural location. The facilities were extremely basic, no shop, no electric hook-ups and the showers and toilets looked like they belonged in a western movie set. The doors and walls were all made of weathered wooden pallet planks with sizeable gaps in between; not an attractive feature for my wife, who hates spiders.

We arrived late and pitched our tent in near darkness then went to bed immediately. Upon awakening the next morning we were greeted with warm sunshine and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I exited the tent wearing only my underwear and realised we had pitched our tent a lot closed to the neighbours than we thought the previous night.

About 4 metres away, an attractive woman, about 30 years old and with long brown hair, was sitting in a camping chair outside her tent, cradling a mug of coffee and appraising me with a half smile. “Oh, sorry” I blurted. She just widened ataşehir escort her smile and said nothing. I returned to the tent to put some shorts on. I crawled back out of the flap at exactly the same time as the woman’s partner exited their tent. He was a large man with long blond hair, tied back in a ponytail. He looked to me a bit like an overweight Viking. “Hello.” He greeted me in a gruff voice. I smiled back. “Hi.”

We had no further interaction with our neighbours that day other than to discover they were Danish. The Viking seemed to spend most of his day lying in a hammock tied between two trees, drinking beer. The following day we hiked up a nearby canyon noted for its unique wildlife.

The hike took most of the day and we returned extremely tired and dusty. Towards the end of the day we passed the Danish couple, also on their way back down from the walk. The woman was wearing short shorts and a T shirt. They were both wearing sandals, not the sturdy hiking shoes we were wearing. The blond man was limping and his shirt was filthy. I inquired whether he was ok. It transpired that he had slipped and fallen as they explored a small cave off the beaten track. The floor of the cave was covered in bat shit and now, so was he. The woman was also covered in dirt, but more dust than anything else. I offered him my shoulder to lean on but he declined.

It was late afternoon when we returned kadıköy escort bayan but still sunny and warm.

My wife went to the tent to have a lie down. I drank a lot of water on the walk and badly needed a pee. I walked towards the shower block.

The shower and toilet block were constructed in row, against a concrete wall. The single sink was separated by a plank wall with from the urinal with no door. The urinal itself consisted of a red clay, half pipe at the bottom of a stainless steel covered, rear wall. The urinal was in turn separated on the right side by a plank wall from two toilets and then a shower. The walls were about 2 metres high and ended about 25 cm from the floor. The toilets had doors. The shower was fitted with a plastic curtain.

The Danish woman was washing her arms at the sink. She had her back to me and was barefoot. Her short shorts showed off her legs and arse very nicely from behind. I walked to the urinal and started to pee. My urine splashed in the half pipe and around the floor. Some obviously also splashed under the wall since the Danish woman suddenly exclaimed, half laughing, “hey thanks for the foot wash.”

I replied jokingly “No problem, any time. Stick them under the wall and I’ll do a better job.” There was an audible intake of breath from the other side. A second later, with a giggle, a dusty tanned foot slowly appeared under the wall. My heart escort maltepe thumped. Holy shit. I pinched my penis at the base between my thumb and forefinger to stop the flow and turned left towards the wall. I could see her peering at me through a gap in the planks. Her eyes moved down to my cock.. I aimed at her foot and released a stream of warm urine. She gasped , then quietly “mmmm” as she rotated her ankle in the stream.

“Wait” she hissed, “other foot.” I pinched off again and she retracted her dripping foot under the wall. A moment later the other tanned and dusty foot appeared, ready for ‘washing’. I squirted my stream again, leaving her foot glistening tanned and clean as she continued to watch through the gap. “Stop, there is more”. She withdraw her foot and darted around the wall, her eyes fixed on my slowly engorging cock. She stood beside me and pointed to her dusty calves: “there.” It was getting harder to pee at half mast but I managed. She raised her leg and held it in front of my cock. The pee washed over her right knee and flushed the dust off her shapely leg, leaving it glistening. She quickly switched legs and my pee flowed down her left leg. With disappointment, I realised I had no more. I shook off the last drops in front of her which had the side effect of producing a raging full and throbbing hard on.

She smiled. “mmm thanks. Sorry, gotta go, my husband will be out of the shower in a sec.”

She turned and walked away, exaggeratedly waggling her buttocks. After a few steps, she glanced towards the shower, then dashed back to me. She bent at the waist, put her mouth around my cock and quickly sucked four or five times, then straightened up and scurried away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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